City Island 5
City Island 5
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Version: 4.11.2
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Download City Island 5 APK and build new cities. With this game, you can become a mayor in your town, which allows you to handle several building projects.

Name City Island 5
Version 4.11.2
Updated Jun 25, 2024
Category Simulation

City Island 5

City Island 5 is a Tycoon  Building System provided by Sparkling Society; you are allowed to become a mayor in your town, having several islands. Being a mayor requires you to be in charge of the building operations in your city and see into several buildings from the start (that is, unlocking an Island) to the completion (that is, structure) of new towns. City Island 5 allows you to expand your boundaries to new islands, each with a unique landscape (several top surfaces). Build your city offline in this city-building project game; launch your airship into the world to discover new, lovely islands that you may use for your future metropolis.

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You are allowed to see your old town become a city, then a metropolis by building and unlocking several Islands. City Island 5- building sim is well recognized for being incredibly beneficial and provides free-to-play mobile games full of different tasks with exciting content. City Island 5  for android is available on the play store. Users can, however, have access through city Island 5 download and start enjoying these loads of benefits.

City Island 5 Description

City Island 5, created by Sparkling Society, a unique and famous brand for city building simulation games, is a building Sim Game. It is freely available offline. Unlike its predecessors, it stands out among others in unlocking islands and more cities. With  City Island 5 latest version, you can compare your progress with someone else online.

In City Island 5, residents may decide to leave the city if they are unhappy. A decrease in employment would result from losing the residents. Loss of a job has an indirect impact on income. Slower progress will also result from lower income. Therefore, it's essential to maintain resident satisfaction in City Island 5 game. You can raise their degree of enjoyment by building and upgrading necessary structures (such as police stations, healthcare centers, etc.).

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In this game, there are three different sorts of buildings: those for residents (houses, apartments, etc.); those for employees (cafes, banks, bakeries, and more); those that are necessary (police stations, fire stations, post offices, and more); and finally, those that are only decorative. New residents are attracted to an area by establishing and improving residents.

As a mayor, you build residential and commercial structures to expand your city and increase income to develop it. You will receive cash rewards from these structures built after a specific period. In City Island 5, you can gain cash or money via completing tasks or opening chests.

Then you may use that money to reinvest in your city, resident bonuses, happiness, or experience points. You can level up and access a variety of unique buildings. After making enough cash and gaining experience, you can also explore new islands. You can travel over the entire world in your airship. While your population is happy residing in the towns you have built, you can send your airship off to see what other islands.

City Island 5 unlimited gold is a premium in-game item made available by completing the quests from the chests. Cash or money in City Island 5 can be obtained from the vehicles, commercial buildings, investigations, and bins.

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There are two kinds of keys in City Island 5; silver and golden. You can use these keys to buy the chests and buildings. You obtain keys by completing the daily quests, star missions, vehicles, and currency exchange. Meanwhile, City Island 5 has a milestone and daily task system that ensures you constantly have an objective in mind.


This full-featured construction simulation game allows you to collect, improve, decorate, and explore!


This island city builder game includes hundreds of islands to unlock and dozens of quests that may be completed to gain treasure chests filled with fantastic items. Accumulate rewards to unlock treasure chests!

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You can play this game online or offline. Playing does not need an internet connection. The game also allows players to sync progress across devices and supports offline play in addition to these features. The City Island sim game series is well renowned for its building games, which you are free to play offline and are jam-packed with quests and tons of material. There is always something to do in these games.


Unlike most city management games, "City Island 5 - Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game" allows you to expand your horizons and skylines to new islands, each with a unique landscape and surface on which to construct cities. City-building games are also enjoyable, with many incredible islands to create your metropolis. These casual tycoon simulation games provide many unique structures and islands to unlock. These will keep you playing for extended periods as you accumulate cash to expand your town and cities and give them the exact layout of your choice.

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This game demands good managerial abilities and as well, entertainment. There are only a few public and recreational facilities in a small city on a single island. In this game, the player assumes the role of the mayor.  You are responsible for expanding your horizon and upgrading the city's infrastructure. You can hire professionals to assist you. Build your city while also keeping an eye on those of other players. The game has numerous islands for you to explore, which adds more fun to the game. What better way to view spectacular cities that you built yourself and the joy of creating and upgrading them?

User Interface

This game is a simulation of building, and it supports offline play. It tests your ability to build a magnificent city island from scratch. It uses 3D visuals to ensure you enjoy every play aspect. The game's immersive audio systems will keep you entertained as you play.

Millions of players from all over the world are playing this fantastic game owing to its outstanding features.

city island 5 apk download

For Android, you should download City Island 5 if you enjoy simulation games. Take advantage of this exciting gameplay and enjoy these fantastic features while relaxing, sitting on the bus, and enjoy the game on the go, and learning several managerial abilities for real-life issues.


City Island 5 is a demanding city-building game that incorporates management components and is well optimized for mobile devices. City Island 5 allows you to build and run a self-sufficient city that's enticing enough to draw in potential citizens. It would help if you erected residences, commercial complexes, and entertainment hubs. City Island 5 provides such a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. If you are someone who enjoys creating cities and managing sim games, then City Island 5 is a game just for you. Spend long, enjoyable hours building new towns, unlocking new islands, and watching your magnificent t  city grow.

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Download City Island 5 APK and build new cities. With this game, you can become a mayor in your town, which allows you to handle several building projects.


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