Punishing Gray Raven Global
Punishing Gray Raven Global
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Download Punishing: Gray Raven APK to play a game that catches your attention and has the ability to keep it. This game makes it very easy for you to love it.

Name Punishing Gray Raven Global
Updated Jul 15, 2024
Category Action

What Punishing: Gray Raven Is All About

Punishing: Gray Raven is an action role-playing game with a captivating storyline and great visuals. The game offers content that demands your focus and is worth all the attention and time you invest in it. This mobile game is a mix of sci-fi experience and combat action. It is an Android game with Android-like characters.

Punishing: Gray Raven is a gacha game published by Kuro Games and first released in China in 2018. Although it is free to play, it offers in-game currencies and systems for purchasing and obtaining characters, equipment and other items in the game. You can play the game without spending money, but you'll need to grind more to get what you want.

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It's called a gacha game because it implements a system similar to that of a vending machine. It encourages you to spend money on in-game purchases, motivating you to buy the game's virtual items as you progress. In this aspect, it is reminiscent of games like Genshin Impact and Arkmights.

The grinding doesn't feel too tough because it's fun. At its core, Punishing: Gray Raven is a composition of exemplary combat mechanics and design. Gameplay cuts across levels where you get to collect, buy, customize and upgrade your characters. You also have a vast, cool collection to choose from.

The battles are not just you tapping some buttons as fast as possible. They require actual strategies. The combat is coupled with a story that resembles that of a graphic novel. There's a lot of text to read as you play if you want to understand what's going on in the game. It's advisable not to just skip through the text.

Playing Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven starts with the earth in ruins with the looming extinction of humans. An army of robots named the Corrupted has taken over the earth. The robots are affected by a biomechanical virus called The Punishing. Earth's survivors gather in a spaceship to live together and build their team of robots in a bid to take back their home. 

punishing gray raven global

The survivors are called The Gray Raven team. The team is led by Lucia, a cyborg with a weird past. Her past is uncovered as she goes on missions and learns to lead the team. The main squad comprises three characters, Lucia, Lee, and Liv. Each character has a side story shaped by the war and its effects on their lives.

Punishing: Gray Raven is mostly serious gameplay, but there are touches of lightheartedness. Some items contain items equipped to provide you with memory boosts that explain some parts of the characters' side stories to you. Lucia is a leader archetype character, but you can relate to her because of her past experiences and the soft personality glimpses the game shows you.

In Punishing: Gray Raven, you control the main squad's three characters. These characters are called constructs. Combat is done in a hack and slash style. Character control is limited to the movements. You can't determine your characters' evolutions because their stories are already pre-established.

While fighting, you can obtain special objects called pings. The pings help you unlock special skulls that aid your battles. One of the special abilities you can have in Punishing: Gray Raven is chaining. When you collect pings of the same colour, chaining lets you acquire an upgraded version of the skill attached to the pings.

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Punishing: Gray Raven rewards you with bullet time when you successfully evade attacks. Time slows, but you still get to move at your normal pace. This feature helps you land better hits and gain an advantage over your enemies. Be careful how you evade attacks. Doing it too often instead of attacking will drain your stamina and leave you vulnerable.

Main Features Of The Game

Punishing: Gray Raven offers a game with depth and style. Here are some of the features that enable it to do this.

  • Dark Story: Punishing: Gray Raven features a dark tale with secrets and hidden chapters. In some of the hidden chapters, you even play the role of the game's villains. This gives you a new perspective, enabling you to see the story through their eyes.
  • Online Multiplayer: You get to fight alongside your friends in this mode. Punishing: Gray Raven is still primarily a single-player game, but this feature lets you invite your friends to team up with you for the tough battles. The difference in experience levels will determine if you'll be the leader or follower in the squad when playing with your friends.
punishing gray raven global apk
  • Action And Recuperation: Punishing: Gray Raven is packed with heavy action, but there's also time for you to rest and recuperate. You can spend this time recovering, gathering useful items, and building. On the spaceship, you have a place called your dorm. You can decorate this space during your rest time.
  • Puzzle-Aided Battles: Remember the pings? They're also referred to as orbs. Linking similar orbs creates a chain that translates to better skills and bigger hits.
  • Console-Style Gameplay: Punishing: Gray Raven would look so good on platforms solely for console gameplay. You can tell from playing on PCs that have Android emulators.
  • Party Building: The tag-team system lets you switch between roleplaying the three members of your squad/party.

Level up yourself and your team as you play. Win battles and build your skills!


Punishing: Gray Raven's animations are fluid, featuring seamless transitions even in the battle scenes. The futuristic style is adaptable to most platforms. As a result, you get an amazing gaming experience no matter where you play. Of course, a tablet means a bigger display, but you get the same quality when you use a mobile phone.

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This is one of those games where it should be a game to turn off the sound. Plug in your headphones for the full audio experience. The game sound is heavy electronic music from Vanguard Sound and its artists. The tracks range from pounding battle music to soulful songs when you need to catch a breath. Overall, you're promised a great game!

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Download Punishing: Gray Raven APK to play a game that catches your attention and has the ability to keep it. This game makes it very easy for you to love it.


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