Door Kickers
Door Kickers
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Version: 1.1.32
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Download Door Kickers APK if you are a fan of SWAT or if you love to be a part of SWAT soldiers. Door kickers is a compelling tactic and strategy game.

Name Door Kickers
Version 1.1.32
Updated Aug 25, 2023
Category Strategy
Developer KillHouse Games
Google Play Link com.khg.doorkickers

Door Kickers

Door kickers is an action-packed shooting game and a dramatic play with great graphics. The game has an exciting story plot of being a mighty warrior who goes on rescue missions.

The game is so lovely and full of action and adventures. It is tactical and strategic. If you want to join an army of mighty heroes and warriors with bad and sophisticated people in the US city, Door kickers is an excellent game for you.

In the game, you will take part in rescuing hostages like a professional SWAT warrior. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be in the SWAT team, or have you asked how they complete risky tasks? Door kickers are a suitable game for you.

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If you have watched game scenes and more, you will notice how strategic and awesome the swat team are. However, a game is developed to let you see and know how to operate.

Door kickers is a game that shows cops kicking down doors, that is, door-to-door rescuing of hostages and finishing missions. It is an engaging and dramatic game with many positive reviews and a large fan base. Door kickers are well supported on mobile devices. The game is innovative and tactical, putting you in charge of SWAT and being the commander during any tactical intervention. Let's discuss more on door kickers.

Door Kickers Description

Door kickers is an engaging, dramatic, and realistic 2d game that involves players kicking doors down that is going door-to-door to rescue hostages and carrying out tactical operations. Kill house games developed and launched the game tagging it a 2d pixel art view and an '80s movie. The game has received lots of positive reviews and has gained a large fan base over the years of development.

The game is a real-time strategy game that lets you be in charge of the popular SWAT team we know of in the real world but how it all appears on your mobile. As the player, you are brought out for the first operation in Nowhere city. As a SWAT soldier, you will prevent the spread of terrorism in the place and other nearby places. Your talent, skills, and courage will determine the fate of your operation.

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The game requires players to be intelligent, courageous, and strategically plan to minimize the loss of life properties and access the situation better.

Door Kicker gameplay and control are simple and easy to understand. In the game, you will act as the chief commander of the SWAT force, releasing hostages and operating in dangerous missions. The game does not have a well-detailed story plot. However, it is easy to understand. All you have to do as a player is build a team and lead the team. You will tackle several missions when your team while trying to protect and keep them alive.

You have to rescue hostages while watching out and protecting against enemies. As the team leader, you must analyze every situation carefully and perfectly with your team. Plan your team route choose weapons and equipment for war to reach the hostage and release them before the enemies know and then attack. When the game gets out of control, you must be able to quickly make decisions to react or play its various situations with you and your team unharmed. In a single mission, you will act as the commander and team lead of the force. You will then break with the enemies' ground to save hostages that are kidnapped.

The areas of the mission do not have generators which means that you will battle in the dark. It would be best if you took note of the SWAT team movement. Every agent will have a flashlight on their gun, which will aid lightning in the game.

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Anytime there is movement from enemies, a shot is aimed and fired. It would be best to be strategic while shooting so you won't kill hostages.

The control system of the game might seem difficult; however, the game provides tutorials that you have to follow carefully to finish the first mission. You do not need to worry if you are not used to strategic games. Clear instructions are given at the start of the game. To control movement in the game, you will touch a team member and then drag the screen to whichever direction or path you want them to move. Any SWAT team in the wrong direction will cause an obstacle to the mission's success. This is quite simple. Door kickers have unique features that make people download it.

Features of Door Kickers

Here are all the exciting features door kickers offers;

Uncomplicated Gameplay

This is the most crucial feature of the game. As it can discourage players if it is complicated, Door kickers have simple gameplay. Players will become SWAT commanders and lead a team over a map of rivals. Your team will get into risky situations; however, it Is up to you and essential you guide them.

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Diverse Game Mode

Door Kickers has this outstanding feature of different game modes. This is to make the game fun for players. There are two different game modes, such as the missions and campaign mode. There are over 80 campaign levels in the game. The mission level helps players understand the game controls system on their own, whereas the campaign level is unlocked when your team reaches level six.

Arsenal of Weapons

The game provides a variety of equipment and weapons to players. These weapons are often the ones used by SWAT in real life. Some weapons include sneak cam, ksg shotgun, grenades, etc.

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Additional Features

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Multi-action Action Gameplay
  • Free Pause Option


Download the latest version of door kickers on your mobile device to enjoy the SWAT team and shooting thrills.

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Download Door Kickers APK if you are a fan of SWAT or if you love to be a part of SWAT soldiers. Door kickers is a compelling tactic and strategy game.


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