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Version: 10.2.0
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Download Vllo APK and start making and creating videos fast and efficiently by editing, syncing audio and videos with enough tools, special effects, and transitions.

Name Vllo
Version 10.2.0
Updated Jun 14, 2024
Developer vimosoft
Google Play Link com.darinsoft.vimo

In-depth Knowledge about Vllo

Vllo is a video editor which is very useful for Beginners, pros, and regular video editors. Vllo allows users to use numerous tools to intensify their videos. Moreover, the app lets users download and share their videos in good 4k quality to as many people as possible. Vllo also provides effortless neat articulation and visuals, making it easier for the user to work.

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Vllo app editor can take a minute to learn how to navigate; once you get it, it gets much more accessible. Vllo is highly effective because you can center text and pictures and go to the length of zooming in the image without the quality reduction. Vllo edits apps on all sorts of phone editions, whether the Android version or the iOS version, and it works quickly.

The llo video editor's main objective is to be able to create or edit videos without so much stress. Therefore, multiple tools and features are provided to edit videos and sync audio and pictures effectively.


The Vllo video editor filters are much more accessible than one can think. It is easy to learn and make use of. The Vllo editor allows you to create a more clarified video with various provided filters. The filter comes with many options, such as color correction, which gives you the right to adjust the brightness and the contrast shadow and hue, which is the saturation.

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You can decide to apply the ideal adjustment from dissolve. Then you can swipe to some pop art graphics, It might take up to a minute to be able to navigate through the filter sections, but once you can figure out the color correction and the way it goes with the saturation or with the contrast, It won't be long enough to edit right.


Vllo Video editor can make you Zoom in and out of videos with two fingers on the screen. You can change the coloring used for the backdrop or the background. You can also decide to add some animation effects using the viewports animations; you can also choose to add a product that gives your video attention.

Zooming also makes you hold fast the blurring or the pixel mosaic to make them develop the clip editing function for zooming, such as trimming, splitting, speeding, reversing, arranging, and adding additional pictures or videos are easy to use.


Vllo Video editor pro or premium version can be paid as a yearly or monthly subscription, and there is a lifetime subscription. The lifetime subscription is a one-time fee that allows you to use all tools and functions without any additional costs.

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 The monthly subscription can be renewed and canceled depending on what you do; if you don't end up canceling your subscription within 24 hours of the monthly renewal date, your subscription will be automatically renewed.

Sound effects

Vllo video editor syncs audio with your videos perfectly, and you can decide to import the music stored on your devices or import it from your iTunes library. You can use fade-in or out features that give your videos a professional touch.

 Vllo sound effects have over 200 free background or backdrop music with distinct tones ready to use. You can also decide to produce your sounds with over 500 sound effects, and you can choose to record a voice-over while editing your videos.

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The Vllo Video editors give you special unique features such as:

  • Retouching: Vllo features can perform the fundamentals such as retouching or rebranding your videos such as the splitting, joining, and trimming the video, and it can also go as far as adding and adjusting audio, title, captions, and transformation to be able to suit your videos
  • Special effects: Vllo is capable of giving so many effects to your video; it can automate the videos and incorporate them into your best sequence.
  • Watermark: Vllo is the perfect app for video editing because you get to edit or create your videos, and they won't be any watermark on it, even without the premium plan.
  • Audio: Vllo video editor can sync your audio deity and modify it ideally with your video. It also adjusts your levels and eliminates noise from your video.
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  • High definition: Vllo can work with the most recent type of video, which is the 360-degree VR, and it doesn't fail to offer social functions such as image alterations and captions.


Vllo video editor is a great and highly effective video editor and a must-have editor in 2022. It is easy to navigate through and learn, and It is suitable for Beginners, pros, and casual people who edit videos. Download your Vllo for free and edit your video today.

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Download Vllo APK and start making and creating videos fast and efficiently by editing, syncing audio and videos with enough tools, special effects, and transitions.


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