Dangerous Fellows
Dangerous Fellows
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Download Dangerous Fellows APK and explore the world of romantic fantasies. Live as a zombie apocalypse survivor whilst finding the special one for a special ending.

Name Dangerous Fellows
Version 1.29.0
Updated May 17, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer StoryTaco.inc

Everything to know about Dangerous Fellows

Dangerous fellows game is a game that allows the player to live out their romance fantasies. It is created to cater to people looking to explore the romance category of games but needs a little twist to the romance narrative. Dangerous fellows is an Otome game, that is, a game that allows the player to choose the ending of the game by defining the course of action to take with each potential love interest available in the game.

Like every other otome game, Dangerous Fellows presents its players with dashing potential love interests and interesting storylines. The storylines are carefully written to keep the player attached and entertained the entire time the player plays the game.

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The different and most important element of Dangerous Fellows is their selection process since they frequently divide each scenario into many positive and negative courses to embellish the story. The main plot and the characters with whom they encounter are always affected by the choices. Additionally, that method allows players to actively engage with each character and craft a wide range of spectacular narratives.

Lucy Dream released the game in October 2018, and it has since accrued over 5 million downloads. The game is available on Android and iOS platforms and is rated 12+, meaning parental guidance for kids under the age of 12 is advised. It is a free game with in-app purchases.

Intriguing Storyline - The mix of romance and survival

Dangerous Fellows was written as a dating simulation game to mimic real-time dating experiences and provoke real emotions from the player. As a result, the game script follows a dreamy narrative with classic heartstopper plot twists.

The game begins with the main character that the player uses, and that goes on to find love narrating their ordeal as a survivor of the deadly attack of zombies. The character goes on to be rescued by 5 attractive heartthrobs (Ethan, Harry, Zion, Lawrence, and Eugene). However, during the zombie apocalypse chaos, the character falls in love.

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The main objective is to navigate safely out of the zombie apocalypse whilst charting the course for how the love story with a chosen attractive fellow ends. However, it is important to note another major difference between this game and other otome games. The player doesn't necessarily choose their story path. Instead, the guy the main character is pursuing a romance with is determined by the player's choices throughout the game.

Dangerous Fellows invites each player to the different surprising endings awaiting them on finishing the game or completing a certain storyline. This game design presents a fusion of horror, supernatural, and romance elements.

The unique storyline is what sets this game apart from other otome games. Dangerous Fellows also has a well-defined cast of male and female side characters. Characters die, Main characters inclusive, so some form of heartbreak remains inevitable.

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Dangerous Fellows comes with 25 episodes and 7 endings; 5 character endings, 1 normal ending, and 1 alternate ending.

One wrong move and disaster could befall the player or other survivors in the game. This knowledge creates a high sense of urgency with a certain amount of carefulness the player observes when playing the game. Unfortunately, this pattern is not regular in the structure of other otome games.

Interesting Gameplay

Players have the opportunity to accumulate affection points with each of their potential love interests by making certain in-game decisions. Recall that each choice defines the love interest the player gets, so every decision should be made with proper and knowledgeable intent.

There are three types of choices which are listed below:

  • The Premium Choices: These require Rubies to unlock.
  • The Critical Choices: These are timed choices.
  • The Affection Choices: these are the normal choices in the game that raise affection points with certain characters.
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There are certain checkpoints in the game called Critical Checkpoints. Players arrive at these checkpoints by purchasing specific outfits to customise their in-game avatars. There are three checkpoints throughout the game.

Players can give characters special items to increase the character's affection. These Special items can be gotten by doing repairs around the school. Tickets are also given to acquire special character computer graphics.

The outfit component is quite important for Dangerous Fellows, as a significant proportion of the clothing is designed for zombie survivability. Personalizing character experiences can impact unique story developments and character changes, adding depth and immersion to the game. Additionally, players can browse stores and other places to find new clothing as the game progresses.

Picturesque Game Graphics.

Dangerous fellows are designed with beautiful graphics quality and picturesque visual effects. The characters are carefully drawn and designed to specific details. As a result, the colours pop well, and a nice contrast of colours is observed throughout the game.

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The game's overall design follows the general anime style and is shown to be well thought through, with the unique difference evident in each character's appearance. In addition, the Love interests are designed to be thought-provoking to the players, with meticulously designed looks and features.

This game is a  fine mix of 2D and 3D graphics design. The game's design comprises mainly 2D graphics but also has a touch of 3D image design. The visuals provoke real emotions as the players advance in the game.

Amazing features of Dangerous Fellows

Dangerous Fellows comes preloaded with several exciting features to keep the player entertained. Here Is a short list of some of these features:

  • Romance thriller with several plot twists,
  • Easy to understand interface,
  • The player decides how the story goes,
  • Interactive gameplay,
  • Immersive plot,
  • Nice Character development,
  • Entertaining activities,
  • Defeat numerous zombies.
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Dangerous fellows introduce a twist compared to other games like it. With its use of horror and survival themes, this game is designed to keep the player in an immersive experience on a bout to fall in love and survive an apocalypse simultaneously. The romance part of the game might be a little downplayed to properly accommodate the horror narrative; however, this game still manages to hold its own.

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Download Dangerous Fellows APK and explore the world of romantic fantasies. Live as a zombie apocalypse survivor whilst finding the special one for a special ending.


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