Fashion Empire
Fashion Empire
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Download Fashion Empire APK and enjoy a fantastic experience dressing up and designing unique items from stylish to edgy. Manage your boutique with a fashion empire.

Name Fashion Empire
Version 2.102.3
Updated Sep 7, 2023
Category Role Playing
Developer Frenzoo

Fashion Empire

Fashion empire is a fun 3D dress-up and boutique simulation game with an unlimited imagination. The fashion empire allows you to express yourself and become a style expert! It's free to play, allows offline and online play, and is made for fashion enthusiasts. In-app purchases are available for fashion empire unlimited money and gems.

Fashion Empire is a virtual shop management game from exotic Hong Kong. Get your store in order, arrange it any way you choose, acquire some new clothes, service your customers swiftly, and get ready to mingle with famous people. Fashion empire free download is constantly being updated and has fantastic playability.

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Fashion Empire requires you to start at the bottom and work your way up. You should start with your boutique in the heart of a mall. The little store will start with just four walls, a cash register, and a fitting room, but after enough sales, you'll grow it into a booming enterprise that will let you enter the most prestigious fashion shows.

Fashion Empire Description

In a fashion empire, you take control of a high-end clothing store. The most elegant and current dresses are in your boutique. The best part is that your main character can wear every outfit you sell. In Fashion Empire, creating your protagonist's appearance comes first. The fashion empire is constantly being updated and has fantastic playability.

She has various costumes to pick from, and you may change the color of her skin, haircut, and face. In essence, you can customize your sales assistant. You can also access a ton of new cosmetics as you continue to complete levels.

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The ability to run your store is Fashion Empire's most fascinating feature. The entire store will be under your management: Fitting rooms, hangers, vases, flowerpots, and other types of decor can be added or taken away. Additionally, order the gowns you know you want to sell in your shop.

You begin in San Francisco as a budding designer and have just opened your first store. You've always been creative—from dressing up Barbie dolls as a child to spending countless hours on The Sims, learning to sketch, and building an incredible portfolio at a prestigious design school.

You'll start by creating your first item, a stunning pink dress, with your investor Eva guaranteed to attract the first customers. After you make your first sales, you should increase the capacity of your racks, registers, changing rooms, and décor to draw in fashion-conscious customers.

Starting in San Francisco, you'll tour prominent showrooms and interact with the most influential figures in the business before traveling to Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. To get there, you'll need to put in a lot of effort, save your money, and spend it on enhancing the appearance of your shop and growing your selection of apparel and accessories.

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Of course, maintaining a positive public image is crucial. Therefore the first step is to build your character and equip your doll with several looks. Since you're trying to sell the item, you're the best person to demonstrate it to buyers. Utilizing your earnings, And in the interim, you don't want your displays to be empty, right?

To acquire experience and access new features, you'll need to carefully consider each order and complete the game's given missions (hang five different colored dresses, put up specific decorations, etc.).

As your level of experience (and financial resources) rises, you'll be able to purchase a more opulent outfit, but bear in mind that the time it takes to get order will vary depending on the clothing. Some will happen in just a second, while others can require several hours of real-time waiting. And in the interim, you don't want your displays to be empty.

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Fashion Empire provides an exceptionally straightforward control scheme for touchscreens. It may be challenging to navigate the vast array of choices available. Still, before long, you'll be scrolling through them quickly while moving the camera about the store to arrange all its components effectively.

Features of Fashion

Hot styles to mix and match

This is your chance to showcase your interior ideas and wardrobe in challenging online themed competitions, whether it's coffee-casual or celebrity style, from the red carpet to the haute couture runway.

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Thousands of distinctive designs

You must exercise creativity! Make sure your creations are both fascinating and timeless when designing and creating them. Ascertain whether customers are interested in what you are offering. Your clothing needs to be eye-catching if you want to gain repeat business.

Remember that you can make sizable first sales by simply capitalizing on a current trend by creating and marketing high-demand products.

Style yourself and your team

You have the opportunity to excel throughout the creative phase of the process. Keep in mind that introducing your first collection to the public will reveal a lot about you as a designer and the potential of your business.

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Be one-of-a-kind, original, and motivating while keeping costs in mind and thinking practically. Being a successful fashion designer is a combination of the ideal and the actual copy. The fashion market and industry are enormous. 

Collect unique items from  designers

To succeed in starting a clothing brand, you need to apply a lot of labor. There will undoubtedly be difficulties, but it does not mean you shouldn't pursue your passion. Keep an eye on what's popular and how the market is operating.

Develop your brand management and marketing skills. Invest in clever solutions to reduce expenses, increase profit, and anticipate recurring trends and patterns. There, you'll meet celebrities and stars who will appreciate your distinctive style and eventually desire your most recent work.

You'll meet celebrities and famous people who appreciate your taste and eventually hanker after your most recent collections.

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Take on thousands of quest 

San Francisco is just the beginning; soon, Fashion empire's latest version will add Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and possibly New York to your list of destinations. There, you'll meet celebrities and stars who will appreciate your distinctive style and eventually desire your most recent work.


Fashion empire dress-up sim provides a unique experience in the super-fun fashion game. Fashion Empire, which blends management and role-playing features, has hundreds of various outfits available for you to try and sell at your opulent boutique or wear yourself.

Win big and flaunt your skills in online competitions - it's fashion week every day! JOIN a thriving, fashion-obsessed community. It's time to create YOUR fashionable tale in the greatest dress-up and boutique game ever.


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