Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes
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Download Company of Heroes APK latest version and enjoy World War simulation. At the same time, you use advanced tactics and styles on your opponents to avoid being the loser.

Name Company of Heroes
Version 1.3.4RC2
Updated Nov 17, 2022
Category Strategy
Developer Feral Interactive

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a simulation of the World War 11 battle. It is available on Android and IOS devices but selects which of the devices it plays on and how many Giga bytes it needs to work on. Company of Heroes is an action game copied or acted from the World war game.

You are allowed to form your tactics, styles and way of fighting to be victorious and overcome your enemies so that they don't take the winning position; before you go on to the battlefield, you are taught how to fight and make use of your weapons.

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Company of Heroes is a series game that has been released in about 3 series since it started in the year 2009; it was created by Relic Entertainment and has distinctive gameplay, which gets you hooked every time you play it.

In-depth Knowledge of Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a very unique and distinctive game, In Company of Heroes, you have your team, and you can decide to teach them some tactics which are very necessary to avoid losing to your enemies and dying at the end. This is a world war II game which is redeveloped according to what happened in the world war fight. Still, you have to use your strategy, styles, and tactics to overcome your enemies.

Different instrument types such as guns, snipers, training environments and combat surroundings have been available. You will learn how to use each of these instruments listed ahead. If you willingly, you can also add your unique tactics and styles, which you find sustainable and able to render your opponent helpless and hurt.

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In the Company of Heroes game, you can also be a Commander and succeed at telling different types of teams, such as the American team, to go to the base of European theatre and direct war on them which starts from the day the invasion of Normandy begins. Of course, if they can start the war, they will have to stay and fight it and see who wins at last, but your team must try to win at all costs.

Suppose the US army can take the fight successfully to their opponents. In that case, they will have to separate the advanced soldier from the upcoming ones to avoid the other opponents winning. At this point, you bring out the different tactics you have been learning and overcome your foes.

In these games, you are not required to come with several soldiers to the battleground; you can be more than your opponents or be more extensive than them, but you must be able to mobilize them correctly and also read your opponent's mind, being able to think well and knowing how they feel will make you succeed at this game.

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The Company of heroes game is educative and filled with a lot of action. You can witness what happened in the world war by using your tactics and tools to win over your opponents.

Features of Company of Heroes


In the Company of Heroes game, the gameplay is unique and straightforward; in this game, you will face different types of opponents, and you must try to overcome them, or you will be beaten even to death; your tools are provided, such as the gun(different types of gun, depending on which you want), bullets, snipers, training surroundings and various kinds of tools to help overcome your enemy and foes.

You are taught how to fight and how to make use of the tools that you will be provided; after the training of the basics, you will start to go to war, and in the battle, you will understand how you should use some of your strategy, tactics and style that you have been able to learn. You will also be able to train with one or more real soldiers to know the level of your weakness and how you can get better.

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Apart from being a soldier in the Company of heroes game, once you go premium and pay, you will be transferred to the level of Commander. Being a Commander comes with many duties, such as training your soldiers, being sure of their welfare and how they are doing, being sure that only abled people can go to battles and being able to think brilliantly.

Apart from all those duties, you don't have to go to battle with them, and it is your choice to see if you want to oversee them in the battleground to know which type of training you can give to them and make them better.

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There are different types of factions in the Company of Heroes game, and there are quite a lot; some of the sections are infantry company, airborne Company, armour company, command trees, royal artillery, royal commando, and so much more, each of these factions has the work they offer to the US army to make them win.


Company of Heroes is an action game that keeps you on your feet and makes you as active as ever. It can be a lot educative by teaching you how to handle guns and how to make use of some tactics even in your day-to-day lives.


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