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Bittorrent Pro
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Version: 8.2.5
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Download Bittorrent Pro APK to get the premium and exclusive torrent features from your mobile device. Download all kinds of torrent files quickly and easily.

Name Bittorrent Pro
Version 8.2.5
Updated Apr 19, 2024
Developer Rainberry, Inc.
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Bit Torrent Pro

Torrenting is a very popular method of downloading media currently. Many people opt to use torrent files as a means to download their media as it is a straightforward method. The BitTorrent network has been the leader in torrenting software. The BitTorrent Pro application is designed to bring the convenience of torrenting to mobile devices for easy access. The app is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems and had a bunch of features for users to enjoy.

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Bit Torrent Pro Description

The BitTorrent network allows users to upload and download all kinds of media files for easy access to each other. BitTorrent Pro is a product from the BitTorrent protocol which is also responsible for another popular torrenting software, u torrent. With the torrent, files can be downloaded from peers' devices instead of from a central server.

BitTorrent works as a peer-to-peer file sharing network and is powered by torrent management software such as BitTorrent Pro. To become a peer on BitTorrent Pro, all you have to do is buy the app and you can begin to upload and download files. BitTorrent Pro allows peers to download files from multiple peers at a time, as well as upload files to multiple users.

BitTorrent Pro is a paid app which means it is not free. The application has to be purchased to be used. Once you have downloaded the app, you will have access to many different torrent tracker websites. BitTorrent Pro features a clean app design with user-friendly buttons and menus that are simple to use. The app design is pleasing and unobstructive. You can search for the files you need on these websites by using file names or keywords to narrow down the search. Once you do this, you can access the torrent files you need. It is advisable to download torrent files that have high seeders and low leechers because these two factors affect how fast your download will be.

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BitTorrent also allows users to download both torrents and magnet links. The app functions with the latest core torrenting technology and is constantly being updated by app engineers to keep it performing smoothly. Media can be translated into a handful of languages such as Russian, Spanish, Italian, and more. BitTorrent Pro also gives users access to both licensed and free media files thanks to their partners such as Moby.

You can set your preferences for the download location and other aspects of your torrents on BitTorrent Pro. There are no ads with BitTorrent Pro as it is a paid application. The app does not make money through advertising so there are no interruptions to the torrenting and downloading process. When you are downloading torrents with BitTorrent Pro, the app gives you the option for storage location so you can organize your files. Users can also choose what files to download within a torrent to save storage.

If you are done viewing something you downloaded, the app has the option of deleting the torrent only or the torrent and the file.

Features of Bit Torrent Pro

BitTorrent Pro features many options and additions that make torrenting convenient for users of the network. Some of these features are listed below.

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No speed or size limit

With BitTorrent Pro, users can download files of any size at rapid speeds with little delay. Users do not have to worry about files being too large to torrent as BitTorrent Pro handles that. There is also no speed limit for files, regardless of size. While larger files will likely take slightly longer to download, the software or BitTorrent Pro downloads all files at the same speed regardless of size. This makes torrenting easier and gives users more options for files to download without restrictions.

Simultaneous downloads

BitTorrent Pro allows users to download multiple files simultaneously. The software does not put all the files in a queue but rather allows users to download all files at the same time. This feature makes torrenting much quicker and lets users browse and download files rapidly without worrying about hanging up their queue or delays in downloads. The software runs smoothly even when multiple large files are being downloaded simultaneously. The speed of the downloads helps the app remain functional even while downloading multiple files at the same time.


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The BitTorrent Pro application features both music and video libraries for the in-app organization of files. The libraries featured in the app allow users to easily access their downloaded torrents without leaving the app or searching through their phone storage. The app also has both music and video players integrated into the software. This makes it possible to view media while downloading or while still torrenting. Users can use the integrated music and video players instead of having to download separate applications for these.

Battery and mobile data saver

Both your phone battery and your data are saved with BitTorrent Pro. The battery saver feature on BitTorrent Pro monitors your phone battery life and pauses downloads when your battery goes below a preset percentage. BitTorrent also saves your phone battery with the auto-shutdown feature that automatically closes the app and ceases torrenting once downloads are completed when the app is in the background.

The app also comes with the option for wifi-only mode so that files are not downloaded with mobile data. With this feature, you can save your data and queue up files to be downloaded instantly once there is wifi available.

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BitTorrent Pro is a highly-stable and useful torrenting app that adds to the features of BitTorrent for an exceptional torrenting experience. The technology of the application is modern and constantly updated and its features are fresh and helpful. The app makes torrenting easier than ever with its improved download features, new organizational aspects, high speed, and efficiency, and wide catalog of torrent files.

BitTorrent Pro is a great app for anyone who needs easy access to media files of all kinds.

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Download Bittorrent Pro APK to get the premium and exclusive torrent features from your mobile device. Download all kinds of torrent files quickly and easily.


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