Avast VPN
Avast VPN
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Version: 6.72.14561
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Download Avast VPN APK to secure your Web connectivity. It is the fastest Vpn for Smartphones since it is unrestricted, quick, safe, and confidential.

Name Avast VPN
Version 6.72.14561
Updated May 23, 2024
Category Communication
Developer Avast Software
Google Play Link com.avast.android.vpn

Avast VPN

Use an Avast SecureLine VPN service to safeguard your identity and take advantage of secure and private web surfing across the globe. Provides real online privacy by instantly encrypting your Web connectivity. Who needs content bans if you're in the wrong nation, advertising, monitoring what you do on the internet, and cybercriminals on open WiFi? Avast SecureLine VPN lets you use the Web however you want.

Description of Avast VPN

With just a swipe of the device, users may surf the Web safely and discreetly using the VPN app created by Avast. Additionally, you can select the country you want to use to hide your link. With the help of this technology, you can fool a site that is only accessible from a particular nation into believing you are surfing from that nation.

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There is a seven-day free trial. If you enjoy the app after the initial week, you can subscribe to the program for the money. The app won't function properly if you don't pay.

The superb functionality of Avast SecureLine is combined with a user-friendly, appealing design to create a fantastic VPN application. In the options, you may also modify the language of the program.

The features of Avast VPN

True privacy

Conceal your activity from ads, companies, your Web server, and more.

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A reliable link

Wherever you are, stay safe. Whether it's a café, an airline, or a railway station. It's protected by us. Avast SecureLine is an efficient VPN that can be used on various devices. By enabling you to digitally link to any device on Avast's secure network, like other VPN (virtual private network) services, the company adds an extra layer of security and fire safety to your information. You may surf securely while using Avast actively and also benefit from a slick, straightforward user experience.

A good option for VPN beginners

Avast distinguishes itself from the pack as the ideal alternative for novices as VPNs gain popularity among web users. Avast is the finest choice for a first installation if you're not acquainted with VPNs. Setup takes only a few minutes. Once setup, it's clear that Avast is far easier to use than competitors like StrongVPN. Pull-down choices and boxes are used by Avast to swiftly link to networks and enable the program rather than overwhelming users with technical language or excessively comprehensive alternatives.

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After you've completed that, you may take advantage of Avast's enhanced security without having to change any settings or be concerned. By choosing options for things like the website you wish to subscribe to or having Avast launch instantly when on unsecured WiFi connections, you may customize the options to your satisfaction. Then, as you go about your work, Avast operates silently in the background, making it simple to forget that it is still running.

Conceal your IP address

One of the primary methods used by marketers, ISPs, and other parties to monitor you online is your IP address. The servers will be your disguise and your correct address, so don't give them more information than is necessary.

An exclusive joint IP address

Being lost in a crowd is annoying. Every time you link to a network, your IP address is shared with all those linked to it. This makes it easy for any of you to be identified on that cloud service. Get the newest version of Avast SecureLine VPN right away.

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Safety from DNS leaks

Why bother masking your traces if your Software will call the neighborhood database on your landline the moment it becomes confused? We make sure your system is firewalled for all IPv4 connections and turn off IPv6 requests.

Null logging

We do not, under any circumstances, monitor the applications you access, the webpages you browse, or the material you access after you are linked to systems. We just are unable to respond to inquiries.

Overcome censorship

We help you get beyond arbitrary restrictions put on the Web so you can enjoy full online access. You won't see the "Oh, this service is not accessible in your location" warning again because of the 55 different server regions.

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Get better offers

Price inequality is a real phenomenon. The way it works is that many locations provide the same goods at various costs. Ever questioned what a low-cost airline ticket actually looks like? Try making a new reservation for the trip from a different area.

Access any information

We can get you through content restrictions. Take your time watching your preferred TV series. Choose from a wide range of quick servers located all around the country with rapid speed.

A dependable stream of information

Do you want to see the game that is being played all over the world? Since the method works through UDP, you don't have to wait for the information to catch up since all of the sites have sufficient capacity to deliver high-definition information.

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Relate to your colleagues

Who are we to stand in the way of individuals who want to be friends? Peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity is something we provide in a few of the host sites. To make it easy to find, it has been highlighted on the preference screen.

Social networking in the classroom and at work

Maybe using Instagram or Twitter during office or school hours isn't the ideal use of your skills, but who are we to say? There should be no restrictions on your right to monitor any information coming from any internet connection you may be using.


The accessibility and convenience of use of Avast are among its main benefits. Avast is an excellent option for novice VPN subscribers or leisure web explorers that require an efficient VPN without fuss or perplexing additional functions due to its user-friendly UI. Avast doesn't offer the deep access or choices that users are seeking for.

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Download Avast VPN APK to secure your Web connectivity. It is the fastest Vpn for Smartphones since it is unrestricted, quick, safe, and confidential.


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