Civilization 6
Civilization 6
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Version: 1.2.5
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Download Civilization 6 APK game and enjoy civilization thrills. The game allows you to build a strong empire and show your tactical and strategic skills in battles.

Name Civilization 6
Version 1.2.5
Updated Sep 26, 2023
Category Strategy
Developer Aspyr Media, Inc.
Google Play Link com.aspyr.civvi

Civilization 6

Civilization 6 is a game that is developed based on the popular movie series named civilization. The game offers players an in-depth game experience. However, it is accessible and easy to play for anyone.

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 If you are a lover of strategy games, you will remember that the game has been on for several years. Sid Meier's civilization has been taking a new turn over the years with every of its series. The developers introduce new features to shake up the game, that is, spice up and innovate turn-based gameplay.

Civilization 3 introduces a new thing to the series – cultural victories to the civilization series, civilization 4 brought a series of government critics, and civilization 5 brought a hex-based map and religion into the game. This is super amazing.

 Each of the civilization entries has expanded the civilization franchise in different ways. Hence, civilization VI will not be an exception. Civilization VI has brought features that were not discussed in the previous game entries. Let's get to know more about the game.

Civilization VI Description

Civilization VI is the sixth installment of turn-based strategy gameplay. The game is strategic and engaging. Players are engaged with the task of developing a civilization from an early settlement, growing an empire, conquering the world, and improving their decision-making and strategic skills. These are the most fantastic things to do in the game.

The game is an empire-building strategic game; however, it is advanced as it requires raising and building more from scratch. Players will experience and interact with the world in a new way– build an empire on the map, and compete with the most famous leaders in the world. This is super thrilling.

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 Aspyr Media inc developed and published the game, and it has gathered over 500 thousand downloads and users around the globe. This is amazing. Anyone above 10 or 10 can play the game.

Civilization VI has players in mind in all its levels and background play. The game provides players with assistance at any level they want, either as a beginner, amateur, or professional. Players get to choose automatically and customize every aspect of the game – speed up the passage of time, map size, etc.

Your sole aim in the game is to build and grow your empire over the millennium from a small settlement area to great power. The game's world is not only your empire; other strongholds want to get it from you. Therefore, you must set up a defense system; it is inevitable.

However, maintaining your military can be very expensive; hence, you must find transaction routes for the high rate of gold collection.

All game rounds start the same way, with an explorer and another unit, which could be a warrior. Your first objective in all the rounds is to find a good and safe place to set up your empire on the map, and then from there, you will start making decisions and strategizing to make your kingdom safe.

In the game, you must choose the technology you need to investigate the policies and culture to develop in your kingdom, the building and the defense system, and the units to train. You must know that each decision you make brings you closer to your victory and defeat.

As the player, to win, you must focus on building a religion, culture, and a way of life for your empire. These activities and decisions will give you the ability to dominate the military, have cultural influence, and the ability to develop technologies to overcome other opponents.

Like other civilization series, civilization VI has added many features to the editing system. One of them is the expansion of cities on the map. Unlike other civilizations series, which have just a tile on the map, civilization VI spreads around the no, allowing players to take possession of lands as long as it is in sight.

This awesome feature has made players glued to the game. You can't get bored with the excellent gameplay of Civilization VI.

Features of civilization 6

Here are all the amazing features of civilization VI;

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Awesome Gameplay

The story plot of civilization VI is exciting and straightforward. Civilization VI has an awesome and complicated gameplay where all you have to do is build your empire, train and have a defense system, and thrive on winning the game. It's that simple.

Setting Preference

Gamers can make several settings as they want on the game, choose their armor and train them. Also, you will get the chance to engage in other activities.

Customization option

Civilization VI allows gamers and players to customize the ruling style best suits them. There are no limits to the influencing and ruling cards you will find in the game. This is super amazing.

Game mode

Gamers can choose to play with AI or with other strategists around the world. However, the AI is enhanced and well informed that it wages war immediately after it senses or discovers that your soldiers are concentrated on the border; hence you should make wise decisions.

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Awesome graphics and sound

Civilization 6 combines high-quality graphics with a nice soundtrack giving off a nice game experience.

Additional features

  • Clean and easy to understand
  • Make wise decisions
  • Manage your resources and improve strategic skills


If you like strategy games, then civilization 6 should be one of your games. It is fun and engaging. Download the latest version to get a better gaming experience.

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Download Civilization 6 APK game and enjoy civilization thrills. The game allows you to build a strong empire and show your tactical and strategic skills in battles.


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