Car Mechanic Simulator
Car Mechanic Simulator
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Version: 2.1.123
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Download Car Mechanic Simulator APK and get your hands on different brands of cars for repairs, repainting, servicing, and tuning and become the best car mechanic.

Name Car Mechanic Simulator
Version 2.1.123
Updated Jan 30, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link com.playway.cms2017

About Car Mechanic Simulator

A car mechanic simulator is a realistic game that exposes you to the world of an automobile engineer in repairing, painting, tuning, driving, and selling various cars. This simulator game is not just what you play for entertainment and forget about it, it will equip you with in-depth knowledge of being an auto mechanic even if you have never handled automobile repair tools for once. This educational simulator game helps you understand everything car mechanics in the virtual world that can be transferred into real life.

When you get the car mechanic simulator download, you will better understand how a car works, whether you own one or not, the components it is assembled from, and how to repair it professionally and sell it on the market for a reasonable amount. This game was developed by Red Dot Games and published by Playway for iOS and Android in June 2018 in multiple languages, including the English language as a simulator and automotive genre of game. In this simulator game, you will find classic and unique cars in the new barn to repair while building and expanding your repair services empire.

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In this game, you will become a true master of automobile craft, and your skills will be tested by working on different cars and meeting the expectations of your clients with available tools and car parts. For each job taken, the necessary components must be ordered online to repair the vehicle, and when that is done, it will be taken for a test drive. The money from work done is used for upgrades like getting more tools, getting more jobs, and growing the workshop.

Is car mechanic simulator realistic?

Car mechanic simulator 21 download is a realistic simulator game as it has all the parts found in real-world vehicles, which can be manipulated to understand how automobile part works. However, you cannot substitute the cars in this simulation game with the real one because there is complexity with vehicles. But the fundamentals of automobile repairs, tuning, and painting are all featured in the game, which will serve as solid background knowledge to lay your hands on real vehicles for repair without being faced with difficulties.

car mechanic simulator apk

Car mechanic simulators give you the experience of getting your hands on cars; even as a novice to the mechanics of vehicles, you will have an insight into auto repairs, giving you a footing of professional skill. Starting the game, you begin with the basics, such as changing brake pads, oil filters, and more, and the more time you put in in doing all the basic repairs, the more you get deeper into the game and upgrade your skills that can be applied as well in some real cars repair. With the knowledge the game will equip you with, the simulator game is realistic for players.

Car mechanic simulator gameplay

The first step to take before you start playing the game is to get a car mechanic simulator free download to access full access to all the features in the game. This simulator game is being played from a first-person player perspective that allows players to walk freely around the workshop, showrooms, and barns for the purchase of damaged cars that can be worked on for repairs and repainting to be resold. For the mechanic work, there is a wide variety of tools that players can work with. However, most of these tools can be unlocked as players complete jobs and earn better experience working as automobile engineers.

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The gameplay of the car mechanic simulator download entails the examination of various components of vehicles' engine, suspension, and chassis, identifying parts that are damaged and replacing them with new ones. And to do this, you can purchase other components or repair the damaged one if possible. The game involves players being able to remove engine parts in a more realistic way to examine its components and also using real hardware such as tire balancer, spring puller, detailing kits, and engine mount. As you progress, further aspects of the auto mechanic workshop will be unlocked, which include test tracks for brake problem identification, suspension, paints shop, and more.

How to make more money in the car mechanic simulator

In the car mechanic simulator 2021 download, you need to earn more money to expand your workshop, get new tools, going to auctions and barns to get damaged cars that can be repaired and resold. To make good money and not lose it, here are things to follow.

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  • Travel Fees: when you complete the story element in the game, you will start making money, but once you drive to the shed or junkyard, you will pay for expenses to purchase damaged cars. These travel fees can be disabled to limit your costs by going to the game settings under the main setting of the game and switching the enabled travel fees to “no.”
  • Repairing and selling of cars: there are three places to look into, to get vehicles that you can fix in a car mechanic simulator download Android; shed/barn, junkyard and auction. The best place to get cars that do not require much repair is in junkyards and auctions, auctions are cheaper than junkyards. In sheds, you can get parts in good condition for repairing your cars. To increase the efficiency of your repairs, you need upgrades such as Welder, Regular Customer 1-3, Good Judgement, Body Repair Station, and Renovator 6.

With the upgrades and the cars to repair, in your workshop, strip the car to its frame, use a welder to repair the frame, and fix all the parts minus engine and work on interior detailing for the final aspect. This will save you money and gain more when you sell the car.

car mechanic simulator 2022 download apk
  • Bulk reselling of auction cars: this method helps you earn more while playing the car mechanic simulator latest version. All you need to do is to go to a car auction, choose a car with five stars rating, purchase it for an estimated value, take it to your workshop and resell it.


In a car simulator game, you own and operate a car repair business and resell with realism and diversity. The game takes you through the nitty-gritty of running an automobile mechanic business from repairs to selling which can serve as the starting point for anyone interested in cars, mechanical work, or students who need first-hand knowledge on how each part works and to fix things up. To have full exposure to the world of a car mechanic, download car mechanic simulator latest version.

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Download Car Mechanic Simulator APK and get your hands on different brands of cars for repairs, repainting, servicing, and tuning and become the best car mechanic.


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