Farm Games
Farm Games
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Version: 1.7
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Download Farm Games Offline Village APK to build your dream farm. Plant crops, rear animals, harvest your produce, sell them to profit, and grow your farm.

Name Farm Games
Version 1.7
Updated Oct 1, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer App Finder
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About Farm Games Offline Village

Farming is not a funny business, although it's something that you can do leisurely. Thanks to Farm Games Offline, you can now know what it's like to own your farm. The game lets you take a break from the busy city and game refuge in a remote area to build your farm and enjoy the paradise of a rural environment. You can start as a modest gardener, then progress to become one of the most successful farmers in the world.

The game allows you to decide to farm or market farm produce at your leisure. You can create various plants and animals, run your factories and workshops, and make a great fortune from farming. Of course, you'll have to struggle against many adversities a typical farmer has to undergo. There are a lot of possibilities on Farm Games Offline, and you'll be able to explore them all when you install the app.

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The game also has impressive graphics quality and fantastic gameplay. You'll have a great time in the beautiful environment and detailed background. Since farms are always bustling with loving things, you'll also be able to see the visually pleasing animals and plants on your land, growing and ready to yield your revenue.

The game was developed and released by My.Com B.V which is a renowned developer of similar games. It has an excellent reputation online and has many players worldwide. Farm Games Offline Village is available on Playstore and has had over 5 million downloads. It also has an impressive rating of 4.3 from thousands of its reviewers.


There is a simple idea behind the game and nothing too complex, even for beginners. The game has numerous versions that give players different experiences with each release. However, all the games have the same pattern; build a farm and grow it to be one of the most successful in your area. You'll be able to farm more than one animal and also produce different types of crops, as many as you can handle.

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The game doesn't provide you with all the animals at first, so you must be patient and grow enough to buy your first animal to start breeding offspring to expand your farm. The game allows you to start with the most basic animals and slowly grow into an Empire m you'll also be able to gain more room for discovery, create many companies, build a business and increase your distribution channels with a train.


The game has a lot of unique features due to its extensive gameplay. You'll be able to make your own decision and determine the fate of your farm. Here are some of the other features of the game:


Farm Games Offline Village has impressive and well-detailed graphics. The designers took enough time editing the game elements and characters to make it as realistic as possible. You'll be able to distinguish between the different crops on your farm, the animals are also distinct, and the whole environment is brightly colored to create a beautiful space. Once you start adding more areas to your farm, you might not be able to see every part on the main game screen, but this doesn't reduce the graphics quality in any way.

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Players can interact with almost every part of the game. You get to make decisions based on your preference and not have to follow a fixed storyline or gameplay pattern. You can interact with all animals to feed them, tend to their water, wet your plants, and see the growth of every animal and plant you have on the farm. You will also be able to interact with the farm machinery and equipment. These interactions add to the excitement and realistic feeling of being in total control of your farm.

Game Levels

There aren't any levels in the game, but there are developments you can make to symbolize growth and progress. When you start, you'll only have a few animals band plants growing, but as soon as you start making money, you'll be able to buy more of them so that you can progress to the next level and purchase the next equipment or farm animals. If you build too soon, you might lose a lot of money. Likewise, mistakes in harvest or sales can cause your farm to lose a great deal of money.

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Farm Games Offline Village has some upgrades in the store to add variety to the game. You'll be able to purchase these upgrades the more you play and earn money. For example, you can start by upgrading your existing animals or plants to increase their production. You will also be able to upgrade your farmhouse and machinery and even build a railroad that leads to your farm and help you convey goods to the market.


This is a clicker game, so you don't have to stress yourself over the controls. Instead, you have to swipe and occasionally tap on the screen to manage every section on the farm. The screen will show you every part of the game, so you can access all your animals and interact by tapping on them.

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You'll be able to get your plants and feed your animals when you click on them and tap on the action you want. When you start getting a larger farm, and all your land doesn't fit the screen, you can swipe across the screen to access all the farm areas. Click on the store and any part you want to upgrade to effect these changes. Hence, the game's control is generally easy, and you should be good if you can tap and swipe.


Farm Games Offline Village is an exciting game to play in your leisure. The game has many features to help you enjoy building your dream farm. It also has realistic elements that add to its exciting gameplay.

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Download Farm Games Offline Village APK to build your dream farm. Plant crops, rear animals, harvest your produce, sell them to profit, and grow your farm.


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