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Version: 1.7
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Download Muff APK latest version for a great time playing with feline characters. Build trust, create memories, and share enjoyable moments with beautiful anime characters.

Name Muff
Version 1.7
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Muff, inc
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About Muff APK

Muff Apk is one of those impressive games you never thought you'd like until you played. The game is a simulation game that allows you to experience online dating while assuming a different character in the virtual world. Although the concept might seem mature, the game is fun and light-hearted. The concept is well presented, with nice characters and a great storyline.

The game also has beautiful graphics, amazing animations a cool soundtrack. Depending on which character you choose, you'll experience a different environment. However, the overall details of the graphics design of rooms, public places, and even the game character are worthy of accolades.

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The transitions are also smooth on any device, so regardless of which device you use, you'll have an enjoyable time without any lag. The gameplay is also quite simple. You won't have to make difficult decisions or love with serious consequences in the game. Although mastering the game can be tricky, you can easily move between chapters and episodes in the game.

Muff Apk is a product of the Muff Once. The game was developed recently and is compatible with most of the old version devices that still run on Android 5.0. You can easily install the game on your device as well; it takes just a small fraction of the device's storage, so you don't have to worry if you have low storage space to use. Lastly, it's free to play game, so you don't have to spend a dime to enjoy the numerous features.


This game has a beautiful storyline, so it's not just all pinky and beautiful. You'll kick off the game as a young female character with many feline friends. Your task is not only to find good dates, but you must also be able to guide your feline friends through the wild world of online dating. So, you here have to ensure you make smart decisions that determine how your life fairs and if you'll ever find everlasting happiness.

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There are various chapters in the game, each with a unique challenge. So, you must always be ready to make tough decisions and guide these creatures from another world. The characters will be with you for just 5 days, so you must make their stay as memorable as possible. You can go on dates with them, discuss with them, and tease them to get more insight into helping them find their soulmate.

Game Features

The game is an interesting one for anyone who likes idle gameplay. There is no fast-paced action, and it comes packed with unique features you'll enjoy. Check them out below:

Cool Graphics

The game isn't the most visually pleasing dating simulation game out there, but it offers the right designs. The developers put much effort into ensuring that the game has a colourful design with some realistic features added. Smooth game animations complement the highly polished design. So players can enjoy a lag-free game with detailed characters, beautiful colours, and engaging animations.

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Beautiful Game Characters

Another cool feature is the number of beautiful characters available for players. There are many feline characters in the game, and you can unlock more when you play the game. So, you'll never run out of options regarding in-game interactions. These include the lovely, and stunning anime characters you can talk to and even date if you wish.

Multiple Game Skins

There are various options available if you wish to change how you look. The game starts with basic characters, but you'll be able to scale higher when you continue playing more. For example, you can unlock a new character by playing through different chapters and episodes. Once unlocked, you can play as that character and enjoy life from the perspective of the new characters.

Personalized Storyline

The personalized storyline allows players to choose how the story goes. Rather than getting stuck in a loop already written by the developer, you get to decide what happens. You can arrive at different games and scenarios when you play, depending on your decisions. There are also different ways you can start a conversation, flirt, or go on dates. So this adds some variety to the gameplay.

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The game doesn't consume much space, but it keeps your gameplay lightweight and faster. You can open and start playing immediately rather than wait ages for the game to load. In addition, it works smoothly on all Android devices, so you don't have to worry even if you have a low-range device.

Multiple Languages

The game comes in various languages. Players can choose to interact with any language they are fluent in rather than get stuck with a single option. These include many popular languages like English, Japanese, French, and Spanish. You can also choose other languages if you can't speak any of these.

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Simple Display

The game has a beautiful interface, further finessed by the layout's simplicity. So, you can quickly switch various game sections and move between chapters without stress. The dating simulations are also easy to understand, even for players new to these games. The buttons and controls are intuitive and allow any type of player to find their way around the Muff Apk easily.


Muff Apk is a beautiful game with a nice concept and great visuals. It's not a good recommendation for anyone seeking action and fast-paced interactions. But a great choice if you like to play leisurely and enjoy the company of multiple in-game characters. Download and install Muff App for an enjoyable and entertaining time talking, dating, and having fun with various game characters.

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Download Muff APK latest version for a great time playing with feline characters. Build trust, create memories, and share enjoyable moments with beautiful anime characters.


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