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Download B612 APK, a video and picture editing software. A full-featured picture program allows you to edit and add hilarious filters and changes to your snaps.

Name B612
Version 13.2.10
Updated Jul 8, 2024
Category Photography
Developer SNOW Corporation
Google Play Link com.linecorp.b612.android


With the touch of a key, you can create amusing images with the B612 creative image enhancer software. Over 2000 unique stickers are available, and image identification tools let you change your appearance to appear like a cute creature with rabbit ears or other things. In addition, you utilize B612's many vintage facial effects and art features to give your clips some diversity.

You can find all kinds of aesthetic elements in the actual period to achieve a flawless-looking body. Subscribers of the program can also make entertaining short videos thanks to the superb resolution of all the effects. Your favourite and commonly used facial modifications are all easily accessible through the B612's intuitive design. The application allows you to explore AR technology, use unique effects, and compile your most fabulous photo collections. Make funny remix films with your closest pals and more.


Are you seeking a program with an imaging system for recording videos or capturing pictures that you can modify immediately there? Then, you can be sure that this software will meet all your needs.

Description of The B612

The B612 app is an image retouching program that enables you to add countless effects to any face picture. Prior to sharing them on your favorite social networking channels. B612 has more than fifty different filter types in total. You can choose any of them by swiping your thumb across the lower part of your device to see a little preview of the way it will look. Additionally, you can add a random effect by simply sliding your fingertip over the image.

B612 also lets you add effects and merge photographs into masterpieces. A simple selfie, a compilation of no more than nine photos, or even diagonal arrangements of 2 to 3 photos can be used to make them.

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The B612 also offers an angle option for altering the focal length and a countdown for snapping pictures while positioned far away. B612 is a fantastic photo program with a thorough and customer Interface. An excellent program for anybody who likes to take a great selfie utilizing effects, textures, and whatever else they desire.

Features of The B612 App

Enhanced UX

User assistance is always at the very top setting for apps in the video and photo category. This is a unique ability of B612. The most satisfactory customer experience has always been what our software strives towards. And with that, subscribers' requirements and flaws must constantly be considered to improve the product.

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So as expected, a ton of new updates have been included in this software upgrade to enhance the functionality. The phone's native cam usage is among the most notable aspects to note. Thus, you can utilize the application's essential camera resolution to shoot rather than having the choice to add various effects. In contrast, you shoot photographs or clips immediately. You will also receive Seventeen new makeup features as part of this upgrade. Additionally, several minor problems have been corrected for your convenience.

Numerous filters and effects

The vast amount of filters included in the program will undoubtedly amaze you once you visit it for the first time. With a few quick taps on your smartphone's display, you can use the software's finest effects. The chosen filter will then automatically apply to your cam for photos and videos. Additionally, this app allows you to eventually develop your special personal filters that nobody else can use.

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A variety of additional advanced functionality your cam can perform with this software will also be available to you. Due to the technician's significant adaptations, the software's designed camera is now more brilliant than the standard camera. It will undoubtedly provide you with unique sensations. The filmed video will show the Augmented reality features directly on your device. You must select your preferred effects; the program will be able to get you satisfied.

You can make your own filter

Compared to other picture and film editing programs, B612 offers a more unique function. Users can develop their own Filters using it. You can merge the designed basic filters with others, change their settings, and mix several existing effects to make your own custom filters.

In B612, filter creation is relatively easy. You can quickly finish it with a few touches, even if it's your first attempt. So browse, savour, and use the user group's varied and inventive filters using B612. There might be fun suggestions for you.

Smart cosmetic elements

When your face doesn't have flawless cosmetic applications, you might wish to upload selfies as soon as possible. You do not have to bother about applying makeup with this function because the sophisticated software will allow facial structure and produce the most outstanding images.

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Additionally, you can utilize all of the software's clever functions in your brief videos. Then your clip will likewise gain importance and give you beautiful moments. Additionally, you can add original song snippets from the program to your pins to provide them with life. So let's attempt to record a few memorable occasions.

Advanced camera

Additionally, the B612 offers a large selection of filters. As a result, you can effortlessly and rapidly transform your images and movies into pieces of art with its help. Additionally, B612 offers a better camera with regularly improved AR effects (ranging from vintage to contemporary designs) and unique seasonal design effects.

There are also sophisticated hue editing features that enable you to alter realistic colours using features like colour slopes and HSL that highlight details. In B612, users can let their creative side go.

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With the application, you can modify pictures and clips, build your own filters, and use various intelligent features that are improved regularly. There is no longer any justification for posting dull and inferior images. You have many tools at your disposal to produce eye-catching visual content for your social network platforms.

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Download B612 APK, a video and picture editing software. A full-featured picture program allows you to edit and add hilarious filters and changes to your snaps.


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