PC Creator Pro
PC Creator Pro
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Version: 2.3.2
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Download PC Creator Pro APK, a video game that lets you take on the roles of a PC developer, a mine manager, and a shopkeeper. Learn everything there is about the PC.

Name PC Creator Pro
Version 2.3.2
Updated Oct 8, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer UltraAndre
Google Play Link com.ultraandre.pccreatorpro

PC Creator Pro

With the help of the game PC Creator Pro, you can learn everything there is to know about the PC hardware of which you have always dreamed. This video game is the ideal spot for you if your interest involves creating PC setups for various pc frameworks. You can take on different roles in the video game, from a PC installation to a huge gadgets shop owner.

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As you choose the appropriate components to add, you can fulfill the various criteria of the customers here. Additionally, the game offers a three-dimensional option where you can assemble a Computer. Right now, you can also use different acrylics and decorations to personalize your PC. Enjoy doing various tasks.

Description of PC Creator Pro

A highly compelling game called PC Creator Pro makes you into a PC programmer with a bright tomorrow. Your goal in this journey is to create the most fantastic Computers and expand your customer base till you hit the million-dollar mark. Learn how to assemble personal computers, then invest in the best parts to resell them for a fee.

Accepting the initial requests from your customers in PC Creator Pro is the primary action you need to accomplish. As you begin playing the game, they'll initially request simple PCs. Because certain parts won't function with each other, the most crucial lesson in this tale is how to assemble a PC to avoid connectivity issues. Pay close focus to the deets if not, the buyer won't buy it or you won't be able to switch on the system.

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You'll need to purchase the components necessary to assemble the system when you've received your initial requests. Find the parts your consumer requested by opening the transaction. It will be time to arrange all the parts once you have all prepared. Keep in mind that not all the components are suitable and that they must satisfy the fundamental needs of your client. After assembling it, you'll need to set up the operating system. Select the appropriate choice, then add all the components required for the Computer to function.

To deal with prominent customers in PC Creator pro, you must be able to construct the best computer systems. As your abilities as a programmer advance, you'll be allowed to experiment with cutting-edge technology and amazing parts that can transform even the most basic Computer into an absolute monster. Make a lot of money by assembling and offering PCs to various customers.

Features of PC Creator Pro

Professional development

You'll change into a person who is passionate about technology. You can initially entirely construct a persona with a look that suits you. It is your responsibility to take requests for system upgrades, repairs, os updates, and software updates.

You are just starting off and don't have any training. So, you must put in the effort to advance your abilities. Your rating will rise as you perform more, and you'll have more cash to spend on building your personal computer. It's fascinating, right?

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This game's functionality is straightforward. You don't need to move the character; you simply have to use your fingertips to communicate with anything you want. In light of this, you will undoubtedly be capable of adapting to this activity even without system tutorials.

Create the ideal PC setup.

PC Creator Pro will be a platformer for gamers who desire to set up the ideal PC settings, keeping with the game's concept. Many individuals who want a personal Computer, believe that purchasing pre-assembled PC systems will be simple and practical. However, if you are enthusiastic about constructing your own Computer, it will be a wonderful adventure.

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The initial thing you must consider to create the ideal PC setup is unquestionably the activities that you will utilize them for. If you only require a computer for administrative work, the setup won't have to be too strong, but you should pay heed to the memory space. But setting up the CPU will be crucial if you want to use your system for business, leisure, and video games.

Serve numerous clients

You should cater to numerous customers with varying needs and prices in PC Creator Pro. You will earn the proper compensation, such as cash, for every order fulfilled here.

But to meet their demand and satisfy their requirements, you must be skilled in system construction. You can get various materials that you will employ to update their Computers. Feel free to demonstrate your expertise in creating the top Computers available today.

Play with your pals

You can trade equipment with your buddies using PC Creator Pro. There will also be a technical competition among manufacturers weekly. It will remind you of the video game Clan of the Sword. If you're fascinated by a product, you can sign up for their business. Donate products to help out other individuals, or inquire about exchanges or authorization.

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The averagely scored visuals are owned by PC Creator Pro. Although nothing particularly remarkable or exquisite, you cannot fault their display in any way. They promise that the player won't be let down by the visuals they create for their game if they don't provide a positive experience.

Various features to construct a PC

A PC developer will also need several connecting pieces of equipment to create a PC setup that suits their needs and job. In recognition of this, the video game has provided a wide range of appropriate electrical parts with various uses for gamers to select from. To select the needed parts, you simply need to identify the precise objective of its use.

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The ability to swiftly construct a PC package is made possible by the diversity of prepared components. The various components of a computer kit, including case enclosures with designs, primary CPUs, cooling devices, Random access memory structures, and memory ranging from SSD to HDD. You can study, set up, and preview them all with several of the top companies in the world. If you decide they don't function, you can quickly substitute them.


In conclusion, PC Creator pro is an excellent game for people who love computers and tech. In addition to letting you indulge in your hobby, the game also teaches you fascinating facts about systems. Additionally, UltraAndre, the programmer, frequently releases new activities and features.

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Download PC Creator Pro APK, a video game that lets you take on the roles of a PC developer, a mine manager, and a shopkeeper. Learn everything there is about the PC.


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