Happy Mall Story
Happy Mall Story
Size: 28.3 MB
Version: 2.3.1
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Download Happy Mall Story APK , a strategy and management game. Build and manage your shopping stores that offer varying services within the mall.

Name Happy Mall Story
Version 2.3.1
Updated Aug 16, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Happy Labs
Google Play Link com.happylabs.happymall

Happy Mall Story

The Happy mall story is a fun game created by happy labs. The structure of this game helps you build and manage a business. As the player, you own a store offering various services. You get to work and develop this Mall.

happy mall story apk

In the happy mall story, you will have above 20 stores to include in your mall. All the stores have different levels. It would help if you upgraded these levels to get more clients and earn more money. Some of the stores you can include in your mall to improve it and make more money are book stores, art galleries, restaurants, jewelry stores, arcades, clothing stores, and bakeries.

You can also hire several shopkeepers to help manage your shops. All shopkeepers have their benefits and disadvantages. It would help if you analyzed these shopkeepers before making a selection. With the happy mall story sim game, you can share your progress on social media or enjoy an offline game; it all depends on you. You can play the single-player mode without interacting with anyone. There is also a ranking at the end of each game.

Description of Happy Mall Story

Happy mall story is a game app that allows you to own and build a shopping mall. You get to attract shoppers and become a Mall mogul. This game is compatible with both android and IOS operating systems. Design your mall and create new shops with a happy mall story-free download.

happy mall story apk 2022

As you build a booming mall in the happy mall story 2022, you need to decorate your mall to be a unique attraction and ensure all of the required amenities are updated to get new shoppers. Invest in new items, manage your mall and watch customers relate with store owners. The goal is to build a conventional mall, so upgrade your store, expand your mall, and use these items to earn coins. You must run tours and fever sales to make easy money and happy mall story's unlimited diamonds.

Many shops, decorations, and cute customers can unlock upon investment. Help your customers with their purchases. Earn stars and activate fever mode. Create a mall to your taste, and make the mall as beautiful and colorful as you'd want it. Build the most popular and efficient mall in the town. You have some icons; click them to upgrade and view the content of your mall. There are the buildings, shopper Types, items, and task manager icons; click on these to update and view their features.

happy mall story apk download

There is also the share your progress Icon where you can go to the game's online mode. You can go online and show off your mall to your friends. This game is free to play, and the online method is optional. You can manage your mall offline without using data. There are more than 120 shops and 30 shoppers to unlock. You can exchange real money if you need more in-game currency and disable this feature in settings if you don't.

Features of Happy Mall Story

So many unique features are included in Happy mall's story for the android and IOS operating systems.

User interface

This game has a unique feature and a friendly user interface. This happy mall story download has impressive aesthetics that you can improve and upgrade to your taste. There are shop owners and buildings that you can upgrade.

happy mall story apk free download

Buy new shops to invest in and view other new fancy places in the mall. There are coins with very nice skins in the game. As you enjoy the beautiful, user-friendly interface of the latest happy mall story, you get to build and create your mall. You get to upgrade and improve certain features. This upgrade also adds to the aesthetic of the game.


Happy mall story download has fantastic gameplay. This game is a simulation strategy game. The game that allows you to own and build your mall. You have shops and goods you can sell and make money from. If you want more customers patronizing you, you need to invest with the in-game cash you have made. To also purchase and build new stores, you must pay for that.

happy mall story sim game apk

You can also change the decoration in the shops and mall. The gameplay is all about you becoming a business mogul. So you have to strategize how to get money and spend it to bring more money. Enjoy this fun game and build the supermall you would love.


Happy mall game is a strategy and management game with unique gameplay that keeps you going. This game also features excellent aesthetics and graphics you'd love. This is the right choice if you love strategy and casual games. This game is a simulation built around a fantasy life for girls, friends, and family. This game is for all ages; anyone can play this game. If you love making money, strategizing and managing happy mall story downloads would help you explore these skills.

Building and designing the mall of your dreams in this game is your goal. Unlock unique and cute shoppers to your mall and become the ultimate mall tycoon.

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Download Happy Mall Story APK , a strategy and management game. Build and manage your shopping stores that offer varying services within the mall.


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