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Download the Vlc APK media player and play your multimedia and media files, such as your discs and devices and also stream your best movies and music videos with ease!

Name Vlc
Version 3.5.4
Updated Feb 27, 2023
Developer Videolabs
Google Play Link org.videolan.vlc

Vlc media player

Vlc media player is free, open-source software that helps play any of your video and audio files and stream your movies and videos. The Vlc media player features everything you wish to be featured in a good media player. With the Vlc media player, you get the quality and sound of a media player on all of your devices alongside the experience of watching it live.

With the Vlc media player, users not only watch their movies but also get the quality and sound standards they need. Vlc stands out from every media player due to its excellent features and unique attributes.

A detailed description of Vlc

Vlc is a media player application available on every Android and IOS device. This app allows users to enjoy every part of their video and music, and it combines the action of a very good television with that of a Dvd player with the creativity and thrill that comes along with it; this allows users to enjoy the unique features that are available for just every one of the user.

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Vlc is a very simple media player that you can navigate through it without being stressed out. Vlc doesn't have a rigid structure at all, so Vlc features are straightforward and very understanding. For example, users can decide to play multiple videos and cut them off in between, and when you go back, you are taken back to the exact place you left. With a Vlc media player, you do not have to expect electricity and switch on your television or other devices, your Vlc media player on your phone devices can do just that for you, and when you want to do a particular different thing, you can minimize your video and get back to it later.

The Vlc media also features your normal storage files on your device, such as reading the media files on the "SD card," and also it includes widgets for audio control, cover art, and a complete audio media library.

The Vlc media features a great quality style, both by graphics and video quality; these features add to the finesse of the media players, and it also gives the user a sense of comfortability for the fact that they can watch without stressing over the quality.

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With Vlc media, the user can control every one of the features they need, such as the brightness and how high you want the volume to be, The subtitles, the Teletext, and the closed captions by the user. It also goes as far as asking your permission as to what to do with your network access, your audio settings, and even your system settings.

Vlc media player features

Vlc media player is filled with thrilling features that your media players need.

Video effects

The Vlc, which has ranked as the best among thousands of media play players, has the absolute best video effects for Android or iOS. Vlc video effects include different types of aesthetics that give the video a unique view, such as the image adjustment, which can make you choose how you want your image to be viewed or your image transformation. With this, you might decide to change the videos of your idea, or it can also be the video cropping.

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The geometry view and video magnification help to increase the size and length of your video; you can also access these unique video features through the extended settings from the IDE, and then switching up to the video effects will show these features in normal tabs.

Panoramic/ Extensive view (optimization for multi-screen)

Optimization for multi-screen can also be called the Vout or overlay. This superior feature allows users or videos to spread the video on the screen wall in multiple parts or windows. Through doing this, the user will be able to handle, manage, and also go as far as changing the stance of the video fragment separated in different windows.

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To make this feature effect perform well, you can try it on a large screen, but that doesn't limit you from trying it on your phone; for a better view, you can decide to try it on your television or your projection which brings out the quality and sound effects so well.


Vlc media player has the best sync feature, and its use has been enjoyed. The synchronization effects tab manually controls the audio and video sync and manages them by adjusting the time. Many of the converted videos that are being done don't sync with each other like this audio and video sync and dealing with them by the adjusted time. Sync effects can also add subtitles to your video, and you can decide to modify it from your end.

Interface customization

They are so many features and functions that Vlc offers that make it unique from others, one of which is interfaced customization.

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For example, you can find a customized interface under the view menu, which allows you to change your menu buttons and the add or delete button; you can also decide to change the layout of your main design and playback control positions.


Vlc media player is a must-have app to help you enjoy your video and audio so much. However, to enjoy more benefits that come with it, you can decide to go for the Vlc pro version app.


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