Timestamp Camera Pro
Timestamp Camera Pro
Size: 3.62 MB
Version: 1.234
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Download Timestamp Camera Pro APK and view the world from a brighter and more fun lens. Utilize its countless features and take the best pictures/videos now!

Name Timestamp Camera Pro
Version 1.234
Updated Apr 28, 2024
Developer Bian Di
Google Play Link com.jeyluta.timestampcamera

What is Timestamp Camera Pro?

With the introduction of smartphones, everyone can easily take brilliant images of friends and family, beautiful landmarks, and even themselves whenever and wherever they want. Moreover, now that there are a lot of photography tools, anyone can edit their pictures and make them look more appealing.  What if you could do more with your smartphone that just the basic capture and editing functions?

timestamp camera pro for android

Timestamp is a genius photography tool released by Bian Di which allows you to do more!  This brilliant creation allows you to customize your images and videos by inputting timestamps and your location, fun texts, emojis, and other fun things. You also get access to many exclusive features on this versatile tool that you won't find anywhere else. Timestamp guides you through its many features, so you are not lost at any point while using it.

Why Use Timestamp Camera Pro?

Since Timestamp was released, it has grown in popularity among photo lovers. Users worldwide have relied on the plethora of amazing features it offers to create premium photographic content. Here are some of the exclusive features that make Timestamp one of the best photography tools out there: 

Built-in Camera

While other smartphone editing tools require you to import images and videos from your gallery, Timestamp has a unique camera.

This means that you can customize your pictures in real-time. As soon as you open Timestamp, you get a clear and spectacular camera that can be used to capture images or record videos. This tool has everything you could require to create the best image/video, and you get direct access to it all without any strain!

timestamp camera pro latest version

Date, Time, and Location Customization Feature

You can add more meaning to your pictures and videos by including the time and location they were taken on them. In doing so, you can always remember when and where they were captured or recorded without thinking about it.

In addition to marking your images/photos with timestamps and locations, you can also take customization further by including a map showing the region the picture/video was shot and even the date.

Timestamp Camera Pro automatically performs this function by utilizing the GPS set on your phone to recognize the location, time, and date set on your smartphone. This way, these customization features can be applied instantly to your camera without you doing anything. First, however, you must manually set the automatic recognition option or remove this feature as you please.

Text and Emoji Customization

Aside from adding timestamp, location, date, and a visible map to your images or videos, you can also add texts and emojis to them. You can get extra creative and add fun texts, goofy emojis, or simply reflective texts depending on what you are going for. Either way, you get to spice things up.

timestamp camera pro

This feature especially benefits content creators like vloggers and others. You can add texts to your videos or images so your fans can easily follow the topic you're covering without necessarily saying too much.

Thoroughly Detailed Time Watermark

While recording videos, the time watermark is displayed to customize your videos. This is a normal feature you can get on other photography tools on smartphones. However, Timestamp Camera Pro can boast of having the most accurate time watermark on recorded videos. The time is detailed down to the very millisecond!

This is probably one of Timestamp's most outstanding features yet.

Voice-less Videos

Timestamp Camera Pro allows you to decide if you want to record your videos with sound or without sound.

timestamp camera pro 2022

Usually, you would find this feature on social media platforms (e.g. WhatsApp); you can upload your videos without any sound before uploading a video. With Timestamp, you can do this for all videos, whether you want to upload them on any platform or keep them for personal purposes. Unnecessary sounds you don't want to feature in your videos can be cut off, and you can create videos that fully meet your standards.

Battery saver Mode

There are instances where your battery may run low while taking pictures or recording videos. Timestamp Camera Pro allows you to switch to the battery-saver mode when you double-tap your screen. This mode instantly adjusts your phone's brightness according to the natural light of your environment. 

Double Storage Options 

You can set Timestamp Camera Pro to automatically save images and videos to your external storage device (SD card) to create enough space on your device's storage. Alternatively, you can decide to store images and videos directly on your device if it has a large storage capacity.

timestamp camera pro free download

Other amazing functions you can perform using Timestamp Camera Pro include:

  • Timestamp adjustment. You can adjust the format, font, background, colour, opacity, and size of the timestamps on your images/videos and set them at any position that pleases you.
  • Map adjustment. Timestamp Camera Pro lets you change the size, opacity, and position. In addition, you can also adjust the map's scale.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Landscape and portrait image/video layout.
  • Other fun time effects can be applied while recording videos.
  • Include special logos to your images/videos.
  • Numerous amazing filters to capture images, record videos, and edit them with.
  • Adjustable camera resolution.
  • Unnecessary shutter sound while taking pictures can be silenced.
  • Capture images while recording videos.
timestamp camera pro download

Final Take

Timestamp Camera Pro is fast rising as one of the top photography tools in the world. You get access to loads of interesting features, making capturing your cherished moments more exciting. Without any technical expertise or experience, you can easily handle this advanced photography tool and customize your content to suit your artistic taste.

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Download Timestamp Camera Pro APK and view the world from a brighter and more fun lens. Utilize its countless features and take the best pictures/videos now!


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