Epic Battle Simulator 2
Epic Battle Simulator 2
Size: 69.96 MB
Version: 1.6.80
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Download and install Epic Battle Simulator 2 APK to control an army to fight another large army on a battlefield. This game offers players the chance to apply the strategy.

Name Epic Battle Simulator 2
Version 1.6.80
Updated Jul 9, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Rappid Studios

Description of Epic Battle Simulator 2

Here is the return of Epic Battle Simulator, and the graphic and scale in this second version have been awesomely improved. Create an army with a couple of great warriors, navigate their movement and make them take part in fierce battles. In this game, you will have to form the perfect strategies so that your army can overcome every other enemy on the battlefield. Everything, such as the position of the warrior, the distribution of force, and the right time to attack, should be strategically carried out.

The tactics in this new version have been greatly expanded compared to the first of the series. If you love games, Epic Battle Simulator 2 will whet your appetite.

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The Setting

The availability of Epic Battle Simulator 2 provides users already familiar with the first version with an emotion beyond description. This spectacular comeback game will provide you with more improvement, especially concerning battles. You can participate in special army competitions and create realistic troops. You can adjust the speed of your troop when they are going into the fight. There is a significant development in the troop's speed.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Epic Battle Simulator is typically similar to that of the first version. You will station hundreds of soldiers on a particular side. And then control them to fight hundreds of other soldiers on the other side. This is what will continue to happen for the entirety of the game. Do not think for a moment that this will be a boring game, for nothing is boring about it. On the contrary, the excitement from those familiar with the first version is evidence enough to show this incredibly engaging game. And with the improvement that comes with this second session, you will surely be in a paradise of gameplay.

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However, before you engage your soldiers in such an epic fight, you must practice to fully grasp the mechanism of gaming experience and action. In this game, you have the chance to climb levels. In the beginning, you only fight some single, insignificant battles which will earn you just a couple of units. But as there is an increase in the number, you will unlock some new, more powerful, and effective warriors, and there is an increase in the limit. This is where the drama of this new version of Epic Battle Simulation will be pushed to the limit. When it comes to its gameplay, you have the chance to learn so many interesting things independently.

The mechanism of Epic Battle Simulator 2 is pretty simple when it comes to controlling. First, pick the corresponding unit in the menu and select the battlefield boxes. Then, if you intend to take them back, move them to a different location and touch them again. After completely sorting it out, you must push the arrow icon to begin the fight.

As the fight continues, you won't be able to do anything again. The only action that you can perform is to move frequently on the battlefield by navigating the virtual D-Pad button. The game's camera is in the third-person alignment, and you can progress in any direction in the area of the battlefield. This feature can be especially helpful if you want to observe the fights of the military units and then evaluate their skills. Through these observations and evaluations, you can learn how to gain more experience to improve in future battles.

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The Position

Making sure you are victorious in battle is the least that a commander like you should assert. You must have learnt some lessons for yourself when participating in several fierce competitions. The more you participate in the battle, your army's ability to fight wars will improve. That is a confirmation that your enemies are also watching your steps, and you must understand their plans so that you won't be surprised.

The Tactics

Epic Battle Simulator is not just a game of strategy. There is an entertaining sandbox genre element where you can enjoy the shapes and operations of the characters. But if you desire to be more victorious in this game, you must have some great tactics in playing. The developer has increased the functionality of this game, giving you the chance to create your campaigns. However, you must get the full idea of the nature of the units if you intend to do this.

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For instance, what do you first remember when you battle an army of catapults, artillery, and infantry? It's their strength, isn't it? However, they are pretty sluggish and can only attack effectively when they move close to their opponents. Meanwhile, your victory is certain when you have a couple of archers and some cavalry.

Tactics are very important in squad formation. For example, units able to attack from a long distance and move quickly should be put behind. In contrast, sluggish units and can only fight when they are close to their enemies should remain near the boundary separating the two armies.

Strategy is abstract. You cannot understand which unit to use at a particular time or when your attack will work. Everything depends on your gut feelings and how you observe and analyze things. You will understand what you need to do when you make observations on the battlefield.

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The Graphics

The graphics of this game is pretty well optimised to work on any form of Android device. This means that you don't need a high-end device to be able to play this game. In addition, the context and characters in the game are well polished and possess some more effects. All in all, Epic Battle Simulator 2 is professionally designed with a nice user interface and no glitches whatsoever.

Final Take

If you have played the first part of this game, you will certainly be excited about Epic Battle Simulator 2. This platform allows you to practice your ability to create tactics, arrange troops, and think. You must find a way to eliminate those aggressive and numerous enemies.

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Download and install Epic Battle Simulator 2 APK to control an army to fight another large army on a battlefield. This game offers players the chance to apply the strategy.


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