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Join Clash 3D
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Download and install Join Clash 3D APK to experience one of the best gaming moments. This is like a racing game where you try to defeat enemies and avoid obstacles.

Name Join Clash 3D
Version 2.44.9
Updated Jan 29, 2024
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.freeplay.runandfight

Everything You Should Know about Join Clash 3D

Several gaming companies have incredible gaming ideas, but Supersonic Studios seems to always increase their creativity a notch from others. Because works from Supersonic Studio are usually extraordinary, they save marketing costs. When a person plays a game and feels excited and happy while playing or afterward, they most likely recommend such a game to others. Maybe you will also recommend playing Join Clash 3D.

Similar to Crowd City?

A popular game called Crowd City is from a gaming company called VOODOO. If you have played Crowd City, you may wonder if Join Clash 3D is another version of the former – probably because the gameplay and designs are about the same.

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After taking on the first task, you will immediately decide that Join Clash 3D differs from Crowd City. They have completely different gameplay; the major aim of Crowd City is to create the largest crowd and destroy opponents to emerge as the largest empire within two minutes. Join Clash 3D, however, has no time limit, and you will have to experience many challenges, such as the traps, the obstacles, and the enemies.

Overcoming Challenges                    

You begin Join Clash 3D with a single man. Tilting, holding, and touching the phone screen helps the man move. You must slide right and left at the perfect moments to dodge obstacles. Your goal is to advance into the enemy's castle and get rid of it.

Expect the enemy to protect themselves from you; they will attempt to eliminate your force and keep you from getting to their castle. Having more crowds would help you significantly, but maintaining these people to the end of the task can be hard to crack. These people often line up horizontally and take the whole space of the road.

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The gameplay of Join Clash 3D combines those of Big Battle 3D and Crowd City. Your major aim is to eliminate the enemies and take over the castle. Towards the end of the race, the other members of your team will still have to battle a horde of more enemies. If you intend to win, defeating the entire forces of the enemies is paramount. This first reward you will get from this battle is a fun, celebratory dance your character displays, and your flag maintains great honor and respect on the enemies' castle.


Sometimes, you may feel like you are not sufficiently equipped to maintain a big force until you get a view of the opponent's castle. Next, you might consider your team's quality. You can do this via the process of upgrade. The default characters are not strong; they are only strong enough to win in the initial challenges. But as soon as there is an increase in difficulty level, the bosses show up, and all your efforts are rendered useless.

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Improve the defensive and offensive capabilities of your forces through upgrades. However, the highest upgrade level you can make depends on the coins you possess and your level.

Battle Bosses

Bosses can make you replay several times at a particular level. The bosses and their weapons are big. With just one strike, they can eliminate about four members of your force.

However, each time you replay, the status of their health (HP) does not change and does not recover. Therefore, whenever your forces are too weak, upgrade them until you have gathered enough strength to kill the boss.

Unlock New Skins

With a close resemblance to Crowd City in this aspect, this game possesses a single color. But while fighting with the enemy, you will be rewarded with gifts that will make you access new skins with a more special appearance. For example, the new skin could be a baseball player, a cowboy, or a sailor wearing a pirate hat.

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But if you are not satisfied with waiting, you can apply your bonus or watch an ad video to randomly unlock one of the elusive skins.

3D Graphics that are Hilarious

This game's main goal is to entertain; therefore, the graphics are simple. It is almost like the game of Crowd City with its basic characters to the point of no emotion or face.

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However, the dance and sound of the characters compensate for this little fault in design. The characters shout in happiness and begin to dance in funny manners when eliminating the enemies before the castle.

Form a Powerful Squad

With this game, players will enjoy a new feature never seen before – the crowd effect. When you participate in the game, you will race all alone, and everyone comes together on the road to collect the crowd. Because you are the commander, it is your job to guide your teammates to victory by overcoming obstacles and completing the tasks set by the game. You have to calculate, think and jog how you can attract more people to your team because you gain more advantages as your crowd members increase.

A Series of Difficult Levels

Join Clash 3D provides various levels to determine your fighting ability. Rely on your understanding and wits to overcome those difficult levels in the game. There will be exclusive difficulty and surprises at each level. After overcoming the manageable levels, you will be taken to a more difficult level, making the game even more exciting and interesting.

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Race with Special Survival

When you participate in a race, you have to try your best to get to the end of the race and conquer the castle. While you are moving, you will encounter different obstacles that will try to keep you from completing the race. You have to exercise caution and avoid them. You must arrive at the finish line as soon as possible. The game also creates some exciting color explosions.


Join Clash 3D is a pretty addictive game with fun graphics and creative gameplay. You will spend hours having a great time as you play this game. Even though there is no feature for in-app purchases, you will have to deal with some ads, unfortunately. Therefore, the best way to enjoy this game is to turn off your internet. This trouble shall be eliminated in the nearest future, though.

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Download and install Join Clash 3D APK to experience one of the best gaming moments. This is like a racing game where you try to defeat enemies and avoid obstacles.


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