Unruly Heroes
Unruly Heroes
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Download Unruly Heroes APK mobile game and experience real Asian-themed gameplay as you play one of China's greatest legendary narratives: "Journey To The West."

Name Unruly Heroes
Version 1.2
Updated Nov 21, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer Perfect Game Speed
Google Play Link com.pwrd.unrulyheroesmobile

Unruly Heroes

Journey To the west, a century-old classic Chinese tale written by Wu Cheng'en, was available to the public in the 16th century under the Ming Dynasty. It was so appealing as a novel that it survived multiple centuries from the 16th to the 21st century(modern-day). The technological prowess of our time has led to it being immortalized as movies, audio, and games, all digitalized and saved on the vast space of the internet.

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Unruly Heroes is one of many games founded on the century-old novel. The plot and storyline of the Unruly Heroes mobile game are very much the same as the novel, with just a slight variation and additions to make the tale more clear, engaging, and easy to understand.

The game is a 2D, beautifully hand-drawn animation-style platform game where players can play as any of 4 characters; The Legendary master: Monkey King and any of his three disciples. Get immersed in running, fierce kung-fu fighting, and mind-blowing combo moves that quickly take down opponents.

About Unruly Heroes Mobile

It was designed by Magic Design Studios (MDS) and debuted by Perfect Game Speed Studios (PGS). Its publishers finally launched Unruly Heroes on the 16th of March, 2021. With captivating gameplay, mind-blowing king fu fight scenes, and the availability of an all on 4 battle system where players can alternate between avatars. Unruly Heroes free download quickly became the top-grossing game request on multiple websites and devices. However, as you will expect from a premium game, such searches often lead to frustration because the official game is only available for access after purchase.

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Regardless of its premium nature, the game has a record of more than 100,000 downloads on Android alone. Made available across multiple platforms and operating systems like Android, iOS, Steam, and Consoles, players can easily purchase the game.

Unruly Heroes android version 1.1, released as an update to the official game, is only available for Android 6.0 and above.

Due to its unique and culturally rich gameplay, unruly Heroes download is the most frequent search by gamers on multiple gaming platforms as they look for interesting, culturally rich Chinese game to play. It is also an award-winning game that received the 47th Annie Award for best game character animation in arcade, action, casual and offline single-player game themes.

Unruly Heroes Gameplay

The Buddhist scrolls have always held the balance of Heaven and Earth, Man and Beast, Good and Evil. The carefully maintained balance is soon destroyed as an evil soul, thirsty for power and control seizes the scrolls, tears and scatters them all over the world.

The situation worsens as the fragment of the scrolls bursting with power grants tremendous powers to the beasts who encounter them. They become highly intelligent and powerful demons in pursuit of more energy by gathering the scroll fragments themselves.

In this ancient fantasy tale of man, monsters, and balance, the player takes the role of the Monkey King as he accepts an urgent plea from Master Guan Yin. A mission to search for the scroll fragments, gather them all up, and return them to their rightful place in Buddha's Temple.

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Going with his 3 friends/followers, they engage in deadly combat against multiple human and nonhuman foes on the way and evolve into true Kung Fu masters.

The game boasts and prides itself on giving players a truly immersive gaming experience as they toggle through the controls and perform Kung-Fu attacks with such ease and fluidity.

There are several actions to be carried out in the Unruly Heroes mobile game, actions as running, dodging, parkour, kung fu fighting, and learning new moves, among a list of other things the player will experience.

Game Features

Some of the features of the game are;

  • Tutorial: The in-game tutorial is one of the many features that make the game suitable for 7 years. With adequate time taken to educate the players on how to go about controlling their chosen characters, selecting other characters, and mastering the game's mechanism, Unruly Heroes is easy to play.
  • Choose your character: Play as any one of 4 characters at any time.
  • Shop: The games shop has an impressive list of resources for the players. Some of these are premium resources that players must pay for in cash.
  • Culturally Rich and smooth gameplay: Enjoy the Asian-styled animation and environment with its culturally rich scenes, plot twists, sound, and atmosphere.
  • Local and Online PVP modes: Play against or with friends locally over a wifi connection or on a global scale against top players worldwide.
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  • Kung Fu: Perhaps the game's most interesting feature is its amazing kung-fu fight scenes and the realistic moves it adopts. Real-world actions that have evolved over centuries are used to increase the player's immersion further.
  • Play as a Legend: Experience the power of one of China's most popular folklore characters; The Monkey King.
  • 30 Levels: With 30 different game levels to pass and their ever-increasing difficulty level, the player will be engrossed in clearing each rank and proceeding to the next, all while unlocking new moves and achievement rewards.
  • Interactive 2D world: Set in a 2D platform environment that is highly interactive to the actions of the player, Unruly Heroes mobile game is one of the best platform games available.
  • Unity Engine: Founded on the Unity game engine, the game is easily accessible for various operating systems and platforms, all while promising gameplay.


The world has fallen into chaos, and the forces of evil far outweigh that of good, monsters now prowl the day, and the night is a horror to the living. Only restoring the Budha's scrolls to its place will restore the world. Enjoy a tale of a time where the struggle for peace and balance in a chaotic world is the order of the day. Remember, in this tale, power is everything. Save the world as the legendary joy-bringing Monkey King or fail and watch the world burn.

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Download Unruly Heroes APK mobile game and experience real Asian-themed gameplay as you play one of China's greatest legendary narratives: "Journey To The West."


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