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Download Blurr APK latest version and transform your video editing experience. Simplify your editing process and try out the free tools available on this app.

Name Blurrr
Version 1.4.55
Updated Dec 30, 2022
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About Blurr APK

The Blurr Apk application is a free video editing application that specializes in Motion Effects and Velocity Edits. It's preloaded with a lot of strong audio editing and alignment features. In addition, it comes with more than 100 unique video effects, including 3D, blur, particle, and scatter.

Blurr allows users to crop, trim, and resize their images and videos. Users can enhance your clips by changing the exposure, saturation, contrast, and other settings. Feel free to use the speed ramping feature, which allows you to change the playing speed of the videos to a faster or slower motion.

With Blurr-AMV and Video Editor Apk's video crop and clip features, amazing video effects, non-copyrighted music, and movie features, users can edit and trim videos to become video creation experts. Trim and cut videos, add effects to videos, edit, crop, make your movies, add audio, and promote video editing job opportunities on social media.

blurrr apk

You can add effects and trim videos using the tools available. Some of the basic mobile features of this video editor are as follows: You can alter movie duration, edit them, or remove undesirable portions. This is an amazing tool if you're an influencer who needs to continuously make, crop, clip, or cut different videos on the go for your social media stories or vlogs.

You can also apply different masks to images or movies and overlay them to produce amazing effects and eliminate the background. Use the Ken Burns effect to animate your videos. Utilize the filters, and change the background's hue, layout,  and other features.


Video Editors and Content Creators can use this robust video editor to master video creation and amass a sizable following on different social media channels of their choice.

Blurr-AMV and Video Editing Apk features a dynamic sequence that will simplify the task of combining your clips and ensure that there aren't cuts or clashes of any type when you're putting your masterpieces together. When uploading numerous files in one go, its picker and arrangement mechanism also helps you prevent synchronization issues. Assembling your video to the greatest standards is possible due to the precision expected of the editor, which allows you to cut and replace pieces as you see fit.

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It's simple to work on your video editing tasks more organised manner using Blurr-AMV and Video Editor Apk, a remarkably robust and capable application. With this application's flexibility and fluidity, you may work on all of your movies in a very smart and effective manner, allowing users to get the most out of your video files. Additionally, you can complete all of this orderly and accurate.

AMV Editing Feature

AMV is short for Anime music videos and Blurr-AMV and Video Editor Apk. This motion graphics software is a great choice for people who frequently need to make high-quality anime music videos. In addition to providing you with a wide range of video effects, Blurr-AMV, a new introduction to the top AMV editing programs, also provides many audio tools and a big collection of audio samples.

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Create the animated shapes and hues, along with the fluid transitions between them, using the Blurr Video editor Apk application. In addition, you may create distinctive and novel artworks by using animated masks.

Advantages of Blurr Apk

There are a ton of benefits that this editor has over other editors. Blurr-AMV is designed with the ability to evaluate video content and, with all of that going on, automatically and irreparably remedy typical issues like buzzing or loud noise. In conclusion, Blurr-AMV and Video Editor Apk is a potent tool created for business and personal use that will enable users to derive the utmost best from their videos.

You can add, edit, crop, or review every crucial component of your footage separately on a specified timeframe using the angle editor in Blurr-AMV and Video Editor Apk, which allows you to look at about 16 different points at once. In addition, the classification system allows you to provide unique tags to each timeline you construct to maintain their order.

Interesting Features of Blurr Apk

This video editing app has a vast set of features that make it stand out from other available video editing apps. To mention, here's a short list of some of these features:

blurrr apk 2022
  • AMV Editor
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Keyframe and Curve Editing
  • Motion Blurr comparable to RSMB
  • FPS changer
  • Smart AI Support
  • High Quality, Filters, and Overlays
  • High-Quality Animation Presets


Suppose you're an AMV editor or generally a content creator with a passion for aesthetically pleasing videos and seamless experiences as you edit. In that case, this app is a must-try for you.


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