Ben 10 Xenodrome
Ben 10 Xenodrome
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Version: 1.3.2
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Download Ben 10 Xenodrome APK and go on an intergalactic investigation to multiple planets at the edge of the galaxy as Ben, with Grandpa Max and Gwen.

Name Ben 10 Xenodrome
Version 1.3.2
Updated Aug 26, 2022
Category Arcade
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Ben 10 Xenodrome

Ben 10 Xenodrome is one of many Ben 10 games for mobile devices. The game is centered around young Benjamin Tenney, who before now got a top secret intergalactic ultra bioweapon; The Omnitrix.

The Omnitrix is a top-secret technology designed by Azmuth to preserve and manifest alien DNA to prevent the extinction of some of the galaxy's most hunted life forms. Discovering how dangerous its potential for destruction is, he sends it into the far reaches of the universe, where Ben stumbles on it on earth.

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Since then, along with the aid of his Grandpa and his cousin Gwen, Ben fights off power greedy aliens whose attention is directed to earth with plans of conquering it. This fight happens often and repeats itself when he gets a pre-recorded message from Grandpa Max, who's been missing for months.

Trusting in his Grandson's ability and experience, Max asks him and Gwen to investigate a secret plot he's heard whispers of and meet up with him later on... hopefully.

Ben 10 Xenodrome Game Description

Ben 10 is a popular American Tv series about a 10-year-old boy who accidentally merges with an intergalactic Bio-weapon, allowing him to change to one of 10 alien life forms for a limited time.

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There are a ton of Ben 10 Games currently on the internet as a simple search of "Ben 10 download game", "Ben 10 games download for mobile", "Ben 10 games", "Ben 10 download", and "Ben 10 download free", "Ben 10 xenodrome download" would reveal.

This iteration of the Ben 10 game series is the first of its kind in introducing players to a "Turn-Based" battle system. This system ensures that, unlike the previous battle systems, players cannot understand the movement of enemies and move in such a way that they could win in human form. Hence they must plan and strategically make decisions that bring them victory.

Ben 10 Xenodrome is an RPG role-playing game for mobile devices on the Android 9.0 operating system. Sadly, there is no current version of the app available for IOS users.

The game was developed by Turn Out Ventures Limited on the 18th of October 2019 and has since received an impressive 4-star rating by 3,413 gamers who dropped their honest reviews on the game.

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Ben 10 is extremely popular with kids and adults; hence its games are equally known and enjoyed by thousands of Ben 10 fans. The easy control system of Ben 10 Xenodrome makes it suitable for 10year olds to play and enjoy as there are no cases of string violence.


After installing and running the game, players are immediately taken through the game's tutorial session. Here, they are taught everything they need to know about the game mechanism and fight scenes, including the new "Turn-Based" battle system.

The epic tale of yet another global assault by hostile extra-terrestrials with the aid of earth-based villains like the forever knights begins to unfold soon after. Follow each level to discover the secret plot set in motion and gradually journey from your home to the galaxy's end to stop disaster from hitting the earth. Failure spells doom for the human race.

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The game also has a dual-style multiplayer function. There is the global multiplayer, where you face off against other players online, and the offline multiplayer, where you engage in turn-based battles with friends and neighbors via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

Features of Ben 10 Xenodrome

The game boasts an impressive array of features, all to make an entertaining gaming session for the player. Some of these features are;


As the levels progress, enemies become tougher, and it gradually becomes impossible to defeat them if you do not upgrade each 10 alien life forms in your possession. Upgrades are done in the game shop when a player has amassed sufficient credits.

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Intelligent and Adaptive Control system

With an easily customized control setup, players can determine each on-screen control's size, position, and opacity level to enjoy a better gaming session. Regardless of their gaming experience, players can quite easily understand and manipulate the controls to their benefit.

Play as 10 different Aliens

Harness the many powers of the Omnitrix and transform into any of 10 alien life forms with exceptional abilities and perks suitable for specific situations. Have fun strategizing and brainstorming on what alien would be best suited for any case.

Great Storyline

Unravel the mystery of the threat to earth life once again and discover even more secrets of the Omnitrix

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Fight 15 different enemy class

Enemy class varies from human to robot to alien to humans infected with alien parasites.

In-app purchase for smoother gameplay

For a more entertaining and revealing game, purchase any of the special features in the shop and watch how the game reacts to the new development

Supports Multiple Languages

Language is not a problem in Ben 10 Xenodrome as the game supports over 10 major languages common in all continents.

3D Graphics and interactive environment

The game's three-dimensional graphics and interactive environment make for an engaging game session where players can quickly and easily relate to objects and their reactions naturally.

Ben 10 Xenodrome apk

Offline and Online Multiplayer

Perhaps the game's most interesting feature is its dual-style multiplayer function, where players can connect to the global channel and battle against world-class gamers for rewards or face off against friends and families via Bluetooth.


Been 10 games are always exciting to play as they are based on the satisfactorily thought of having the ability to transform into 10 different life forms foreign to the ear, each with its unique and entertaining skills.

Spurred to further excitement by the constant threat to earth, the revelation of highly intelligent life, and everything resting on the frail shoulders of a 10 year old, the game perfectly represents the action and adventure we all crave.

Well, we might not be able to transform into aliens using DNA samples in a Bio-watch, but we can sure control someone who does and go halfway across the galaxy in Ben 10 Xenodrome.

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Download Ben 10 Xenodrome APK and go on an intergalactic investigation to multiple planets at the edge of the galaxy as Ben, with Grandpa Max and Gwen.


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