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Download the Tempo Music Video Production app. This exceptional all-inclusive editor creates peculiar changes and results to your clips, motion pictures, or audios.

Name Tempo
Version 4.29.0
Updated Dec 29, 2023
Google Play Link com.tempo.video.edit

Tempo: Music Video Maker

Tempo: Music Video Maker app is one of the convenient alternatives for greenhorns and students of motion picture manipulations who wish to have tremendous alterations in their motion pictures easily.

The tempo app presents various types of formats varying in style, size, and purpose. With Tempo, you can comfortably fuse any of your preferred audios into a motion picture, create amazing full-motion images with photography and formats, and produce animations with Tempo enchanting tools.

Both seasoned and beginning movie producers and content creators are always charmed by the impressive blending and uncommon characters; they will improve, flare up the video quality and boost your creativity.

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 With direct knowledge of the rudiments of film production, users can manipulate several forms of revising tools. You can manipulate video clips, blend audio effortlessly, or make short clips from pictures and melodies.

 If someone desires to style and modify their picture properly, they can take full advantage of several plans that will improve the quality and outlook of the snapshot. Tempo is configured to be ideal for making impressive movies and skits as a motion picture correction app.

It boasts an impressive cache of music chosen specifically to help you achieve viral results. Users can alter and blend films and images from their device's storage.

Its creators installed Tempo's video alteration tools to meet your wishes and desire in editing. Import various contents and pair them with the rhythm of your choice.

Tempo Description

Tempo Music Video Production application is the project of a music company called 'Tempo Trend Video Editor With Effect & Music, Ltd.' Tempo was officially released and started to saturate the entertainment world on the 24th of November 2019. This innovative application was built for rendering digital services as a movie player, film corrector, audio modifier, and tool for creating videos as the user desires.

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Tempo is a proficient movie, song, and photo editing tool. It is unsuitable for individuals below the age of 12, as its simplistic and user-friendly interface would appear complex to them.

Due to Tempo's efficiency in videography and photography, the app has amassed 50M+ downloads since its launch in 2019 and has a solid rating of 4.5/5 stars by 495,326 users worldwide.

Structured in templates and user-friendly elements, Tempo revolutionizes film and audio correction to simpler versions that are easy to comprehend by users who are completely new to videography and its works.

Multiple teams were formerly involved in traditional editing; they were working on a series of movie clips, audios, and images via software on a Pc. These resulted in long hours spent making small, almost imperceptible changes, thereby delaying the project past the deadline.

Tempo overcomes these challenges by employing a clear setup using prepared-down formats and an introductory tutorial to guide users new to videography, audio, and photography production. This tutorial continues until the user acquires sufficient competence and prowess in rudimentary videography.

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Tempo utilizes relaxing hues and fonts that affect your psychological state. These shades and pixels help you relax and enable you to draw on the inspiration and create excellent videos that go viral. The app is readily available for users of various operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, and the rest.

An app that performs a similar function is Bit.ly. In contrast, Bit.ly is popular in the commercial setting; professionals and beginners in videography and photography fancy Tempo because of its professional outlook and unique features, which are lacking in Bit.ly.

App Features

To combat the numerous problems associated with videography, Tempo possesses the following characteristics to ensure smoother and outstanding service.


The publishing firm did not place a fee for users to access Tempo; it is absolutely free. Yes, many professional apps have prices attached to them before access is granted, but it does not apply to Tempo. By default, they believe every cell phone should have a free application for correcting, which users use to change or create movies, pleasant sounds, and images. This feature is one major factor responsible for the app's success and recognition worldwide.

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A fair number of users plan to skip the in-house purchase section of Tempo. It is not uncommon to see entries like "Tempo Unlocked," "Tempo Pro Free download," Tempo no watermark," "Tempo free download," "Tempo app pro download," and "Tempo without watermark."

Users carry out this stunt due to the app's in-house items that require a one-time, real currency fee. While the app is open to install and use, a few needed services require a one-time payment of $0.06 to $45 to access. Hence, searches like " Tempo Premium'' and " Tempo free" are made by individuals not willing to pay.

Caution should be taken when indulging in this as malicious apps containing malware, or computer "viruses" could be presented as the desired product, only to attack and steal the user's information and data from the computer.


Tempo subscribers with a good internet connection can get the app anywhere with a "Tempo Download" request; users have been granted access to the official Tempo music video app regardless of their operating system.

tempo apk free download

Settings and Customization

As earlier stated, Tempo runs on simplistic and user-friendly plans and formats. Most of its supposedly hard elements have been broken down into structures that the user can select to carry out a lot of options or change to suit their needs.

Supports display filters

Tempo users can now share their edited video or audio on social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or their Whatsapp status to friends as family.

With easy navigation and quick switch filters, Tempo has face editing custom-made formats and complementing superior video filters to suit the user.


Tempo is an innovative sound and movie correction application with a large collection of blending groups and filters. It has multiple in-built melody choices and theme effects. Tempo is an excellent app for operating with social media platforms and composing, editing, and displaying motion pictures.

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Download the Tempo Music Video Production app. This exceptional all-inclusive editor creates peculiar changes and results to your clips, motion pictures, or audios.


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