Cell to Singularity
Cell to Singularity
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Version: 24.71
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Download Cell to Singularity APK, for an extraordinary tale of evolution. Learn about your origin, and discover how life was formed on Earth in this educational game.

Name Cell to Singularity
Version 24.71
Updated Apr 13, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer ComputerLunch
Google Play Link com.computerlunch.evolution

Cell to Singularity

Cell to Singularity is a mobile game that is free to install. It was released in April 2020 and offered by ComputerLunch. This extraordinary game takes an educational setting and tells the tales of evolution. Cell to Singularity game is a free game with a storyline where players would engage in idle clicker and witness first life form. This mobile game is available for Android and Apple users and has gotten good ratings from users across various platforms.

Game Description

Cell to Singularity is not your usual game, as its storyline is educational and evolutionary. In the gameplay, evolution never ends, and players discover how life forms on Earth. Open up your world of imagination as you find out about awesome historical events and evolution that have graced the planet.

cell to singularity gameplay

Over 4 billion years ago, there was no life, and everything changed in the blink of an eye. Organic compounds that would bring life lay deep in the primordial soup of Earth. To unfold this epic evolution, you have to play a big role. Cell to Singularity allows Android gamers to enjoy great gameplay of idle clicker and learn the origin of life on Earth.

Travel back in time and Cell to Singularity and enjoy the best life experiences on Primordial Earth. Thanks to the magic that precedes nature, your planet will develop its first life form. The adventures that await you will be life-changing, so feel free to assist little planets in their journey to achieving the current biodiversity.

You can speed up the evolution process by tapping on the screen to enjoy the idle tapping gameplay. Get on the game and explore the different evolution of different life forms. Also, try to create the beautiful diversity that exists on Earth currently. You can also experience the very important milestones throughout the planet’s history.

Features of Cell to Singularity

Here are awesome features offered by the Cell to Singularity guide:

Cell to Singularity Gameplay

The gameplay of Cell to Singularity's new update is educational and addictive. It was developed in a simulation, so enjoy the gameplay of idle clicker with comfortable experiences. Tapping on the screen to make a lot of Entropy - the currency of life is all you need to do in the game. You can use the Entropy to upgrade your game and evolution to fast-track life progression on Earth.

cell to singularity full tree

Spores can be modified and expanded from the most basic to the most intricate aspect by gathering cell molecules. Tap on the touchscreen to collect cell molecules and watch the Earth gradually form with human development, animals, and creatures. Each touch will allow you to collect cell molecules, and you can collect as many as ten pieces at once.

Enjoy the Cell to Singularity updated game with its exciting and simple simulation that takes you to epic origins of the world. The interesting idle clicker allows Android gamers to make Entropy when granted access without playing the game. With a few changes in the game, your Earth will evolve slowly, and live forces will regenerate.

Progressive Tree

This whole process is designed in a great style to follow a progressive tree. This Cell to full Singularity tree will show you how the earth, animals, plants, and developing of cells begins.

cell to singularity guide

The tree begins with the earth’s cells and advances as you go. These cells will evolve via the stages of cell partition before animals begin to appear on earth. Appearances of humankind follow these cells; also, human civilization started there.

Human Civilization

Humans would start appearing after cells have been developed. The best part is that human civilization would begin to form and evolve parallel. This stage allows you to collect cells and civilization points to establish civilization. These civilization points are collected by clicking on the screen.

Evolution of Organisms

Development happens at various levels. First, humans develop from the Paleolithic time through simple steps or phases. Each stage brings comprehensive perspectives of development.

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You can understand every level of the evolution of organisms if you pay extra attention. Players would notice icons on the screen's right side, thereby representing new periods.

Special Species

Before the appearance of humans on earth million years ago, different types of species dominated the earth. Dinosaurs were the first to grace the Earth; following the asteroid catastrophe, they went extinct. However, during the experience, you will be taken to Mesizoi valley, where many dinosaurs species exist. This part of the game takes you back to prehistory, where you could discover more huge animals.

Visuals and Sound Effects

Those interested can have lots of fun with awesome visual experiences in Cell to Singularity game. The game brings you to a 3D world and interactive elements where you can have fun to the fullest. While playing the game on your mobile devices, it would seem like you’re handling your planet. Moreover, you would be able to guide the species to their evolution paths since you’re omnipotent in your universe.

cell to singularity update

Cell to Singularity music offers great in-game audios and music that can conveniently take you to a mood for life creation. Enjoy the sound effects that come up when your earth evolves.


Gamers who enjoy simulation gameplay on a large scale would love Cell to Singularity. You will find yourself completely hooked on this game, and regular plays will teach you how to get beyond Cell to Singularity. Keep your device active for Cell to Singularity next update to get Cell to SIngularity redeem code. This game will have you thinking you’re in an encyclopedia and ensure you learn new things.

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Download Cell to Singularity APK, for an extraordinary tale of evolution. Learn about your origin, and discover how life was formed on Earth in this educational game.


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