Game Dev Tycoon
Game Dev Tycoon
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Version: 1.6.9
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Download and install Game Dev Tycoon APK and set up a game development company. With this simulation, players can own a company and expand their business.

Name Game Dev Tycoon
Version 1.6.9
Updated Sep 7, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Greenheart Games
Google Play Link com.greenheartgames.gdt

Description of Game Dev Tycoon

This simulation game allows you to be the owner of the biggest tech company in the world. From this game, you will be the owner of a company specialising in technology, and your mission shall be to grow the company from scratch and help it become very well-known. With about half a million downloads on Play Store alone, you are sure to trust that you will not be disappointed by this game upon your very first try.

Become Successful in Your Business

This game has a pretty simple plot and can make players feel seamless during the game test process. While playing the game, you shall become a young man attempting to become an established businessman by applying proper business strategy and human resources.

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In the beginning, players will have the chance to pick the major development area for their startup company. There are three major choices in this game – game programming, application development, and design. Dependent on your preference, you will select a direction of development you believe is the best to generate profit for the company. Create games with various genres, research new technologies, and best-selling design games. In that way, you will become a market controller and grab the hearts of many people worldwide. You may have to tap the experience screen to be able to make your business decision pretty reasonable. Your major job is to study your financial situation from the intuitive interface system of the game, and then you can make the right upgrade decisions to help move your business system to the following level.

Smart Decisions

In the beginning, players will begin a business in a little space with a capital that is barely enough. Your major mission is to make reasonable calculations, and then you must create authentic products to grow your brand with that calculation. Naturally, things won't grow fast immediately, so you may have to experience this game for a while to gain the desired achievements.

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After making a specific number of products, your company will attract the attention of everyone. Thereby, there will be an increase in profit from more orders and purchases. This indicates that you will have to hire more employees and grow the company. Never forget that the money you earn depends on the level of an employee's talent, and you will pay them according to how talented they are.

Create Quality Products

Besides restructuring the development sequence of the company, this app also simulates the steps involved in creating a technology project, from writing pen to the official establishment. By having more talented employees, you can easily produce more quality products than your initial output and earn massive profits. However, even growing a big business has several challenges and demands the right skill to efficiently manage your team.

Talented Manager

One very important aspect of a business is the need for a talented manager to run the business. You will have to invite gifted managers worldwide to help run the company's business, a manager that will assist you in improving the quality of production and maximise economic benefit.

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Pick the appropriate manager for the industry you have built to increase the talent they offer. After a while, you should replace the manager so the business can operate more smoothly and stably.


The quality of the game's image is fine enough compared to the image quality in today's game market. The details in this game are intuitively and relatively arranged, including the overall blend, which will surely make players feel considerably satisfied throughout the experience. Also, the colours are appropriately displayed, contributing to the fun and beauty for the players.

Expansion of Headquarters

Always remember to upgrade your facilities. Get a new place and open up big offices to expand your company. You can even purchase a lab where you can produce a confidential product and make sure that you do not reveal confidential information to competitors. You can also purchase decorative art items to make your office more beautiful. Modern technology will also help improve your productivity.

Quality 3D Design

When it comes to graphics, this game has quite impressive graphics. The images in the game are created from high-tech 3D form, combining animated and cute styles to provide players with a more enjoyable experience. The characters' actions are also pretty fun in the simulation.

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This game is optimised for mobile platforms and tablet PCs. By using the detailed instructions of the game, you won't have to worry too much about getting to understand Game Dev Tycoon.

Advance Your Career

To do this, you will have to pick a topic. Game Dev Tycoon is a company specialising in the application development, design, and creation of visually-appealing games. You can also be a part of the research of new technologies. You will not be able to create high-quality products at the initial stage; therefore, your earnings and reputation shall be limited. But do not bother yourself about that; as soon as you have developed a special product, the media will channel their focus on you.

Your company will be receiving an increasing order number. You won't be able to finish all these tasks with the same number of initial resources and employees. Because of this, it would be a good idea to hire additional capable hands for the smooth running of the business. Select the best personnel for your company to increase revenue and productivity.

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However, the better an employee is, the more your chance of losing money. Make the right expenditure decisions to prevent getting rid of stuff because you cannot pay them.

Key Features

  • New user interface designed for tablets and phones
  • New game ideas for more games
  • Addition of a new plot to the story
  • An extremely challenging but optional pirate mode
  • Unlock accomplishments
  • Gain a global following
  • Establish yourself as a market leader
  • Uncover hidden laboratories
  • Create a professional development staff
  • Obtain bigger offices

Last Take

Essentially, Game Dev Tycoon is a friendly and suitable game for many people who want to test their business strategies and to think.

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Download and install Game Dev Tycoon APK and set up a game development company. With this simulation, players can own a company and expand their business.


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