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Download Vieka APK to get the beat editing for your music and videos. Vieka helps you to edit your music or videos with its great features professionally.

Name Vieka
Version 2.8.2
Updated Mar 16, 2024
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Vieka is a free-to-use music and video editing application with many features like music, filters, frames, etc. With Vieka, you can trim, make videos, or add clips like filters, file music, or text.

We all know and understand that we are in a socializing world. There are several apps and visibility platforms that promote people, like Instagram, TikTok, and more. People who want their faces out in public will want to put the best of their pictures, images, and videos out there. If you take a close look at the current trends and coming ones, They are not only pictures or images alone but videos. These videos help people show movements, expressions, and emotions. Now to edit and put the best of your video out in public, you need the Vieka app.

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In the coming years, you will be surprised at how people have become artistic and beautiful and possess professional or high-class videos. People are looking out to upgrade their editing skills and also their videos. Hence there are various apps they've laid their hands on, however, amidst other apps. Vieka is recommended. Vieka has many thrilling features that make it outstanding and valuable to people. The app specializes in creating and editing music videos. It would be best if you hopped on this app for a great thrilling experience.

Vieka Description

Vieka is a free video editing app that lets users explore trimming, video creation, and editing like professionals. The app has many features that allow users to create a sleek, short, and professional music video; with this help, you will develop a series of images, videos, short clips, and more to make a perfect music video worthy of uploading on your social media networks.

All you need as regards music and video editing are provided in the app. You will enjoy professional editing operations on your mobile devices with this app, like adding background music, applying filters, inserting transition effects,  adding effects, adding text, and other fabulous things you can do.

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Aside from creating and editing music videos with the tools in Vieka, you can also have high-quality videos and images from the app for your friends, photo albums, and more as you deem fit. Many features are embedded in the app, making it worth a music video edit app. With Vieka, you can showcase your design potential or skills. You can select any file on your phone to edit or create a video on the app. This app can keep your edit where you have left it as a draft. This is interesting.

Vieka works, and it is easy to use. Once you open the app, you can select videos or images you want to edit. You can get the perfect media content for your social networks on Vieka. It is an excellent app for android users. You can create a cartoon image of yourself with this app. In addition, Vieka is entirely free for users. Vieka has many features that have many users glued to it, which has gotten the app a lot of downloads.

Features of Vieka

Here are the awesome features Vieka offers:

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Simple and Accessible

Android users can enjoy Vieka after they have downloaded the app. Vieka is simple to use and accessible, which allows users to easily edit their videos or turn them into a piece of art they want. The entire process of music video edit is easy and straightforward.

Vieka is very useful, and it is a flexible video editing app that lets you freely create perfect videos or music for your socials.

Innovative Tools for Edit

Vieka has many tools that allow users to change images to what they want. These tools have helped many users get the best of the app. These tools include merging, resizing, cropping, music and sound effect, frames, and many more, giving users high-quality video. In addition, users can customize every one of these tools so they will get the best of the app

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Availability of Free Templates

Vieka introduces users to many video templates to increase their creativity and give users new ideas for making videos. This template saves time for editing everything.

Different Filters and Effect

Aside from the template Vieka gives users, Here are filters and effects available for users. These filters make images and videos attractive and vivid with a slight change in color, contrast, or brightness. These features are mainly used for beautifying your pictures and videos.

Export and Share Content Easily

Here are some awesome features users will enjoy on Vieka. Vieka allows users to share their videos or images with friends and export them with outstanding resolution and character.

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Additional Features

  • Unlimited color filter
  • Modern music store
  • Updated video theme


There is no doubt that Vieka is an excellent app everyone should possess. Download the latest version or upgrade to Pro to get your hand on more features.

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Download Vieka APK to get the beat editing for your music and videos. Vieka helps you to edit your music or videos with its great features professionally.


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