Tiny Cam
Tiny Cam
Size: 43,8 MB
Version: 17.3.4 - Google Play
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Download Tiny Cam APK, an amazing app for video and control recording, remote surveillance, video encoders, and public/private network recording. Monitor with IP Cam!

Name Tiny Cam
Version 17.3.4 - Google Play
Updated May 26, 2024
Developer Tiny Solutions LLC
Google Play Link com.alexvas.dvr.pro

An In-Depth Description of Tiny Cam

Searching for a fully featured surveillance system for your home and workplace? Do you desire an easy UI to control and communicate with all the surveillance devices at your disposal? Then this amazing mobile app from Tiny Solutions will unquestionably be a terrific utility for you.

Relish using the robust smartphone app with all its wonderful functions that will provide accessibility to all active security sensors. You can quickly monitor the live video feed from the camera and utilize the designed functions to optimize the performance of your surveillance equipment, thanks to an interactive design. possess numerous monitoring devices that are being watched to guarantee their entire security.

Users now have access to the TinyCam Monitoring system, a potent smartphone app that enables the controller of your monitoring systems, including CCTV cameras, IP cameras, and much more equipment. Use the application to keep tabs on your pet, traffic, child, business, home, weather, and other things in real-time.

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The software will ensure you are able to constantly activate your wireless connectivity on any camera system by covering a wide range of models from various suppliers. Activate several sound sources coming from various systems.

Use a baby cam that has a lot of unique functions to keep an eye on your minor's activities. Utilize practical widgets and shortcuts along with playback in the background to effortlessly watch your cameras while completing other things.

Configure specific camera configurations and sophisticated motion sensor capabilities on your Android devices. Videos of monitoring are saved and replayed in the TinyCam latest version. Possess complete control over your PTZ cameras when using the app. Addition and grouping of all cameras using useful tags. Additionally, activate the Android Wear app.

Features of Tiny Cam

Here are the features present in Tiny Cam:

Interface and Accessibility

Android users will be able to operate freely by engaging with the setups of their camera and their incorporated functions thanks to TinyCam's straightforward app UI, intuitive layouts, and unexceptional functionality. For specific sorts of monitoring systems, you can choose from 17 various camera designs, with their own special functions and engaging tools that you may use.

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In-app Support and Device Support

TinyCam Tracker will enable users to operate with various detectors included in the phones when various cameras are attached. This would make it possible for mobile users to use detectors that manage humidity, temperature, and other variables.

You can use the app to facilitate motion detection in-app and on-camera, making it incredibly simple to spot mobility at night. Activate the AI object recognition to find people, animals, automobiles, and other objects. And don't forget to turn on facial recognition and bookmark particular features so the application can alert you to upgrades.

24/7 Recording and Monitor

All intelligence information is continuously available with the application operating in the back regardless of if you're not there and may be recorded for future references. Utilize the handy app to view your IP cameras live anytime and anywhere you choose, provided you have access to the Web.

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Additionally, you may save significant security video via the mobile app's 24/7 background recordings feature, FTP/FTPS servers, or directly to cloud-based storage services like  Telegram, Dropbox, Nextcloud, Microsoft OneDrive, ownCloud, TinyCam Cloud Service, Google Drive, and more. Use the time-lapse capturing function to skip over the filler and only watch the most crucial portions of videos.

All captured videos are compatible with RTSP, H264, MJPEG,  H265, and other forms. In TinyCam Monitoring, customers can effortlessly activate RTMP broadcasting for their security camera footage. Additionally, you can make the inner web server constantly accessible from a distance and for live broadcasting.

PTZ Cams and Group Camera

To use the on-screen motion controls, the TinyCam's intuitive and simple control choices let smartphone users operate their PTZ cameras. Do not hesitate to use a variety of touch controllers and digital controls to tilt, pan, zoom, change the screen's angle, transmit, activate LED commands, and more. Additionally, users can always attach their gaming controls to the PTZ camera for even more flexibility.

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Users of TinyCam will be required to correctly manage the numerous cameras attached to the app, so they don't become confused. The application would now provide group tags that you may activate on specific sets of cams and digital surveillance in order to achieve this. To discover and easily activate any linked camera, utilize this function.

Floating and Automatic Plugins

Those who download TinyCam Monitoring may quickly transform their mobile device or tablet screen into a highly engaging monitoring system by displaying the bobbing windows on it. You may easily and freely observe all sensors with a maximum of four distinct screens and a wide range of on-screen customization options.

Those who use TinyCam now have accessibility to the incredible extensions menu, where they can download a wide range of add-ons and take advantage of their various functions. This makes your in-app interactions much more straightforward. Simply choose and activate the automatic taskers, then allow the program to run independently.

Other Utilities and Features

The trustworthy SSL (HTTPS protocol) is used by TinyCam to establish your interactions in order to enhance security for the paired camera.

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Those with no wish to see all of the cameras at once, you can activate the sequencing option. Allow the app to shift across IP cameras continuously after a predetermined amount of time. Some in-app settings are now imported and exported to internal memory or any attached cloud drives.

Final Thoughts

You must immediately download TinyCam to your smartphone if you desire to stay aware of whatever is occurring at all times and in any location. You can now manage anything with your fingers. Too practical!

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Download Tiny Cam APK, an amazing app for video and control recording, remote surveillance, video encoders, and public/private network recording. Monitor with IP Cam!


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