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Download Sheltered APK and survive in a disastrous environment while maintaining your family's health and shielding them from the harsh post-apocalyptic world's dangers.

Name Sheltered
Version 1.0
Updated Sep 26, 2022
Category Strategy
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Sheltered is a heartfelt and intense survival management game. You are responsible for guarding four family members who have made their way to an abandoned sanctuary during a worldwide apocalypse. Twenty years have passed since the world's end as we knew it. The last of humanity split into rival groups. Will you stand as one or separate?

How will you live in the utter sorrow of this new reality? Your response to the numerous decisions you'll have to make daily could make the difference between your family's survival and their unfortunate demise. However, there are only enough resources to cling to hopelessly.

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Resources are few, though, and you're already forced to make a difficult decision with barely enough to live for another day. Whom will you assign to travel over the vast, merciless wasteland? Even if exploring is a traumatic process, the weapons you can make from available materials can make the difference between life and death.

You are always in danger of being attacked by wild animals and wandering communities; hazards that could prove fatal are all around you. Is violence the solution? Even though you might not have agreed with that, fighting might now be your only chance of surviving.

Sheltered Description

Unique created the post-apocalyptic survival game Sheltered, available on various devices. Sheltered describes a unique family that finds coverage in an undercover refuge and escapes a nuclear attack.

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Players must help the family navigate many dangers, including dehydration, poisoning from high radiation, and malnutrition. As a player, you should expand the shelter, construct restrooms and proper hygiene showers and build storage for various supplies.

Please select a pet for your family, keep it alive and enjoy its many benefits. Upon the pet's death, the entire family will experience terrible trauma. The family will embark on missions to gather supplies for the refuge. There is a map that is generated for each location as they all have their various roots.

All family members must remain alive for the game to continue; they are more crucial to maintaining activity than recruiters, even if there are still recruiters. The game ends when all family members pass away.

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There are four factions in the game that would begin to appear gradually. Some scalpers appear to be native cannibals who lack armor and weapons. Some Matriarchs are women who believe to be tough as nails. The matriarch wouldn't spare the guns.

There is a faction known as the Marauders. The marauders are usually armed with dangerous weapons like axes and pistols. They are dressed in biker attire, butcher's aprons smeared in blood, and various masks, including respirators, gas masks, and hockey masks.

The Corps is a deadlier and more recent survivor group. They are frequently spotted wearing body armor, but a few members might be without it.

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Trade resources to develop and prosper together, or engage in broader warfare with foes to strengthen your position in the wasteland. Will you subjugate or cooperate with the opposing factions?

Features of Sheltered


The Factions system, new to Sheltered, enables you to establish connections with other organizations that will supply your base with resources and help. The faction leader is the most crucial character in a shelter. Showing off a variety of solid and distinctive abilities, the faction leader will be essential to victory, with their demise resulting at the end of the game.

Starvation, suffocation, high heat, and battle are just a few of the difficulties you'll encounter in the harsh wasteland of Sheltered. Since you can't re-emerge, every choice you make could have devastating consequences.

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Resource Management

To keep the group alive, balance the needs and desires of your survivors while managing resources, crafting what you need, and maintaining the shelter's equipment.

RPG mechanics

With a dynamic experience and trauma system, your family's numbers will change as they grow. Attributes, strengths, and weaknesses will vary dynamically depending on your decisions.

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Recruitment strategy

Bring in people from the outside with various personalities, integrate them into your life at the shelter, and win their loyalty.


Sheltered is a disaster management game that redefines a nuclear family. Put your family first while making sure they have enough resources. The family must scavenge above ground as their supplies run low; defend your refuge from dangers and intrusions! Use the crafting system to create luxuries for your family's house and weapons for battle.

Send your family on an exploration mission to find materials for crafts and daily life. Your family members' abilities, qualities, and limitations change as you and your family mature and advance. As you plan, ensure they have the tools to defeat those who pose a threat.

Please ensure they are well-equipped as you plan, securing victory in the warfare against enemies who threaten the lives of your family.

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Download Sheltered APK and survive in a disastrous environment while maintaining your family's health and shielding them from the harsh post-apocalyptic world's dangers.


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