FM WhatsApp
FM WhatsApp
Size: 55 MB
Version: v9.45
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Download FM WhatsApp v9.45 APK for better communication options. This third-party app can provide you with many of the things that WhatsApp cannot.

Name FM WhatsApp
Version v9.45
Updated Oct 14, 2022
Category Communication
Developer Fouad Mokdad
Google Play Link

An Overview Of FM WhatsApp

Capitalize on the problems the original version of an app has, and WhatsApp did not get excluded from this schedule. Versions make things easier for you by offering features that you need. They usually offer better customization, privacy, and security. FM WhatsApp gives you all of these and more.

FMWA, short for FM WhatsApp, is an enhanced version of WhatsApp from a trusted source. It aims to improve your life by giving you a better messaging experience on your mobile device. It was released in August 2022 and is available for download on third-party sites. It won't take up an unreasonable amount of space on your phone because its size is just 52MB.

fm whatsapp apk

Fouad Mokdad of Fouad developed FM WhatsApp to bypass WhatsApp limitations such as video and general file size limits. Although these features were added to WhatsApp to stop spam, sometimes, they're unnecessary. As a result, FM WhatsApp is currently available only for users of Android devices.

FM WhatsApp's Amazing Features

Since FM WhatsApp boasts of doing what WhatsApp cannot, the features available must be really good, and they are. The amazing features offered by this app include:

  • Customization: There's something better than the boring green theme WhatsApp gives you every day. FM WhatsApp lets you try something new as often as you want with its collection of over 100 themes. Every day, more themes are added to the collection, and you can access all of them for free!
fm whatsapp apk download latest version
  • Emojis: You don't have to text using just the emojis in your keyboard collection. FM WhatsApp offers its peculiar emoji variants. They include Facebook emojis, Stock emojis, and other variants. This just means you get more creative emojis to make your conversations colorful.
  • Anti-Delete Feature: This feature is available for messages and status stories. It lets you read messages deleted by the sender and view stories deleted by the person who posted them. Regular WhatsApp just informs you that the message was deleted. FM WhatsApp takes it further by informing you and letting you see the deleted message. Truly amazing.
  • Permissions: Some people text you that you may not want to receive calls from. That's what this feature is here for. FM WhatsApp lets you select the contacts who can call your WhatsApp number. This way, you don't have to block them totally and can engage in conversations that primarily text with them.
  • Security: FM WhatsApp has an app lock feature built in. This lets you secure your information in the app with a password. Your chats also have added security when you pin them.

FM WhatsApp has certain features that are exclusive to it. For example, you don't have to save contacts to send messages to them. Unsaved or saved, you can talk to whoever you want. You can even make video and audio calls too. Also, unlike the original WhatsApp, you can pin more than three chats here. You can have up to a hundred chats pinned.

fm whatsapp apk latest version

FM WhatsApp grants you access to increased limits. For group chats, you can have up to 500 people in one. This is way better compared to the 250 that the original WhatsApp offers. You can also send up to 60 images to the person you're messaging.

Privacy Perks Of Using FM WhatsApp

The privacy features of FM WhatsApp deserve a special section because they're that good. For example, the app lets you hide your "last seen." You may think, "the original WhatsApp lets me do this too."

The difference here is that with FM WhatsApp, your "last seen" is hidden, but you can see that of others. It's also easy to turn on. Go to the Privacy section of the app settings, and you'll get instructions on starting to use the feature. With FM WhatsApp, you can also choose not to let people see that you have viewed the stories they post on their status.

fm whatsapp apk update

It's one of the app's stealth features. In addition, FM WhatsApp offers access to a feature that hides your blue ticks. WhatsApp offers this too, but FM WhatsApp makes things better for you by giving you the option of showing the blue tick after you have read the message.

You can even choose not to let your contacts know when their messages get delivered. This is a feature WhatsApp users can only dream of getting. FM WhatsApp is the perfect messaging app for people who love ghosting. It will even let the typing and "recording voice note" action. Your contacts will not be aware while doing either of these things.

Pros And Cons Of FM WhatsApp

Let's go through the pros first, shall we? You can share files as large as 700MB on this app. This is something no update of WhatsApp has ever brought about. The anti-delete feature will keep your messages from getting deleted by the recipient. The theme and emoji collection adds color and cheeriness to your chats too.

fm whatsapp apk download 2022

Even the most perfect of have their downsides. For example, FM WhatsApp offers you privacy from your contacts, but it does not guarantee privacy from the developers. They can view your messages. Although the developers are trustable, this con still hampers your security, and that's not fair to users. It's also a slow app, working at way less speed than WhatsApp.


Despite the issues that it comes with, FM WhatsApp has successfully solved most of the problems the original WhatsApp has. This is admirable since one cannot spend forever hoping that WhatsApp developers bring about updates that fix those problems. Moreover, if FM WhatsApp can work on its privacy and speed problems, it really will be the perfect WhatsApp.

If you're tired of WhatsApp's limitations, don't hesitate to try this version today. With apps, you are advised to install antivirus software on your device. This is not related to the app itself, but because of the third-party sites, you download from. You'll want to ensure the information on your Android device is safe and free from viral attacks.

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Download FM WhatsApp v9.45 APK for better communication options. This third-party app can provide you with many of the things that WhatsApp cannot.


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