After School Girlfriend
After School Girlfriend
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Version: 3.1.14
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Download After School Girlfriend APK and get into high schoolers' diverse and drama-filled world. Interact with many different characters and get the chance to live your life just as you want to!

Name After School Girlfriend
Version 3.1.14
Updated Apr 12, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link studio.genius.bukatsugirl

About After School Girlfriend

After School Girlfriend is the perfect teenage simulation game in a high school setting, the game was developed and offered by a renowned gaming corporation, Genius Studio Japan Inc, and released on the 26th of February, 2021. Genius Studio Japan Inc is quite famous in the Japanese industry for making lifestyle and simulation games and has continued to live true to its legacy with After School Girlfriend.

After School Girlfriend is available for download on Android and iOS devices and requires the operating system of Android 5.0 to function maximally. There are no restrictions on location, and mobile gamers can access the game worldwide.

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The game is primarily a lifestyle simulation of a college setting with realistic sceneries, settings and turn of events. Of many simulation games available, After School Girlfriend proves to be quite prominent and is loved and embraced by many gamers. The game is compelling and easy to get into for lovers of lifestyle games, especially after School Girlfriend is a perfect choice and an interesting way to pass the time while discovering your tendencies and behavioural patterns.

The latest edition of After School Girlfriend recently has a new story chapter involving a student council saga called After School Girlfriend: Student Council. There is a campaign for the new student presidency, and the drama is incredibly increased. So dive in now and enjoy the game!

Storyline Of After School Girlfriend

The main character is a young boy named Xervius, the player's character. Xervius moves to a new school, Highschool Soiun, and has little or no interest in socializing or engaging in any extra-curricular activities. From the beginning of the game, the disposition of the main character is quite obvious from the nature of the sentences he makes and the body language he projects. This being said, Xervius only plan to hide out at the back of the class throughout the school period and rush home when school is over because of his general apathy for school.

However, Highschool Soiun has a regulation that demands that every student in the school has to belong to at least one club to increase student participation and relationship. Xervius' plans are initially thwarted, and he proceeds to join a suitable club. He meets three girls, including Kyoka Kajima, the head of the school tennis club. Kyoka is friendly, courteous and approachable and gives off a nice vibe. She enjoins Xervius to join the club, promising him a welcoming team spirit and even showers him with small presents.

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The second girl is Mihuzo Minagawa, the swimming club leader, who gives off mixed behaviours. The last girl is Akane Shirunji, who gives off a cold and unfriendly vibe. Xervius gets entangled with each of the characters and eventually decides which of the club's to join or if to join two or even three. His actions decide the turnout of the events in the game, and Xervius could either strike off good relationships with the three girls, fall in love or probably establish dislike with one or two. The turnout of events is solely up to the player and is a reflection of the player's choices. There are some different outcomes, and a single different choice can turn the whole game around.

After School Girlfriend: Student Council

The Student Council episode is the latest addition to the game's storyline. The game developers continue to come up with different fun additions and updates to keep the players hooked, and this happens to be an epic addition.

The Student Council episode features new characters, although the main character, Xervius, remains the same. It is a new year at Highschool Soiun, and Xervius' interest in school has not exactly spiked, and he still has his apathy for school. As a result, Xervius plans to go about his business in school unnoticed and at the back of the class without getting involved in any student activities.

However, his plans are disrupted when he is approached by a female student soliciting his assistance and support in the upcoming student presidential election. As a result, Xervius finds himself as the campaign manager for an unlikely presidential candidate.

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The three new female characters who are all presidential candidates are Tomori Shibasaki, a naturally reserved student who seems quite incompetent for the role but has decided to attempt the position for one reason or another. The second is Sae Reizen, an obedient and rather rigid student who gives off a strict disposition and does not condone any circumvention of the school rules and regulations.

This makes Sae quite an unpopular choice for the students. Still, as we see, she is determined to take the role lastly Yuria Natsukawa, a girl who seemingly has a stronger influence on the students due to her social skills and status. Yuria seems like the perfect student for the role, but her ideas are quite digressive from the whole point of student leadership. The turn of events in the game remains highly dependent on the choices of the main character of the game, Xervius.

Features Of After School Girlfriend

  • Realistic 2D Graphics. The animations of the characters on After School Girlfriend are lively with realistic features. The graphics are clear and concise and are easy to adapt to.
  • Unrestricted Gameplay. The player in After School Girlfriend controls the game with little or no interference from the system. Although the basic plot is already set, the player has the maximum effect on the characters' actions, events and even thought processes.
  • Free to Play. After School Girlfriend requires no purchases and must only be downloaded and installed to enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • Online Game. After School Girlfriend requires a stable connection to the internet to function perfectly.
  • Offers in-app purchases. There are provisions for in-app purchases in the game, although the player can progress in the game without them. However, purchasing some game features heightens the excitement and helps the player fully explore the plot.
after school girlfriend apk


After School Girlfriend is a highly recommended game for gamers of all ages, but especially for teenagers, it is a great way to pass the time, and the plot twists and events are sure to keep the player rooted to their screens. The game can be downloaded anywhere and at any time with a good internet connection. Moreso, After School Girlfriend, can be played over and over to explore all the possible endings to the story and also to correct an erroneous decision that might have been made. It is a fun way of connecting and understanding one's self.

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Download After School Girlfriend APK and get into high schoolers' diverse and drama-filled world. Interact with many different characters and get the chance to live your life just as you want to!


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