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Download Bilibili APK and join the largest community of anime lovers like you! Watch anime of all genres and enjoy interacting with other viewers through comments.

Name Bilibili
Version 2.98.1
Updated Jul 23, 2024
Google Play Link com.bstar.intl

Brief Description of Bilibili

Bilibili is a streaming service catered to anime lovers specifically. It hosts hundreds of anime movies and series, and you can enjoy some of the best anime content, all licensed. The app offers high playback quality and subtitles in multiple languages. Plus, you can join a community of people who love anime, manga, and video games and share your opinions for free.

Bilibili is offered by Balaboom PTE. LTD., and is rated for those 12 years and older. The app is straightforward to use. When you download and open it, the home screen offers a lot of anime news and previews of the trailers or episodes of different kinds of content. This allows you to see what kind of content is before watching it.

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As you continue to use Bilibili, the app curates the content based on your tastes. So, you can always look for movies and series that fit your taste. Also, you can follow content creators as they upload content and keep up with new ones.

The app is easy to navigate, with three buttons for home, anime, and me. In the anime section, you can view all the anime the platform offers, well-organized in different categories. There are categories for new releases, popular series, and a calendar of releases so you can know when new episodes of your favorite anime will arrive.

You can look for some of the most popular anime on Bilibili, like Naruto: Shippuden, Horimaya, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and One Punch Man. The app also offers some underrated options. It's an excellent platform for anime fans who want to enjoy the content for free.

Join the World's Largest Anime Community

You can join the world's largest community of anime lovers when you download Bilibili. The app originates from China, which means you can expect a lot of Chinese anime viewers, which is quite a lot. The app does not only include anime movies and animations, but you can look out for cosplay gaming videos made by people who love anime like you.

Due to the wide range of content and genres, Bilibili remains very popular among anime lovers. It works like a miniature social network and has high interactivity when watching videos. It boasts the second largest audience among Android anime apps.

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You can write comments on the different content you watch on Bilibili, create content, and upload it for others to see. The app has a strong community of anime viewers and an extensive movie library for you to explore.

Although it might be a bit overwhelming to see the many anime and manga titles you can watch. You can follow different content creators in the community and watch their videos in multilingual subtitles for your language. Also, sign up to upload your content and gain followers.

Diverse Genres and Content

Every genre that you can think of is available on Bilibili. The app features a wide range of content you can think of, whether you want to watch action, romance, history, school love, vampires, or magic. You can search for the anime content you want or use the different categories to find a movie quickly.

All the anime content on Bilibili is licensed and comes with multilingual subtitles regardless of what language you speak. You can also download the anime to watch offline and have them on your phone. The app allows you to stream your anime in HD quality. There are also no ads on the anime, so you can enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Aside from the anime, you can go for the other content on Bilibili. The app allows different content creators to build and collect content based on their anime tastes. These include award-winning anime, classic cartoons, anime videos, cosplay gaming, and soundtrack videos.


Bilibili is constantly updated with new content, so you can never run out of what to watch. With the diverse data and fascinating topics, you can be sure that there's something for your taste. You can save your search history to remember what you're watching.

The app will list out your searches based on your preferences and send notifications to you whenever they add the latest movies and series to the app. Whenever your favorite content creator posts a video, you can get a notification, so you never miss anything.

There is an automatic notification every day, showing you the day's movie list. The app ensures that you don't miss out on the movies. So, when you click on the notification, it takes you directly to where the film is located. If you like a movie, you can bookmark it and add it to your list to enjoy later.

Watching movies and anime on Bilibili is also an interactive experience. It feels like you're watching a live stream, as you can view comments from different anime viewers like you. You can also make your comments and show your opinions to others on what you think about the anime. You can decide to close the comments so that they don't distract you while watching your movie.

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Aside from making comments, you can do many other things on the screen while watching anime on Bilibili. These include changing the subtitles based on your needs, adjusting the playback speed, rewinding a segment, and pausing when you want to. You can watch the movie offline and still enjoy all of these benefits.

Bilibili organizes different events too that you can participate in. For instance, there is the Summer Anime 2022 event where you can watch various kinds of anime based on a particular theme.


Bilibili is an exciting app that will appeal to anyone that enjoys watching anime. The app offers hundreds of anime to check out, from popular options to some underrated ones. It is also a social media app with different content creators and cosplay videos to check out.

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Download Bilibili APK and join the largest community of anime lovers like you! Watch anime of all genres and enjoy interacting with other viewers through comments.


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