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FiLMiC Pro
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Download Filmic Pro APK to transform your smartphone into a professional camera. Record high-quality videos with this amazing video camera app and feel like a pro!

Name FiLMiC Pro
Version 7.6.3
Updated Nov 30, 2023
Category Photography
Developer FiLMiC Inc.
Google Play Link com.filmic.filmicpro

Filmic Pro

If you want to take your smartphone to new videography heights, then Filmic Pro is a recommended app for you.

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The Filmic video camera app can capture top-quality videos that look like they were shot in a professional studio. Don't take my word for it! Lots of famous people have admitted to using Filmic Pro to record their movies, including the acclaimed director Zack Synder.

The latest version of Filmic Pro is even more amazing. Packed with cutting-edge features and dynamic settings, it offers more variety and support than ever seen in a mobile camera app. The color-grading settings in the app are immaculate and definitely worth looking into.

In-Depth Description of Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is a video recording app for smartphones and tablets. It was released in May of 2011 under Filmic Pro Inc and has undergone multiple app updates since then.

The app offers exclusive features mostly seen on professional cameras, such as push controls, aspect ratio options, bitrate controls, frame rate options, log format, and lots more.

Filmic Pro allows you to make casual home and professionally shot videos through these features. You have complete control over focus and exposure options and can add in as many motion effects as you wish.

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On iOS devices, it offers a more structured camera setting than what is found in the regular iOS camera app.

When it comes to in-phone video shooting, Filmic Pro remains unmatched.

Features of Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro comes with lots of advanced features you wouldn't usually find in smartphone apps. This includes aspect ratio overlays, chroma key function, audio management, and lots more. Here are some quality features of Filmic Pro;

Huge User Interface

Filmic Pro has an amazing graphical user interface that works well with many devices. While some people tend to limit it to smartphones, the app has an even larger interface when it comes to bigger devices, like tablets or laptops.

With a tablet or laptop with high camera quality, you can easily use Filmic Pro to shoot professional videos. Filmic Pro's latest version contains expandable software that activates when used with a bigger device. It also has lots of premium features you can use to increase app functionality, including the Filmic remote, Cinekit, and Film Looks.

Its amazing camera interface comes with zoom, focus, and exposure controls that work perfectly. Large arcs at the edge of your screen help you adjust your video whenever you want. Filming can take place in portrait or landscape mode.

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The focus mode can zoom in on objects far from the camera. Overall, the Filmic Pro full 2022 app interface is extremely good and comes at a low price.

Sharing Options

Unfortunately, Filmic Pro does not allow you to make in-app edits. Therefore, it is important that you can share your videos outside the app to perform edits or share the final results.

Once you open Filmic Pro, there is a triangular play button at the bottom right of your screen. When you click it, it shows a list of videos you've made, along with content management options. From here, you can name your video clips and save them to your camera roll.

There is also an in-built sharing option for you to upload your videos. This includes Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and lots more!

Filmic Pro for Android

Filmic Pro tends to be more compatible with iOS devices - this includes iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and even the Apple watch. It comes with more exclusive features and has fewer compatibility issues.

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However, it is also available for Android phones and has varying levels of compatibility depending on the type of Android you use. Filmic Pro supports about 600 models of Android phones.

If you do encounter any issues when using Filmic Pro on your Android device, there is a constant stream of customer support readily available to help you at all times. Filmic Pro is known for its stellar customer service and makes big efforts to address all errors and issues you encounter on the app.

The app is great for those looking for an in-phone professional camera app and offers a large variety of advanced tools and settings to give you enough range and flexibility to shoot your video.

Camera 2 Compliance for Android Phones

Not all Android phones are compatible with Filmic Pro. Luckily, Filmic has a list of phones that are compatible with their application on their website, and this list is always growing.

Android phones allow 2 APIs (Application Programming Interface) for cameras to function; camera 1 and camera 2.

Camera 1 is an older camera API with fewer capabilities when it comes to adjustable camera settings, advanced features, and manual control.

Camera 2 is a more recent API found in newer Android smartphones. It operates with greater functionality, has more diverse setting options, and has greater manual control.

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For Filmic Pro to function well on your phone, it needs full camera2 compliance to support the advanced features of Filmic Pro.

Filmic Pro Settings

You can tell Filmic Pro is a premium-level application by the variety of settings it offers. It has eight camera aspect ratios. This includes uncommon video ratios like 2.39:1 and 2.76:1, as well as more common options. Video resolutions go as high as 4k 2160 p and can record at 240 frames per second. You can also record at 1 frame per second for time-lapse.

The Filmic Pro full app also gives you control over the bitrate quality of your videos. 2k to 4k videos have 100Mbps, whole HD videos have about 50Mbps.

Unlike other video recording apps, the new Filmic Pro download allows users to record log format with the app.


Filmic Pro has taken some big steps to revolutionize filming on smartphones. Its many advanced features have attracted high-end cinematographers to the application and made it a number one choice for in-phone video capturing apps.

If you're looking to film a video on your Android or iOS device, you should definitely consider Filmic Pro. Once you're done filming, you can share your clips to a video editing app and put the final touches.

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Download Filmic Pro APK to transform your smartphone into a professional camera. Record high-quality videos with this amazing video camera app and feel like a pro!


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