My Child Lebensborn
My Child Lebensborn
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Version: 2.0.108
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Download My Child Lebensborn APK to adopt an abandoned German child after WW2. Figure out how to young Klaus/Karin in a hostile environment full of resentment.

Name My Child Lebensborn
Version 2.0.108
Updated Aug 28, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Sarepta Studio

About My Child Lebensborn

My Child Lebensborn is a clicker game that gives you the experience of a lifetime by allowing you to adopt a German boy or girl who was a survivor of WW2. Either of them will live with you in your Norwegian home and act as obedient kids while you shape their careers for the foreseeable future. The game does seem easy since the war is over, and there aren't any threats for the kid, except the environment is hostile and full of resentment for your adopted lad.

The game has similarities to Pou or Talking Tom because you'll spend the most time taking care of your kid, but the gameplay has different narratives and unique concepts. You'll have to ensure the adopted kid (boy or girl) is properly fed, bathed, and taken care of while you play. Hence z you'll have to make some confusing decisions along the line to help the kid adjust to the new environment and shake off the trauma of the war.

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The game doesn't invest much in graphics since there wasn't anything gloomy back in the day. The war has just finished, so citizens are merely hanging on to whatever they can for Survival, so the gloomy environment and resentment in the air are justified. Hence, the graphics are dull, but the 3D game features are highly detailed and visual, with a nice soundtrack to match.

Since this is a free game, you don't need to pay to download it, although you might have to make in-app purchases if you dearly need any game item or feature. The game is available on all android devices and has millions of downloads across multiple platforms. As designed by the Sarepta Studio, you can access the game only in English, and the content is rated for anyone below 12.


My Child Lebensborn is a unique game with an interesting concept. The gameplay follows the care of an adopted German boy/girl, whereby you'll be the adopter and have to spend much time fixing some of the issues the kid has picked up over the years. The game can be tricky sometimes, where you'll have to answer some difficult questions the kids ask, and you'll also have to ensure they are well fed and trained to become a good addition to society.

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It's a clicker game, so you won't have to deal with sophisticated controls. Instead, you can easily move between the rooms and complete every task with a single or few taps on the screen. There are several units throughout the day, so you can invest your time in various activities such as cooking, playing with the kid, working, grocery shopping, etc. Depending on how you answer child questions, you might also be able to shape the storyline and direction of the gameplay.

Game Features

There are impressive game features here, which you won't find on similar games. Check out some of them below:


The game graphics are impressive, with creative visuals and realistic designs. The background and environment are perfect details of the citizens' lives after WW2. The attention to detail, such as the bruises on the adopted kid and the various features, such as the objects, also reflect how much time the developers spent designing the game. Other graphics elements worth mentioning include the various changes in facial expressions depending on the child's mood and current situations, which provides insight for players on how to answer some questions.

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Earn Money

You'll also be able to work while playing rather than spend all your time taking care of the child. This element of realism adds to the game's variety because you'll have to earn money to take care of the child. Once you run out of money, you'll find it difficult to get Klaus/Klarin their needs, such as food and clothes. Hence, you earn the in-game currency when you work, cook, craft, forage, and even play with the kids.


The storyline here is that the kid needs a parental figure to guide them into adulthood after the war. However, there is no fixed way to do this, so players can change the narratives based on their decisions. For example, the game sometimes poses questions to the player, and the answer will determine the next action. So, you can shape the storyline however you like based on your decisions. Hence, different players will be able to experience the game differently based on their choices and perspectives.

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Game Controls

The game controls are also easy to use since this is a clicker game. You'll be able to change the background and navigate the whole environment by clicking on different screen parts. In addition, various action buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen, which is ideal for effectively moving between various game parts. The action buttons are also easily discernible, so you won't be confused about deciding which button you should click to get a desirable result.

Learning Elements

The game is designed to mirror the effects of Word War 2 on young survivors, so players have a lot to learn here. You'll be able to learn basic terms such as Naziboys and learn how to take care of a kid under extreme pressure from the environment. Since there are limited resources, you'll also learn to properly manage your money, learn to earn, and properly manage your time with the kid. One of the greatest resources that promote learning in the game is the questions and answer sessions, where you'll have to first understand the question before you can answer.


This interesting game explores World War 2 in the most humane way possible. It creates empathy for the players and allows you to feel fulfilled by caring for an abandoned war survivor.

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Download My Child Lebensborn APK to adopt an abandoned German child after WW2. Figure out how to young Klaus/Karin in a hostile environment full of resentment.


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