The Baby in Yellow
The Baby in Yellow
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Version: 1.6.4
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Download The Baby in Yellow APK to experience babysitting gone wrong. Play the first-person horror game to solve simple puzzles and escape scary situations.

Name The Baby in Yellow
Version 1.6.4
Updated Feb 17, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Team Terrible

About The Baby in Yellow

The Baby In Yellow is a horror game from the first-person perspective. As the protagonist, players will find themselves in a house which hosts a strange baby. The rest of the game revolves around surviving this horror house while being haunted by the baby in a yellow dress. Although the main game concept is themed around a babysitting job, the normal day-to-day tasks soon become elements of horror when they become more sinister than the initial appearance.

The game was initially released on PC, but the developers extended the reach to mobile players after its success. Hence, you'll be able to play it on your android devices and give yourself quite a scare with the gameplay. The graphics quality isn't too shabby, but players won't get to see as many details around the house as they would in daylight due to the need for a dark background. However, each room still has highly detailed 3D graphics.

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Players won't find it hard to escape the house if they have good reflexes and a good hold on the game's control buttons. You can tap ok the virtual joystick to move around the house. You can also adjust the camera with the controls; ok the right to change your view and pay attention to various room parts. You can also interact with various objects, sometimes your only means of escaping the haunted house.

The game has a free license, so you can start playing with zero payment. It's available on android smartphones and supports more than 47 languages. With thousands of downloads already, The Baby In Yellow has gained quite an interesting number of devoted players since it was released. Team Terrible developed the game concept for the PC and also built the android version, though the content doesn't allow anyone below age 12 to play.


The game has rather straightforward gameplay. As a beginner, the game unfolds after what seems to be a normal babysitting job, but things soon take an awry turn. Players will have to experience a horror-filled scenario whereby the baby begins to act in a manner unbefitting of a baby. The ordeal ends with you running for your dear life as the baby is more sinister than anticipated.

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Although there aren't many interactions, players will be able to open doors and pick various objects around the house, which will eventually help with their escape. The game combines action, adventure, horror, and puzzle solving to create a scenario whereby players have to escape the scary baby and string various actions and clues together to create an escape plan out of the house.

Game Features

The game has a unique concept band vivid imageries, contributing to its success over the years. Here are some of the features that make The Baby In Yellow such an interesting game to play:

Graphics and Physics

The game's graphics are vivid, probably because players need to be convinced it's real before they can get scared. The baby is designed to resemble a typical baby, with various elements of fear to give you a proper horror once it unfolds. The graphics are also well detailed, with the 3D environment featuring the tiniest details, such as the baby's eyes and various objects lying around the house. The amazing game physics also adds to the realistic gameplay by making all actions as real as possible.

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Game Chapters

The game has various chapters that players will go through before finishing the whole adventure. The first chapter welcomes beginners to the game and treats them well with a normal babysitting job, but a few scenes later, the storyline changes, and players will have to change to survive. There are five chapters on The Baby In Yellow, and after you complete each chapter, you'll be able to move to the next. Each chapter had different missions and features, though the baby remains the main horror to escape throughout all the game chapters.

Solve Puzzles

As mentioned earlier, this game combines action and adventure with puzzle solving. While you must ensure you escape the house, you must also ensure the baby doesn't get you. So, the tension makes puzzle solving more difficult because there won't be much time to spend on each puzzle. Various clues around the house will help you figure out the next step, and it's only after you've solved the current one you can move to the next, which does add to the game's difficulty. You'll be able to leave the hellish house once you complete all the chapters and solve all the puzzles.

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Game Controls

The controls are fairly easy to use since your survival depends ok them. You'll be able to access a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, which is the main button for movement. So, you can move in any direction with the joystick. There is also a camera view button on the right-hand side, which changes your field of view. So you can look back, left, right, and front with the gesture button. The last sets are action buttons that let you carry the baby, open doors, and complete other basic actions.


Summarily, The Baby In Yellow is a scary game with Impressive features. Although the game isn't difficult, you'll have to constantly test your scare limits with various conditions that can make you feel claustrophobic, imprisoned, or intimidated. Of course, all you do is move around the house, pick things, and put them in the right place, but the horror elements intensify and make The Baby In Yellow such an appealing game.


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