Dog Sim
Dog Sim
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Version: 212
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Download Dog Sim APK, a simulation game Online. Change into a cute puppy and set off on a thrilling adventure through the vast neighborhood.

Name Dog Sim
Version 212
Updated Aug 16, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Turbo Rocket Games
Google Play Link com.turborocketgames.dogsim

Dog Sim

In this online role-playing game, you may experience life as a dog. With Dog Sim, you can choose from your favorite dog breeds, explore a vast 3D landscape, and take care of a litter of puppies.

In this brand-new animal simulator, go on an adventure as your preferred dog breed. Play cooperatively with pals in online multiplayer games as you fight off foes and explore the 3D landscape. Create a family to carry on your genes and unlock every breed to become the strongest canine.

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Ever consider how you might behave if you were an animal? The life-like stray dog simulator, Stray Dog Simulator, rises to the top of the pack. Dogs do not lead simple lives, particularly stray dogs. They must fight with other dogs, known as brodyazhnymi, to defend their area and ensure their continued existence. Try to spend at most a day as one of these dogs. Select your preferred breed of dog and start raising your own pack.

Description of Dog Sim

Similar to the well-known Goat Simulator, the third-person action game Dog Simulator lets you command a creature whose primary goal is to cause havoc.

In Dog Simulator, like in Goat Simulator, there are many missions within each level. The most enjoyable thing to do is to wander around freely, hitting and breaking virtually any type of object to earn extra points.

By default, you can move the dog freely, running over everything in your path. However, if you position the dog close to some objects, you can also interact with those objects.

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Dog Simulator has the advantage of allowing you to adjust the game parameters to match the technical capabilities of your device. You can play the game on different devices by lowering the visuals to improve performance.

With the fantastic game Dog Simulator, you can act like one of your beloved canine buddies and do whatever you like. Additionally, you can purchase new puppies and accessories for them, like hats, with the game's currency that you may accumulate as you play.

Features of Dog Sim

Unique dog characters

You will have the first few options for the kind of dog you will become, similar to many role-playing games. Husky, Dalmatian, Daschund, powerful Pitbull, Pomeranian, or even a solid metal Doberman are just a few choices. Depending on the breed you choose, the first dog you get will act differently around later family members because it will be the pack leader and the main adventurer.

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For instance, the Pitbull is frequently drawn to strong men like him. However, the Dalmatian dog is crucial in creating a big family with reproductive potential. Each breed has this in real life as well.

The dog will find ways to advance himself, from appearance to gear, friends, and protection items, in the classic role-playing format. by engaging in numerous conflicts with mice, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and even humans.

Noble goal

The primary goal of your dog is self-improvement. But there are also some significant obligations, such as making friends, starting a family, reproducing the species, naming the offspring, bringing home adorable puppies, and defending his family and territory from intruders.

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Attractive graphics

Dog Sim Online has some nice visuals as well. Similar to real dogs, the dogs in the game exhibit realistic appearance, movement, and personality traits. Simple street scenes with minimal obstructions and few people make up the majority of the scene. It takes a lot of time to play this game.

Six different locales may be found in Dog Sim Online, and each one is shown on a comprehensive 3D map. Every region, whether urban or rural, features a simulation of the daytime, nighttime, and 24-hour time period weather.

You can actively upgrade the swarm's members throughout that process. Generally speaking, building a powerful dog pack should be your farthest and final objective when playing Dog Sim Online.

You can pick up a lot more useful information

In addition to becoming a dog while playing this game, you will also learn a lot of fascinating facts about dogs, such as preferred meals and which breeds get along with which others. Therefore, being able to play and learn will be fascinating.

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There is a multiplayer mode in this game if you wish to play with others. It will be fascinating for you to come together with your pals and play together.

Raise a family

-  Breed puppies to develop a large family of dogs in animal breeding games that let you choose the breed, name, and gender of your puppies.

- Puppies are brand-new characters that you can play as and personalize.

-  With the coins you earn by progressing through the levels, you can unlock different dog breeds.

RPG simulator

Play this RPG animal simulator to experience what it's like to be a dog as you battle, play, and explore.

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- Experience an engaging simulation game with different dog breeds to choose from.

- Fight threatening new bosses to safeguard your family and improve your dog

- Acquire fighting accomplishments by leveling up and chasing particular foes.

Online multiplayer

- Online adventures with canine companions from all around the world are made possible through multiplayer games!

- Go on adventures, play games with companions, fight off foes, and explore.

- Engage in combat in online multiplayer games to demonstrate your fighting prowess.

Clans and leaderboards

– Create clans and engage in Clan Wars with other online players

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– Leaderboards list the top players based on clan war points, level, and duels

 – Look to see if your mates are online and join your dog pack.

Save your adventure

- Your adventure is crucial. When you create an account, use the Cloud to backup your characters.

- Play in real-time on all your devices without losing progress or missing a save.


The music is calming, the 3D images are stunning, and the movements are rhythmic. In this no-cost animal simulation game, create a household and select your preferred dog breeds.

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Download Dog Sim APK, a simulation game Online. Change into a cute puppy and set off on a thrilling adventure through the vast neighborhood.


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