Game of Warriors
Game of Warriors
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Version: 1.6.4
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Download Game of Warriors APK latest version and experience a feeling of supremacy just like the survival of the fittest, where only the most powerful will win.

Name Game of Warriors
Version 1.6.4
Updated Dec 15, 2023
Category Strategy
Developer Play365

A Crisp Analysis Of Gamer Of Warriors

As the name suggests, Game of Warriors is a game where different warriors fight with each other and engage in a one-on-one battle where the last man standing is declared the winner. The game starts with an old man addressing the player as a lord and saying that "We are the last standing city. All of our allies have been defeated, and enemy scouts are near the gate!"

game of warriors

Following the old man, we also have a fully armored general who says that he's your general and that he is ready to fight once you give the order. Once you are ready to battle, click the "next wave" icon, which will display a bar that shows the number of squads ready to fight. You can select a squad among the displayed options of the squad and send it into action.

Soft & Cute 3D Graphics

One incredible thing about this game is its soft and cute 3D graphics. Picking soft and cute 3D graphics is not only favored by kids but also the adults who enjoy playing games. Too much of a sharp and sophisticated graphic design might only be enjoyed by adults and not kids. So in that perspective, they did a good job with going with a neutral graphics theme that might be loved by both children as well as adults. The soft graphics also ensure no damage to the eyes, which means parents don't really have to worry about their kids' eyes being affected due to long gameplay sessions.

game of warriors apk

Everything about this game is small and doesn't have any complicated and scary graphical designs. For instance, large monsters or enemies in normal games are usually large in size, aggressive, and even extremely dangerous, but here in this game, the monster characters are bigger than small enemies but still aren't as big as normal monsters. In fact, they are only fat monsters and not the biggest monsters.

But this very fact of the monster being non-aggressive and relatively small in size makes it ideal for all ages.

Build A Team Of Soldiers & Upgrade It

Once you select a squad among the displayed options of the squad and send it into action, you will finally be able to see the main character of this game.

The main character can be seen wearing a red color t-shirt. He has a muscular body. You can build your own team of muscular guys wearing red color t-shirts of different types. Once you click the units, you will be able to see the soldier tech tree with a lot of muscular guys wearing the same red color t-shirt, but here is the catch they all have different weapons.

game of warriors apk download

For instance, some men with a small sword, some with a big word, some with armor, some with a shield, and some with all of the above. The list is quite long. Each type of unit has an attack bonus vs. another type. This includes spear, mounted, and javelin. It is also noted that swordsmen don't have any bonuses or penalties.

Declare Wars & Conquer Enemy Territories

There is an exciting map that lets you explore other enemy territories, but it doesn't stop with just exploring. You can also conquer those territories and make them your own. Later you can even upgrade those colonies as you wish.

A General Can Have Up To 15 Skills

The list of skills a general can possess can be divided into three, which are his skills, his base-related skills, and his army.

download game of warriors apk

Under the first category, we have a skill called battle horn that temporarily increases the unit's damages. Second, we have a skill called archers support which gives a 50 percent bonus vs. units, and third, we have catapults support, which gives 300 percent vs. siege weapons.

Under the second category of the base, we have skills like towers damage, wall archer's range, wall archer's damage, wall hit points, gold per colony, gold per kill, and experience per kill.

Under the last category of the army, we have melee soldier’s damage; units cool down, heroes' health, heroes’ damage, and more.

Exciting & Engaging Gameplay

Once you win, you will be greeted with a trumpet sound showing words like "victory" and "wave cleared," along with some coins and a big moving knife in the middle. The sounds of the trumpet on your triumph would make you feel rewarded, and this is how the gameplay is exciting.

score of the warriors game

About the engaging gameplay part, the game rather allows its players to have interactive and engaging gameplay with its pop-up message providing guidance on every single step of the gameplay.

Don’t Let The Enemies Snatch Your Kingdom

The goal of this game is to defend your tower, so make sure you upgrade your castle walls as much as you upgrade your archers and towers. Because once your archers die or fall apart, the next thing is the wall. Only if you upgrade your wall, they won't be able to break through it. If you start a wave but fail to defend your tower and let the enemies inside as they break through the walls, then you will be defeated and will have to redo the wave again.


This is a tower defense game that is easy and exciting to play. You should definitely consider downloading this from your Google play store. This game also lets you play in other languages according to your preference. You can choose a language from the list, which includes English, Polski, Catala, Mandarin, Dutch, Hindi, Korean and more. One notable thing here is that the game is suitable across all age groups and that it is absolutely free to download, which means you need not pay anything to play this fun game. Enjoy defending your tower!

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Download Game of Warriors APK latest version and experience a feeling of supremacy just like the survival of the fittest, where only the most powerful will win.


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