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Download and install Pure Tuber APK to be able to watch most YouTube videos without having to face the annoying ads. Download this app for free and enjoy videos freely.

Name Pure Tuber
Updated Apr 26, 2024
Developer Pure Tuber Studio

Fascinating Details about Pure Tuber

If you have ever been overwhelmed by continuous and annoying ads on the videos you watch on YouTube, then this app is probably your haven. With Pure Tuber, you can enjoy watching music videos and songs for free without unnecessary advertisement.

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Why Pure Tuber?

You can watch almost anything on YouTube, from TV shows, crap clips, music clips, and cartoons to movies. Everyone knows it is tiring to continually skip ads or wait for them to finish loading before you can continue watching your videos. Nowadays, these apps do not appear just once or twice; sometimes, they can be so numerous that you get tired of what you are watching. The more the ads, the angrier the viewer feels.

Because of this issue, some developers came up with an ad-blocking app that works specifically for YouTube.

What is Pure Tuber?

Pure Tuber is essentially an Android app that lets you watch YouTube videos without having to experience those annoying ads. The app also supports background audio, and you can view the videos in minimized window mode. In addition to all those, Pure Tuber allows you to log into it through your Google account, and you can synchronize it on whichever device has the app installed.

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Advantages of Pure Tuber

The size of the app is less than 20 MB; it is less than most regular games out there. Yet, this app has an awesome interface. It resembles a new version of YouTube. Control and operation of the app can be completely utilized within a second without wasting time trying to learn more about the app. People who are not technologically savvy would love what Pure Tuber brings to the table.

Whenever you want to view the video in fullscreen mode, you can simply do that by clicking on the three dots and selecting the Fill mode. When you switch to this mode, you can watch other videos in that same mode.

Like YouTube without Ads

This app possesses several incredible features like YouTube. For example, when watching videos on this app, you can select videos according to your favorite topics based on previous search history and selected interests. Genres also sort the video list in the app.

A great feature that YouTube possesses and thrills its viewers with is the quick search. You can do the same thing on this app as on YouTube. The app will always provide suggested phrases when you search for videos by keyword. All you need to do is drag and open the toolbar, head to the search symbol, and input the character.

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If you love listening to music on YouTube, you can do the same with Pure Tuber. You can listen to Pure Tuber music even when the screen is off or when you switch to other apps. Regarding movie clips, the video will pause for you when you turn off the screen or open another app. It will continue playing when you return to Pure Tuber.

Like YouTube, Pure Tuber also has satisfying sound and picture qualities. All the videos on the app are between 144p and 1080p – you can also get higher qualities. Naturally, you can decide to customize the settings of the display to match your home network quality. Ultimately, there is nothing to complain about about the sound and picture qualities of Pure Tuber.

You can also download your favorite videos on your tablet or phone to view them offline. This feature was not initially available in this app, but it has been recently added, adding to the awesomeness of the application.

Block Ads for Free

You can watch all the videos on the app for free without battling those annoying ads. Pure Tuber blocks all ads, such as pop-ups, banners, and video ads. So you will enjoy your videos a lot better by using this app.

Pure Tuber covers about 90 percent of YouTube videos, so you can enjoy premium content from YouTube without actually paying for it.

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With Pure Tuber, you can freely create your playlist and include several incredible videos worldwide so you can binge-watch them. You share this app with your friends and family to enjoy this incredible app together.

Ultra HD Player

You can watch all the videos in Pure Tuber in full 8K, Ultra HD, and HD quality. You can choose your video resolution to up to 8K according to the strength of your internet and the device you are using. You can also set the resolution to auto mode to automatically select the right quality for you.

Trending Videos

You can watch the most popular videos worldwide in the trending section. You are free to filter the results by language, country, genre, and so on.

Newly Built Interface to Explore

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Even though Pure Tuber applies the same database as YouTube, its design and overall interface are pretty different than YouTube. This app’s interface is even more flexible, easier to interact with, and superior to YouTube. This app has some extensive customization, and you can personalize everything freely for a better user experience, which includes creating a new style or beauty for each choice in the design of the interface. Pure Tuber will also bring in more awesome options for its users.

Last take

Overall, this app is similar to YouTube (if not better). You are free to watch any video in whichever quality you want. Usually, YouTube has ads in any video you are watching. With this application, you can view all YouTube videos without going through the rigor of waiting for ads to end. In addition, you don’t have to purchase the YouTube premium package as long as you have this app installed on your device.

The freedom to watch the same videos as on YouTube without facing ads should be what is supposed to encourage you to download this app. Try downloading Pure Tuber today to experience free video viewership.

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Download and install Pure Tuber APK to be able to watch most YouTube videos without having to face the annoying ads. Download this app for free and enjoy videos freely.


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