Cube Slicer
Cube Slicer
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Version: 1.0.601
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Download Cube Slicer APK latest version and enjoy ASMR content from this exciting game. Slice through cubes effortlessly and enjoy the nice sounds as you cut through.

Name Cube Slicer
Version 1.0.601
Updated Mar 30, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer HYPERHUG
Google Play Link io.hyperhug.cube.slicer

About Cube Slicer APK

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, describes the tingling feeling some people get when they listen to specific soft, tranquil sounds. Games developed within this category are made to foster a serene, unwinding atmosphere, which is ideal for anyone trying to get away from the pressure and bustle of daily life.

Cube Slicer APK is an ASMR game developed with many colours, relaxation qualities, and satisfaction. The game was developed and published by Hyperhug and is free to download and play. The game introduces a calming interface where players are engaged with removing the miniature-sized cubes from a meticulously planned field. Cars are available for you to get in and begin slicing the cubes set in front of your screen.

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The gameplay in the Cube Slicer APK application is relaxed and revolves around cars. The game can be operated with just one finger. The smaller cubes right ahead are blocked off by moving the vehicle with your touch. By selecting precisely orientated cubes from a range of colourful boxes, Cube Slicer APK is the ideal way to pass the time, relieve tension, and end boredom all at once. This game is simply all an ASMR fan base might want, given the ASMR component.

The game is made more replayable and addicting by adding power boosts, daily tasks, and add-ons for players. By continuing to remove the small cubes from the field, you can enhance your car and advance to new levels. In addition, you can compete against other players worldwide in team challenges provided by Cube Slicer. Specific activities will be provided to you, and you'll receive rewards for finishing each level.

Quick Paced GamePlay

In this challenging game, players have to use a swiping motion to slice across blocks of colourful cubes. Beat each stage as rapidly as possible, and you will achieve this by swiping in all angles and cutting down cubes.

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You will require fast reactions to slice properly and effectively because each round contains a different block combination. But don't be disturbed if you are stopped as you play the game at whichever moment; a power-up will always be available to help you go on. This game is straightforward to learn because it lacks complicated gaming mechanisms or controls. You are required to cut through different blocks of coloured boxes by swiping the screen.

To navigate the game, players must first choose a vehicle. It will be possible for you to select from various tractors with blades compartments to make it simpler to cut into and across the cubes. The blades compartment on your car can periodically be upgraded, widening, growing, and getting stronger. As the play continues, you can use this technique to cut through stronger cubes that are bigger.

The fast-paced, extremely difficult game Cube Slicer also promotes a contemplative, soothing frame of mind. Viewing your completed slices gives you a special sensation of satisfaction, making it the ideal treatment tool for people with anxiety and mental health issues.

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You'll get experience points as you advance in the game, which you can then spend to improve your gaming. For example, the blades on your vehicle can be made longer, and power-ups can be used faster and more efficiently. To benefit from a power-up for longer, you can customize it in the store by lengthening its lifetime.

You will score many more points when you slice much quicker. Power-ups are another feature of the Cube Slicer APK game that may assist you in beating challenging stages and going through them more rapidly.

Tips On How To Play Cube Slicer APK

Understanding the workings of a game before you begin can be helpful with a more seamless experience than starting clueless. This list contains tips to guide you as you acclimate to the game’s environment and gameplay at large.

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  • When a player joins the game, they can immediately begin playing by tapping one button. The Cube Slicer APK's design has been kept as simple as possible, so there is no login process.
  • The car originally parked at the level's lowest platform can be driven by holding your finger down on the mobile device screen. Unfortunately, the game controller will display anywhere your finger is placed on the display; thus, there isn't a precise spot to control the car.
  • The boxes lying around on the road can be driven over and collected in the compartment for storage at the back of your car. However, you cannot continue to chop and gather the cubes since there is a storage limit.
  • The chopped cubes must be sold for gold coins when the storage capacity is finished so that you can unload your car. The "sell" area is located at the base of each level, where players are to drive their cars there.
  • Once you have enough gold pieces, you can upgrade the car by driving to the "Upgrade" window. Blade sizes, storage capacity, and other variables are a few upgrading possibilities.

Impressive Features Of Cube Slicer APK

A game like Cube Slicer APK has many other impressive features besides its ASMR quality. Among these features are the following:

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  • Impressive Graphics and Visuals,
  • A whole lot of levels and ranging difficulties,
  • Challenge different players online
  • Easy to understand features.


If you’re a crazy lover of ASMR content and you’re looking for crazy tingles up your spine, Cube Slicer APK is looking to give you these features and more. To get into this relaxing game, you only need to download the Cube Slicer APK on your mobile.

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Download Cube Slicer APK latest version and enjoy ASMR content from this exciting game. Slice through cubes effortlessly and enjoy the nice sounds as you cut through.


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