Attack on Survey Corps
Attack on Survey Corps
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Version: 0.8.9
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Download Attack On Survey Corps APK, the best simulation game in the world of video games. Engage in a conversation using the best lines, and earn points to unlock more content.

Name Attack on Survey Corps
Version 0.8.9
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer AstroNut
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About Attack On Survey Corps APK

Attack On Survey Corps Apk is an exciting game derived from the famous Japanese comic series Attack on Titans. The Japanese series has received global acclaim. This led fans to create the game version of the series while still maintaining all the characters from the series in the game. This video game changed and adapted the Attack on Titan story.

This is an imitated game that has no connection with the original game. Users often assume that due to the game's name, it is supposedly a battle game with various obstacles and enemies to conquer. Whereas the opposite is true, Attack On Survey Corps doesn't perform such tasks. Rather, users must talk with girls in the training camps while being meticulous with their choice of words to receive points.

The characters in Attack On Survey Corps are the same as those in the Attack on Titans series. However, the creator's of the game altered the characters' plot, which is now totally different from the initial series.

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The gameplay is simple yet appealing. And about the graphics? It is even more alluring and immersive. The game stands out among several simulation games because of its pale color palette, thrilling animation, captivating plot, and unique characters. Moreover, because it is a simulation game, players can participate, which is similar to a real-life experience.

Ren'Py was used in creating this fascinating adult game. Attack On Survey Corps has amassed millions of ratings. But, unfortunately, it also contains some nasty words. Therefore, reading the tags to understand the Attack On Survey Corps game is very important.

The latest version of Attack On Survey Corps Apk is available on Android devices. In addition, players can now unlock everything in Unlimited Money on Android.

Feature of Attack On Survey Corps

Game Interface

The manga's storyline is now converted into an Attack On Survey Corps video game. It was initially created by one of the fans. However, in Attack On Survey Corps, there are no opponents, enemies or challenges of any nature that require players to conquer. Instead, the game involves a friendly conversation with the ladies in a training camp. Your conversation with them is to get approval to date them. If you successfully get approval, you can unlock any scene.

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User Friendly

Attack On Survey Corps is a simple game that doesn't require complex maneuvers. It has zero complicated features and only requires players to start conversations with several other game characters and earn points.

Appealing Characters

For Japanese Attack on Titan fans, this game poses a delight because the Attack inspired the characters in the game on Titan series.

Simple Tasks

Attack On Survey Corps is different from other games because it has less complex and simple tasks. You are not expected to fight with enemies or monsters. Instead, your role is communicating and participating in conversations with the ladies.

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Sharp graphics

In the aspect of visuals,  Attack On Survey Corps is hands down the best among other games. The game visuals are soothing and can capture anyone's attention; with every element of art, the graphics can break or make the experience. Therefore, you will enjoy the game if you are a lover of arts.

Parody the Attack On Survey Corps

This is an imitation of the main series attack on titan. However,  it has no connection with the initial series.

Manga and Anime Characters

The characters were derived from the manga and anime, which have been edit and are now entirely different from the main series —it is not in any way linked with the attack on titans. Instead, the gameplay takes on a conversational adventure or visual novel, which has been updated into a dating simulator.

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Anyone can refer to the game however they please. The main purpose is to achieve your goal: to receive points. Players are to flow with the narrative by touring various locations, meeting people and communicating with them, and picking the perfect lines to use at the appropriate time.


Experience a thrilling game derived from the famous Japanese Attack on Titan series that broke every record and stands out in video games, among other simulation games. The unique storyline, appealing visuals, calm color palette, overall aesthetics, and feels in Attack On Survey Corps offer users a serotonin boost. This will earn you points and can be used to unravel other features.


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