Game Dev Story
Game Dev Story
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Version: 2.5.8
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Download Game Dev Story APK, a game where players get to make their game company and create a million-selling game. Work hard and reach the top of the video game industry?

Name Game Dev Story
Version 2.5.8
Updated Aug 22, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Kairosoft

An In-Depth Description of Game Dev Story

Have you ever had a dream where your game company was one of the biggest in the video game industry? Or maybe you just love games and will love to test yourself by managing your game company and developing a best-selling game. Regardless of whatever you have in mind, Game Dev Story is an exciting simulation video game where you have your own game company. You are expected to manage your company and try to create a game that is loved by many. But of course, it is easier said than done.

Game Dev Story 2022 was published by Kairosoft, their first mobile game. It centers around a character who runs their own game company. As the president of the company, you will have to work with your various employees – from the artists to the coders – to create a high-quality game with different attributes (graphics, sound, creativity, and sound). You have to grow your company from a tiny group to a well-established game developer.

During the game, you can hire different employees, and each of them will have experience in specific fields relating to the game developing industry. Players can choose the features, genre, and platform they want to develop in their game. So many other things need to be put in place – such as purchasing advertising for your video game to increase your sales and designing your own video game console – and they are all at your disposal.

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Specialized magazines will review every game your game company launches in the market. These magazines will give ratings according to how good your game is and how much work you put in – if you get good ratings, your sales will improve, and if you get bad ratings, your company could end up going under. This is why it is essential that you create excellent games so that all your efforts will not be in vain.

Game Dev Story for Android is an exciting and addictive game guaranteed to have you playing for hours. With this game, you get to build a virtual career, and you have to do all it takes to make it grow and become well-known. Nobody wants to build a company, only to watch it become unsuccessful. So, if you think you are capable enough, you should download this game. Our site offers a straightforward Game Dev Story free download process so that you can get right to it.

Game Dev Story Tips

As a beginner playing Game Dev Story for the first time, here are some things you need to know to achieve a smooth gaming experience.

Hire More Staff

When you start the game, you first need to hire more staff so that you can finish your work faster and easier. You will have only one staff; then you should employ three extra using the word-of-mouth marketing strategy – getting people to talk about your game company so that other people want to work there. Your four staff should consist of a writer, a sound engineer, and a graphics designer since these are the basics needed.

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Although it is not compulsory to have them like that – you can use your research points to upgrade them but do not upgrade them too much. This is because as you progress in the game, you will be able to hire a team of six people, and most of your old workers will be replaced with better personnel. Your work studio will also be upgraded.

If you and your company can handle it, you can go all out and hire two producers and directors to do the job of the sound engineer, writer, and graphics designer. Although, that may seem a little too much at that point in the game. When you have enough money to hire expensive workers, you should use that to get one director and producer to replace a coder and writer you do not use.

Console Development

To develop consoles, you have to have a team of skilled personnel, so the first thing to do in the game is hire more staff. Console development requires players to complete at least one game; when you start searching for more staff, you can begin a new speed, PC, puzzle, or reversi project. Once you are done developing this project, ignore all bugs and release it immediately.

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Once you have achieved this, you should already have your team of four members so you can go ahead to complete another speed project. But this time, it should be on the Microx SX, and you should eliminate all bugs.

Features of Game Dev Story

Now that you know how to play Game Dev Story, let us look at some of the exciting features this game offers.

  • Game Dev Story Gameplay

Game Dev Story is all about a game start-up president who will have to work hard to grow his company from small to large and established. As stated above, you will have just one staff when you first launch the game. With that, you can hire more employees – you can only have a team of four to avoid overspending. You and that staff will create your first game together and gain some success.

These employees will have a wide variety of game-related professions, such as coder, scriptwriter, and designer. As the game progresses, depending on the situation, you can hire employees with rare game-related specializations like hackers. Every employee will have four indicators (including graphics, sound, and programmer); depending on their level of expertise, it will either be high or low. Lastly, players can choose any game genre they want to develop.

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  • Players can develop their own game and make it a bestseller.
  • Game Dev Story features a system where players can change their staff's professions.
  • Your staff members come in various game-related professions, such as writer and graphics designer. So, you can hire them according to what your game company needs.
  • When the critics review your game and give you a score of at least 32, you will make it to the hall of fame and will be able to create sequels for your game.
  • The more money you earn, the more staff you can hire and the better games you can create.
  • Game Dev Story is a highly customizable game, allowing you to create your own interface.


Are you ready to launch your own game company and start developing bestseller games that will be loved by many? Then, what are you waiting for? Our Game Dev Story download process is straightforward, so hit that download button now.

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Download Game Dev Story APK, a game where players get to make their game company and create a million-selling game. Work hard and reach the top of the video game industry?


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