Wild Hunter 3D
Wild Hunter 3D
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Version: 1.0.14
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Download Wild Hunter 3D APK and enjoy playing this arcade game where you hunt and kill wild life on beautiful terrains. Use different weapons for hunting and killing.

Name Wild Hunter 3D
Version 1.0.14
Updated May 15, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer Italic Games
Google Play Link com.julian.wildhunter

Brief description of Wild hunter 3D

Wild hunter 3D is a hunting simulation game where you hunt down wildlife and kill to gain a score. Playing this game takes you to different areas where wildlife is abundant and gives you an exciting hunting experience. The developers of this game wanted to give players the experience of playing a first-person shooting game where enemies can't attack back or fight. Thus, this hunting simulation was made.

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In this game, you play as a professional hunter who targets wild animals from all parts of the world and has his unique hunting methods.

This game is perfect for people who want an excellent wildlife hunting experience as it has realistic gameplay that makes you feel like you're hunting. Apart from the fact that there are more than one means of transport for your hunt, there are various ways to plan out your kill and different locations you can visit.

Although it is constantly being upgraded, the game was initially released on the 27th of august, 2015, and Italic games published it. It is rated T, meaning that only teens and adults can enjoy playing this game as it contains various forms of violence and blood or gore themes which maybe be deemed too explicit for younger ones. It has intuitive gameplay, with operations that are easy to understand. Playing the game is straightforward as the operations are visible on the on-screen joystick, where you have keys to navigate, shoot, reload and use special items.

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While playing this game, initially, it starts at a slow pace, but as you advance, the game gets more challenging and more addictive as you'll be tasked to kill more and hunt different animals. So to play better, you must constantly change your weapons and use even stronger ones, depending on the animal you are hunting.

Wild hunter 3D is a fun simulation where you experience the thrill of hunting wildlife globally. Enjoy using different weapons to find and kill various animals in the wildlife. Download fantastic hunter 3D and enjoy playing it.

Fun gameplay and concept

Wild hunter 3D is a single-player action game where you play as a professional hunter, and your main task is to find wildlife and kill them with various weapons and items. Playing this game initially looks easy and seems like it is just a point-and-shoot,, but as you advance,, you realize that there's more to it.

Depending on your mission and what you're asked to hunt, you select which weapons you want to use, the means of transportation and which items to carry. There are many game modes that you can enjoy playing in this game, which include bounty hunting, trials of hunting, and challenging hunting.

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Apart from these game modes, the game also has over two hundred missions, and each mission has requirements that players must reach to pass it and advance to the next level of the game. Each task has a specific time limit and weapons that are allowed for that mission. Also, the assignments can contain certain positions where you are meant to hit the animals. For example, a task can state that you kill an animal by shooting the neck or giving it a headshot.

The way you kill the animal will also be considered as the mission can state that you kill an animal while you're hiding in a bush or stealthily shoot an animal while they're eating. There are different requirements for different missions, so playing this game will keep you engaged.

One thing that appeals to the eyes of people that play this game is the vivid illustration of the animals. There are different kinds of animals in this game. These animals included in this game are zebras, elephants, lions, crocodiles, and even dinosaurs. The 3D view In this game makes the view of these animals notable as you see a well-designed quick picture of them performing as ordinary activists. It is almost as if you are watching these animals on television.

To get better in this game, you must practice your shooting skills and plan out strategies because as you keep playing, it gets more complex. There are some levels where you will be asked to hunt animals from a fast-moving vehicle. Aiming and accurately shooting is usually tough, but as you get deeper into the game, it becomes more and more difficult.

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This game's gun system is commendable as they're a wide range of guns to be equipped with. The firearms are categorized into shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, and other unique weapons that cause significant damage and have their specifications and characteristics. Knowing the suitable guns with the best stats and specifications will help you complete levels better and quicker.

After every level, if you're successful with the mission and meet specific requirements, you will be awarded rewards that can be used to buy new guns, upgrade the ones you already have, and unlock new landscapes.

The graphics of this game are stunning as the terrains are properly illustrated and appeal to players' eyes. The animals and guns are also well presented. The game also has a perfect sound system, with good sound effects and background music.

Wild hunter 3D is interesting game that has a cool gameplay. Start playing and don’t miss out on the fun.

Features to look out for

It would help if you looked for these fun features when playing this game. The wildlife 3D download is available on the play store.

Some features include

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  • 3D display of the game. The game is in 3D and has very vivid graphics with proper illustrations of the animals and terrains
  • multiple guns can be used with different specifications and stats
  • Different game modes to play, such as bounty hunting and challenge hunting
  • There are hundreds of levels, so there is a long way to go
  • It is a hunting simulation, so players get the thrill of an actual hunting experience


Wild hunter 3D is an exciting game for anyone that wants to enjoy the thrill of hunting animals. Players will always be engaged with many levels and weapons to use. The game also has good graphics and a very excellent sound system.

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Download Wild Hunter 3D APK and enjoy playing this arcade game where you hunt and kill wild life on beautiful terrains. Use different weapons for hunting and killing.


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