Infinite Flight Simulator
Infinite Flight Simulator
Size: 765 MB
Version: 22.6
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Download and install Infinite Flight Simulator APK and learn how to fly a plane in real-time. This game's features make it one of the most loved games.

Name Infinite Flight Simulator
Version 22.6
Updated Aug 30, 2022
Category Simulation
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Description of Infinite Flight Simulator

You would be greatly mistaken if you think this is another version of Inflinite Flight game. This one is not in any way like it. In this simulator, you will see yourself cruising the sky with your favourite plane. You have the chance to become the pilot you have always wanted to be since your childhood days. Explore the incredible planes accurately designed with all the specs of a real-life plane. Enjoy an incredible amount of fun while you sit in the cockpit and behind all the control buttons and boards. With this simulator, you will have total control over your plane.

The Story

In this game, you will have the opportunity to become an actual pilot that spends a lot of time in the sky. You have several planes at your disposal, and you can fly whichever one you prefer. You can also take your attendants around the world. Allow your customers to board your plane, give them an incredible flying experience, and safely land the plane. Clam your mind down as you fly through the beautiful cumulus sky.

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This game also provides you with several different options to customise your plane. For example, you can decide to turn your plane into a private jet or a commercial plane where you can have great fun.

Features of Infinite Flight Simulator

The following are all the exciting features this game can offer you:

  • Explore Several Different Aircraft with Special Traits: to begin, players of this game would be introduced to the impressive collection of the most sophisticated aircraft currently available. Next, you will discover yourself riding in a diverse fleet of aeroplanes and experience the original flying simulation with Infinite Flight Simulator. In some cases, you may find that you are flying a military aircraft and enjoy high-speed flying at its best. To progress forward, you will have to unlock some further exciting game features.
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  • A vast World with Several Regions: to give you an even more exciting flying experience, you will have the opportunity to explore the incredible world map that features all the beautiful regions. Journey to some locations with the right topographies that display exactly what you have below your plane. Discover yourself journeying all around the world on your virtual planes. Visit the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and so on. Take awesomely detailed and accurate pictures on Infinite Flight Simulator.
  • Realistic Elements for Immersive Situations: Now, Android gamers will be privy to immersive plane simulation games where they can feel all the different aspects of flying on a plane. Feel the perfect weather systems that introduce realistic physics. For example, have your plane blown away a little bit due to wind or lose your navigation because lightning strikes the plane. Also, it is impossible to feel the atmosphere changing with the stars, moon, and sun replacing each other. This is indeed an experience of a lifetime. Also, you can decide to have the weather conditions totally under your control.
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  • Understand How to Control an Actual Plane: If you are searching for a smooth way of controlling a real plane, the Infinite Flight Simulator is the right tool for you because it offers a complete guide that may not be available anywhere else; you can learn how you can start and stop the engine, the way the plane flies, and how you can take total control of it. You can go as far as understanding the ILS and NAV systems. In addition, you will understand how you can effectively put your plane in the sky and safely land it. If you intend to fly freely and soar like a bird, this app will provide you with that experience. You can also enjoy the autopilot feature of your plane, which will provide you with the opportunity to perform other tasks.
  • View Your Flying Moves with the Relay Features: The addictive and immersive gameplay of Infinite Flight Simulator will make it hard for you not to have some fun while you are playing this game, especially when you have your plane in the air. You can twist your plan, flip it upside down, and perform other stunts. The relay feature will allow you to watch all the stunts you have performed. In addition, you can record your favourite videos for future reference.
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  • Customise Your Plane as You Want It: To fully get the bright idea of the piloting system, you must understand your plane's inner build. This understanding will allow you to immediately evaluate the situations when things begin to go awry. Consider the weight of your plane and ensure that it is balanced when you lift it to the sky. The game also features several beautiful, customizable options you can employ to convert your plane into the most loved aircraft in the entire world. Change your controls, engines, tails, wings, and so on. Discover yourself flying on an epic vessel.
  • Experience the Online Gameplay: If you are sure about your piloting skills, you can connect with thousands of other pilots worldwide. You can fly on a huge world map; ensure that you follow instructions to the last detail so you won't crash against another plane. For example, customise the preferred weather condition and move the flight to a different level.
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  • Feel the Job of an Air Traffic Controller: Besides being a pilot in this game, you also have the opportunity to be an air traffic controller. Therefore, rather than following the instructions while you control your plane as the pilot, you can be the one giving the instructions. Ensure that you carry out your job with complete dedication and competence. You should understand that any slight error or misjudgment on your part can have a devastating effect on the well-being of other people.

Final Thoughts

To fully enjoy playing this game, it is crucial that you read through and learn about an aeroplane parameter. The game will assist you in better understanding some of the rules of an aeroplane, including other things a pilot should consider – such as temperature, pressure, altitude, and so on.

Because of its incredible features, Infinite Flight Simulator has become an intriguing aeroplane driving simulation. Unfortunately, due to its realistic and vivid graphics, the game requires that you play this game with a high-end phone.

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Download and install Infinite Flight Simulator APK and learn how to fly a plane in real-time. This game's features make it one of the most loved games.


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