Casting Away
Casting Away
Size: 128.46 MB
Version: 0.0.65
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Download Casting Away APK, a simulation game that helps you live in a unique world. This game enables you to explore your survival skills on a mysterious island.

Name Casting Away
Version 0.0.65
Updated May 16, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Nexelon inc.
Google Play Link com.nexelon.castingaway

Casting Away

Casting Away is a unique survival game created by Nexelon Inc. In this game, you feature as a lost person on a deserted island. Casting away’s latest version is excellent; you can feel and experience the game's beauty. This game is suitable for your Android and PC. Casting away has a great storyline. You are a successful movie star vacationing in your private jet.

Unfortunately, your jet was struck by lightning, and you crash landed on a small island that wasn't on the map. Upon recovery, you find yourself alone on a beach. While exploring the coast, you discover a strange altar and some gems in dead fish.

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The island doesn't feel ordinary; it has an unusual aura; while you unravel the island, you need to survive. The only way to do so is to start fishing while surveying the island. Players love this game because of how beautiful the graphics are. It gives you a light feeling one you would get in a fantasy world.

You don't only get to go fishing in the game. You can also develop the game, earn gems, build your boat and home and improve your survival mode on the island. The fantastic features of this game would keep you entertained.

Casting Away Description

You can download this single-player survival game on your PC or Android. It has gameplay that keeps tasking you as you go on in the game. This game is fun and spontaneous. It helps you train your survival skills in a unique environment. At the beginning of the game, you have a few gems; you can get a boat with them and go fishing. When you get some fish, you can then harvest them. The fish then turns to gems.

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Casting away unlimited money and gems are needed to purchase goods in the game and upgrade. You also get to build a farm and keep livestock. You would encounter different types of animals on the island, both wild and domestic. Some animals would be brought to you by the waters on the sea. Make sure to keep them as pets. As you play, you get more of casting away unlimited money, and you can upgrade and customize your island. You can plant trees, create roads, upgrade fishing equipment, etc.

The primary survival function for you is to fish. In the sea, there are many fishes. You can have fish that you catch. You should know the kind of fish you want and where they are in the water. There are also many Junks in the water; you don't want to end up with those when fishing. As you go higher in the game, the game's difficulty increases. It would help if you kept unlocking better features and upgrading with gems to survive. There are some items and treasures on the island. These items would help you stay in this game so make sure you get them. Most of these items are accessible.

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The game's soundtrack adds to the realistic feeling of a natural island the graphics give.  The soundtrack incorporates sea and jungle sounds giving you the wildlife experience. This game is available in diverse languages, which include French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, and many more.

Features of Casting Away

This game has a long line of features you would enjoy.


Casting away has incredible gameplay. There are a lot of events you can explore in the game. The game is not limited to fishing though fishing is the primary source of gems. The game begins with a great storyline. It continues with unexpected twists and turns.  After overcoming a plane crash, you are in a new environment.  This game is all about you surviving in that environment. You can explore the island, hunt, build, live, harvest, cook, and most importantly, stay in this game. Customize your island and enjoy the wildlife.

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 The graphics of this game are distinct from the usual. The pictures are so impressive. The wildlife feature of the home page is the first thing players see that gets them excited to play the game. They catch your attention and make the game more enjoyable for you. Every location has unique aesthetics. There is the sunset and the moon, which accentuates the sea view.


There are so many beautiful locations in this game. You can construct or upgrade places as you move up the levels. To build, you can collect various materials from the sea and buy some. You can access locations like the trading post, houses, and shops from the home screen.  You also get to view the beautiful ocean as you fish. The sound and waves at sea help you relax when you go fishing.

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Gems and purchasing

Casting away puts you in a foreign environment. To survive, you need to collect gems and make some purchases. When you catch fish from the sea, you can harvest and get the allocated number of gemstones. Asides from the beautiful and sometimes mysterious fishes, you can also find hests on the sea. The compartments mostly float on water, and there are no limits to what you can find. Make sure to upgrade your fishing equipment. When you upgrade your fishing equipment, you can capture bigger fish.


This game is perfect for you if you love adventurous places. Casting away offers the best features and the most amusing graphics. The gameplay of this game would keep you entertained for an extended period. This game trains you on how to leave and survive in the outdoor space. It teaches you to make decisions and do many things by yourself.  Explore various areas of the game, and capture fish and many animals. Develop a whole island to suit your taste.

Casting away games is fun. It engages you and tasks you as you grow in the game.

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Download Casting Away APK, a simulation game that helps you live in a unique world. This game enables you to explore your survival skills on a mysterious island.


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