Bus Simulator Pro
Bus Simulator Pro
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Version: 3.9.4
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Download Bus Simulator Pro APK and immerse yourself in the most real bus simulator game. Enoy a wide range of customization options and play on the go.j

Name Bus Simulator Pro
Version 3.9.4
Updated May 16, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Sir Studios

About Bus Simulator Pro

Get ready to create a coach bus business with a Bus Simulator game that has every realistic component that makes up a bus, and even endless customization options, a vast world, and enjoyable gameplay.

Are you bored with the conventional car race game? You can now enjoy something new and more exciting: Bus Simulator Pro. Developed by the creative Sir Studios. Part of what you will enjoy in this game is that it has a wide range of mission systems, a fantastic controller, and perfect 3D game settings. You will experience the gradual process of driving from the beginning to the end. Better features have also been added to improve the communication between a passenger and the driver.

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Besides, you can use all kinds of weather effects available in the game. This will give players the adventure of what it's like to drive in different weather conditions, like sunny, rainy, or snowy days. Or even night or day. Little wonder why the Bus simulator is rated as the biggest simulation game on mobile phones. You will discover more about Bus Simulator Pro in this article.

Becoming The Best Bus Driver

Transportation with large buses didn't just start today, and they are used to pick up and drop off students or for other commercial use. But have you ever thought of being the one who controls the wheels, or maybe you don't think you are qualified? However, with Bus Simulator: MAX, you can own a special bus and have fun with it on the street.

You will begin from the garage point, drive to any location where passengers are waiting, and get bonuses. There's no difference between real-life bus business and Bus Simulator Pro.

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More importantly, you can ask for customer feedback after every trip. The passengers will tell you what they think about your driving skills. This game has more practical AI features than any mobile game.

Your reputation as a driver lies in your customers' feedback, and if you get more positive reviews, you will become popular. The essence is getting more opportunities to embark on new trips with your guests and earn more money.

The trips will be added to the mission process of the game. Players will be given various tasks each day to complete, but most importantly, you can choose a task for yourself. The more difficult the task for the day, the greater the reward. You will also cross paths with so many challenges. It could be a long or short trip, suburban or inner city. Be ready!

Advanced Features

This game aims to combine a realistic and satisfactory bus driving experience. This is the first-ever Bus simulation game on mobile. Below are the exciting features of Bus Simulator

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Real Controller

If you are conversant with how car controllers work, playing this game will be easier. But generally, it will take a little time to master the game. The driving controller includes right/left arrows by the right side of your screen, and other buttons on the left side, like brakes, pedals, door close/open, and horns. Additionally, other information is visually displayed on the screen, such as running speed, map, and more.

Moreover, players will drive from a first-person view. So you will get a full view of the car's interior, and you can also observe the entire street scene from the driver's view. All the movements in the game are so real, likewise the game context.

Be mindful of traffic signs, and control your steering wheel properly so you can drive safely along busy streets

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Comprehensive Customization Plus Modern City Maps

You can redesign every aspect of Bus Simulator: MAX. This will allow you to create the finest coach bus using hundreds of customization options like rims, vinyl, paints, and plating. With all of these and more, you are one step closer to creating your dream city bus

Real Atmosphere

The large open world is designed to test your driving skills and still provide a realistic bus driving experience on your phone.

Now you can explore an awesome realistic bus driving game —all thanks to the improved graphics with real-life noise plus an advanced pedestrian and traffic system.

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Massive Selection

Bus Simulator Pro has an iconic or classic concept designed by talented developers. Players can choose their favorite style of playing the game; you can either choose to explore the city or freely complete missions to increase your level and become the master of the road.

Important Things To Consider

  • Bus Simulator gameplay will require you to pay for tasks for your company. Meaning that you will employ workers, and finances will be involved. Ensure that you are profiting hugely from it so the business will stay afloat. However, be careful while you are on the road to prevent accidents. No matter the damage on the bus, you will still pay to get it repaired.
  • Don'tt hit other vehicles.

If you hit pedestrians, that is an approximately twenty thousand dollars insurance penalty.

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  • Avoid hitting the lamps, curb, or even street signage.

Damaging any of these will cost you more money.

  • Be mindful of speed limits.

If you are caught at high speed, you will inevitably pay a hefty fine. But if you're obsessed with speed, put on the speed limiter located in the radial menu

  • Upgrade your bus stops so that it will increase the number of routes you can handle.
  • Drive on each route on your own and set a mission for a four or 5-star rating.
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When you win this, it will enhance your performance.

  • Get extra cash when you place ads on your bus


As the first of its kind,Bus Simulator Pro has ranked No.1 among other games. To get more of Bus Simulator Pro, Download it now, all for free.

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Download Bus Simulator Pro APK and immerse yourself in the most real bus simulator game. Enoy a wide range of customization options and play on the go.j


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