100 Years Life Simulator
100 Years Life Simulator
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Download 100 Years Life Simulator APK latest version for a thrilling journey into life. Make life decisions and watch them manifest in this life simulation game.

Name 100 Years Life Simulator
Updated Jun 6, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer VOODOO
Google Play Link com.lawson.life

About 100 Years Life Simulator APK

100 Years Life Simulator Apk is a simulation game that allows players to live for 100 years. The game allows you to experience the thrills of life's challenges, triumphs and tribulations. You will have to live your life from a young age to 100 years and you must survive every year by making the right choices, doing things safely and staying away from dangerous things that can kill you. The game comes with a series of challenges and each of them is different from the other. Your ability to analyze them and make the right decision is what makes the game even more interesting.

The game doesn't have great graphics. It focuses more on the gameplay rather than exciting players with flashy graphics. There are various ways for players to make the most out of the game, which include simple control. You only have to click buttons to make decisions in the game so you don't have to worry about complex things such as movements or interactions with other characters.

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Although the storyline is not fixed, the goal is to survive as long as you can. So, this game is a great way to check out what your life will look like if you made certain decisions. Based on individual preference, the whole game scenario can take different directions. Some will decide to marry, while others won't. It also has an unpredictable storyline, so you never know what's coming when you decide. You just wait for life to come at you and hope you deal rightly.

This is another one of the VOODOO games. Although it's a little different from other games from this developer, it's also an interesting one. The game is not very demanding and takes little space in your storage. So, you can play it on low-range android devices without any hassle. The game's also quite popular among the younger generation, so anyone above the age of 12 can play.

How to Play 100 Years Life Simulator APK

To play, you only need to have the ability to analyze situations and make the right choice based on these situations. This is why the game is easy to play. Players start as a baby and work their way to adulthood, marriage, and eventually grow old. But decisions made in the game don't always have to be difficult. The game allows you to follow your heart and choose your life path without having to follow any guidelines.

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This arcade simulator game tasks you with the life of a character, so your sole aim is to give it a life purpose and watch it age gracefully. There are many tasks to complete and various missions you'll have to accomplish. When you play advanced levels, you have to find various solutions to changes and the development of events. Making incorrect decisions can ruin your game progress and you'll have to start from scratch.

Game Features

This is not the best simulation game out there, but it's probably the best life simulation game you'll ever play. This is thanks to some of its impressive features discussed below:

Simple Graphics

100 Years Life Simulator is an interesting game with funny graphics. Anyone who's played many simulation games will probably expect a colourful game environment with vibrant colours and items. However, it's quite different here. The game uses the most basic 2 graphics possible, so you won't have to interact with many of the game elements.

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The important feature was to create an environment that visually represents what the player is going through. And luckily, the graphics does the job well enough. You'll be able to see discernible characters and important features that outline the character's life.

Unique Storylines

There are many storylines built into this game, which makes it quite interesting. Depending on your individual preference, your story in the game can take different turns. For example, a simple decision to say Yes or No in the game can lead to different directions for the player. You get to decide which turn your simulated life goes and how well you can make it if you make the right choices. The game doesn't emphasise the difference in choices and their consequences, but you can notice this if you play twice and decide to follow a different life direction.

Decision Making

As discussed earlier, the game gives players some independence. You get to decide what journey you take, what school you go to, what your reaction is in school and what type of job you end up working. You'll also choose your partner and groom your children into what they become. So, in this process players can learn how impactful decisions are and this can help them make better and smarter decisions in real life.

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Multilevel Gaming

There are many levels in the game and your progress across levels is based on your decisions. Although the game is simple, you might still make butter decisions that cost you your life. But when you make smart decisions you can proceed to the next game level. The game levels aren't ranked based on difficulty. But you'll have to make difficult decisions the older you grow and the more responsibilities you take in the game.

Easy Control

This is perhaps the best feature the game has. You'll be able to easily move across levels just by tapping on the screen. This clicker game allows you to pick between onscreen options, so you aren't dealing with sophisticated movement and action buttons that are peculiar to action or similar simulator games.


This is an exciting game to play, especially if you don't mind killing some time. It's a leisure game that allows you to experience a long life that extends up to 100 years. The game doesn't impose decisions on you and it creates easing gameplay with its simple graphics. Download 100 Years Life Simulator APK to enjoy added benefits and unlimited features in the game.

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Download 100 Years Life Simulator APK latest version for a thrilling journey into life. Make life decisions and watch them manifest in this life simulation game.


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