Haunted Dorm
Haunted Dorm
Size: 119.58 MB
Version: 1.7.3
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Download Haunted Dorm APK if you love horror games and the thrilling feeling it gives. Haunted dorm is a unique horror game that requires players' strategic thinking.

Name Haunted Dorm
Version 1.7.3
Updated Jan 26, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer Mihuan
Google Play Link com.haunteddorm.mihuan

Haunted Dorm

Haunted dorm is a unique horror game that gives off an intense gaming experience. The game is full of adventure and, at the same time, gives off a rich gaming experience; it can help you overcome fear.

 Many people have seen and watched horror movies with their intense sound and graphics; they all give off a scary yet exciting feeling. If you can overcome the fear the films or games bring, you will overcome your fear. This is the same feeling haunted dorm gives players. However, players must be strategic in the game.

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 Not everyone likes horror movies or games; hence, the game is recommended for those interested. In the haunted dorm, you will play as a character with other online players. You must protect yourself and your dream so the ghost hunter will not capture you. Get to know more about the game as you read on.

Haunted Dorm Description

Haunted dorm is a horror and defense system game that requires players' strategic thinking to protect themselves from a ghost and avoid the enemy. The game is a multiplayer game whereby you play with other players to defeat the ghost.

The haunted dorm is a horror game whereby you and other players are placed in the same building, a dormitory where the ghost attacks often; you have to be strategic to keep the ghost away.

Players are engaged with many activities in the game like sleeping, building barricades for protection, and many more. As the name implies, a dorm is being haunted by a ghost, and you must keep yourself from the ghost.

WHWL developed the game, but Mihuan published it. The game has gathered many uses hence giving it many downloads. Haunted dorm is recommended for people over seven years old who love horror games.

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The game is referred to as being strategic as it involves you finding a way or means to avoid an attack by the ghost. Your task in the game is not complicated; all you need to do is survive and sleep to earn money, then build a safe place for yourself.

Haunted dorm has a simple gameplay and an uncomplicated control system. Players have to avoid the ghost by standing behind closed doors and sleeping while they earn. If you come out of the closed doors, you will be killed and haunted by the ghost.

It is suggested that when you stay behind closed doors, you get a room surrounded by other players; this is a trick that guarantees your protection from the ghost attack. Also, you will build a small town and a safe abode to make it difficult for the ghost to find and reach you.

Players start the game in a small empty room in the dormitory with dark colors and creatures; not only the ghost scares you, but you might also come across any stranger who cringes. The scene in the game creates defenseless gameplay or situations; hence you must find safety for yourself.

In the game, the more and longer you skeel, the more money you earn. You can use this money to upgrade and build safe systems to block the ghosts from reaching you. Players will want money at the beginning of the game to make a protective system in their room.

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Your only mission in the game is to sleep and survive at any cost and tactics. Sleeping in the game makes you earn money which will be used to get necessary items to survive. Survival in the game increases your advantage over other players. If you kill the ghost, you win the game, but before you can do that, you will pass through several levels and thoroughly prepare.

The thrilling game has many features that keep gamers glued and coming back for more experience.

Features of Haunted Dorm

Here are all the amazing features of haunted dorm;

Awesome and Simple Gameplay

Though the game is a horror game, people who love horror games enjoy the game to its fullest. Haunted dorm has great gameplay, which gives off an interesting feeling. All you need to do is survive and sleep to earn money to protect yourself and get the necessary things.

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Multiplayer mode

Players of haunted dorm enjoy playing with people online hence making the game lively. You will enjoy the game more with its features. Players will get the chance to engage with other characters in the game. This makes the game lively and fun.

Upgrade option

Haunted dorm offers this amazing feature to players to give them a better gaming experience. You can upgrade your room by upgrading the door, appliances, and machinery such as refrigerators, ATMs, and many more. You need to keep upgrading items to survive in the game so that they will function properly.

Awesome graphics and sound

To offer and provide users with the best experience of horror games, haunted dorm has a nice visual content. They have the graphics in pixelated images. These images compliment the game type. Also, the sound effects fit the game, giving a scary, nervous and intense tone, which complements the game.

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Haunted dorm is a good and unique horror game for those interested. The game improves your strategic thinking and survival. Download the latest version of haunted down on your mobile device and enjoy the game and its exciting features.

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Download Haunted Dorm APK if you love horror games and the thrilling feeling it gives. Haunted dorm is a unique horror game that requires players' strategic thinking.


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