Mini Metro
Mini Metro
Size: 75.70 MB
Version: 2.54.1
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Download and install Mini Metro APK and build rain lines and subway. The challenge in this game is that you must connect the subway well with the station on a budget.

Name Mini Metro
Version 2.54.1
Updated Apr 10, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Dinosaur Polo Club
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Description of Mini Metro

Construction and strategy simulation games have been considered the most entertaining. In these games, you must incorporate wisdom and creativity, remain lucid as you face the challenges this game offers, and complete each level with the most satisfactory results. Mini Metro is one of these incredible games. Mini Metro is a simulation game involving building train lines to meet everyone's travel needs. This game used to be available on other gaming platforms but has now been made available for Android users. In addition, Mini Metro has received several rewards and positive reviews, and its gameplay is both simple and addictive. If you are searching for a game that will allow you to put your creativity to the test in train line building, whether on the ground or on the subway, then this is a game you should try.

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This really attractive game provides players with attractive levels and special subway designs. So you can expand your understanding and explore your creativity in construction.

Strategically Build Your Metro

Mini Metro is a game that will usher you into addictive and simple gameplay. You will have to construct several train routes, only if they perfectly connect all the different train stations. Another interesting this about this game is that it does not insist that you build on one plan, but you have the freedom to arbitrarily create and construct the train lines you are comfortable with. However, you also must ensure a connection with every train line and that you can move between stations without needing to select long routes. You can also freely draw whichever shape you want if it does not exceed the cost limit. It would be more difficult to build rail lines due to constraints in budget. You will have to be strategic in your mission to avoid exceeding the budget limit.

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Build and Design the Subway

While playing this game, you will have to design and build a working subway system for the city to make travelling more comfortable for the people. You must possess the correct plan and create your draft of the structure of this necessary work. Then you can go forward to execute them with quality assurance and care. Apply the experience and design skills that you have to create a new and extremely convenient outlook.

20 Real-World Cities, Several Challenges to Enjoy

This game will introduce you to over 20 famous cities worldwide. These cities are not just any cities, and they are ideal places for you to build your excellent metro system. Interestingly, each city will create a challenge for you because the stations will be situated randomly. This is where you will need to exert your creativity. As you play on, you will continue to experience more challenges on a large scale; also, the budget will continue to shrink. When this occurs, just observe the geographical location, make connections with the stations, draw some colourful lines, and then decide on the train's direction. Finally, with your incredible imaginative prowess, you will be able to find a perfect way to construct a complete metro.

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Extremely Simple Graphic Design

Contrary to other games, Mini Metro is a game whose subway chains are designed simply, clearly, meticulously, and neat. Because of this simplicity, there have been emphases in the game, which leads you to how you can create routes on the maps that can attract several participants. Every route will have a different colour painted, so there won't be any confusion. Also, the background music is very gentle and can make you happier, more organised, and more spiritual when playing the game.

Several Game Modes

Apart from the random challenges you will experience while playing this game, you will also be introduced to several game modes. You may want to take a lot of time to adequately plan how you will build the rail lines, but the game's default mode does not permit spending too long planning. You will be introduced to several game modes where new stations suddenly spring up, forcing you to change your metro drawings several times. This is part of the things that makes the game even a lot more engaging, and it will stimulate your creativity. You must apply strategies to connect the rail line and stations successfully. In the Creative mode, you can build a metro or map in whichever shape you desire.

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Upgrade Option

This game will introduce you to a system of upgrades where you can construct the metro more economically and efficiently. When you have completed the challenges the game puts before you, there will be a reward, and then you can use the reward to increase the options to upgrade. Through this system, you can improve your efficiency level while you build the metro, and the construction cost will be reduced significantly. Due to that, there will be an improvement in metro construction, and you can effectively create numerous routes.


Not to talk too much, Mini Metro is an amazing game. It could be considered the first among equals due to its minimalistic and strategic gameplay. If you love strategy simulation games, then you will be delighted by Mini Metro.

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Download and install Mini Metro APK and build rain lines and subway. The challenge in this game is that you must connect the subway well with the station on a budget.


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