Aerofly FS 2021
Aerofly FS 2021
Size: 3,7 GB
Version: 20.21.19
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Download Aerofly FS 2021 APK and enjoy flying as a real plane would. This realistic flight simulator is designed for all, from newbies to seasoned veterans.

Name Aerofly FS 2021
Version 20.21.19
Updated Dec 12, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer IPACS
Google Play Link com.aerofly.aeroflyfs2021

About Aerofly FS 2021

Aerofly FS 2021 is an installment in the Aerofly FS series, available for mobile devices. The stimulator makes you feel like you are flying a real plane, with computer-generated traffic and feature-rich simulating. The similar also offers great attention to detail, making it more realistic.

There are over 200 airports featured on the Aerofly FS 2021 simulator, from California, Arizona, and Nevada, for you to land your plane. Also, the flight simulator features 300,000 square miles you can fly over, and there’s always something new.

You can also expand your flying area to southern Florida and the southern UK. Whether you want to land a helicopter on a small helipad or land your flight at an international airport, there’s something for you.

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The flight simulator is ideal for seasoned pilots and novices. When you finally arrive, you can fly into unique spaces and mark all airports with your signature. With the virtual cockpits replicating a real-life plane, you can easily learn how to fly.

The Aerofly FS 2021 is an upgrade from the previous flight simulators, allowing players to choose their favorite plane and land at complex airports. You might have to land on a small helipad which is tricky, or pull off a difficult landing. There are different kinds of aircraft on the simulator, including combat aircraft.

The FS 2021 simulator is ideal for those who want to grasp the core concepts of what it takes to control a plane. Whether you’re a plane enthusiast, someone who doesn’t have the chance to pursue a career as a pilot, or you want to practice; the simulator is an ideal choice.

Lifelike Flying Experience 

Aerofly FS 2021 is an ideal flight simulator for novice and experienced pilots, offering its players different text instructions to make it easy to get started. With the instructions, you fully understand the process of taking your plane to the sky, navigating through the right trajectory, and landing safely.

One of the highlights of the realistic flight is the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, which you can use to practice flying in the sky. You can perform passenger transport missions and gain experience as you fly. It is designed with a detailed cockpit that looks like a real plane, depending on your chosen aircraft.

Since it is designed as a first-person game, you will see the cockpit from the pilot’s view. You can see the control system, radar system, and engine starters. There is also a joystick that you can use to adjust the flight direction. There is the option for manual steering and turning on the device tilt feature when navigating.

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The flight path you must follow on the Aerofly FS 2021 game is pretty detailed. You must comply with the aviation rules, detect obstacles, use the radar to track other routes, and fly according to them. You will also have to delay your flight if there is any trouble. When flying, you can cause an accident and lose your reward.

There will also be co-pilots on your flight when using the Aerofly FS 2021 simulator. The co-pilots are important in your trip, ideal if you’re feeling too tired when flying or need assistance from them. If you’re flying a fighter plane, you can install the autopilot feature, distribute flight assistance, and monitor through the camera.

You can also adjust and change the elements of your flight to make it very comfortable. The simulator allows you to change the time of the day, whether you want to fly at night or during the day, The cockpits will be lit up at night, and you can change secondary elements like the temperature or wind when flying.

Detail-Oriented Map for Navigation

Aerofly FS 2021 also comes with well-designed maps from the developer, with over 300,000 square miles you can fly. The huge map shows you all the lands and airports you can land on and the airspace.

When looking at the map, you should first assess the airport areas. All the airports are based on real ones, from the start to the end of the flight. They also have different terrains, flight routes, and aircraft densities.

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If you’re flying difficult planes like the Boeing 777 or 747, it would be harder to land on narrow airports, so consider this when flying. The terrain also has a beautiful design, and you can switch to the third person to see the clouds, green steeps, landscapes, forests, and mountains.

Top Planes on Aerofly FS 2021

You can choose from different types of airplanes on the Aerofly FS 2021. These 23 aircraft from around the world all feature different characteristics and stats. The helicopters are easier to land and take off, while the large Boeing will be more difficult to fly.

The planes on Aerofly FS 2021 feature transport planes, fighter planes, and helicopters. You get only one plane on the first level when you first start. But, you can gradually unlock more planes as you advance through the ranks.

Features of this Flight Simulator

There are different features on the Aerofly FS 2021 simulator that you can enjoy. These include:

  • Display traffic information and flight maps.
  • Highly detailed with interactive 3D cockpits,
  • Lighted cockpit for nighttime.
  • Assisted flying cockpit and sophisticated autopilot.
aerofly fs 2021 apk
  • Realistic flight physics.
  • Interactive flight school for those who want to learn the basics of flying.
  • High-resolution aerial images and terrain features.
  • Adjust the time of the day, wind, turbulence, and thermals.
  • Configure the clouds.
  • Different view modes.
  • Replay system.


The Aerofly FS 2021 is the ideal flight simulator for those who want something real. It comes with all the controls and tools you need to fly a plane, including your own co-pilot, and allows you to customize every part of your flying experience. You can also replay your flights to learn from your mistakes and practice the hardest landings.

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Download Aerofly FS 2021 APK and enjoy flying as a real plane would. This realistic flight simulator is designed for all, from newbies to seasoned veterans.


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