Angry Birds Reloaded
Angry Birds Reloaded
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Version: 1.32.4
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Download Angry bird Reloaded APK, a game inspired by the Angry Birds movie and its sequel. This is a fun puzzle game requiring you to take control of a group of birds.

Name Angry Birds Reloaded
Version 1.32.4
Updated Oct 1, 2022
Category Arcade
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Angry Bird Reloaded.

Angry bird reloaded is a fun and exciting game developed by Rovio Entertainment Oyj. This game features the world-famous angry bird flock. This mobile game is storming the gaming industry and is being played worldwide.

The game has silver, bomb, red, chuck, and others of the members of the angry bird gang. It is a classic slingshot action game created for all ages. This game features physics-based gameplay as it is in all angry birds games, from the original down to this one.

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The Angry Bird reloaded download has some of the features from the original; the visuals have been improved, there are new characters, and much more destruction to happen. The villain king pig has stolen the eggs again with the help of his minions, of course. The birds are on a journey to retrieve the eggs and wouldn't stop until they do.

The angry birds are in a battle to save their eggs, and they would face any animal that dares to come their way, the pigs and eagles more specifically. It is a battle to save the eggs and homes of the angry birds; download the angry bird reloaded, and let's help protect the eggs and the angry birds' world.

Description of Angry Bird Reloaded.

The angry bird reloaded has the world's most famous flock return in a mobile version. This game is compatible with the IOS operating system, which means you can play this game on your iPhone and iPad.

With the Angry Bird reloaded free download, you can enjoy a classic pig-popping slingshot game. This game has been remastered with visual enhancements, a new angry bird's world, and stunning new characters. This arcade brings a healthy amount of destruction to our mobile devices.

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There are some new additions to the roster in this game alongside a cast of new characters from the angry bird and some angry birds games. Some not-so-exciting news is that there are also new pig characters. Asides from the new characters, you would also notice the new world. You can travel to the end of the world and back in search of the stolen eggs. You can visit the classic piggy island scenery and journey to the locals as in the angry bird movies.

The angry bird reloaded release date was on the 15th of July 2021. You can now download the unique angry bird reloaded and get access to the none stop slingshot destruction.

Features of Angry Bird Reloaded.

The angry bird reloaded has many unique features you would enjoy exploring.


This game's plot is primarily a story of the birds and pigs' fights. The pigs are always found residing or trying to live in homes around the bird island, and knowing how dangerous and mean the pigs can be, the birds never resist demolishing the pig fortresses that are found around.

This one time, everything was going fine, Terence and Matilda were having their wedding, and Leonard, chef pig, and the minion pig came to break off a part of the cake; once again, the birds had to destroy all of the pig structures in that area.

angry birds reloaded free download

The significant pig island destruction occurred when the pigs stole eggs from the birds and took them to their island. The birds destroyed all the structures on the pig island and went up to the pig palace where Leonard was with the chef pig. The pigs successfully trapped the birds but unknowingly took eggs that were fakes. These eggs exploded when put in a cauldron, freed the birds from the cage, and defeated the pigs. There was once an attack from a third island, eagle island. This one time, the birds and pigs decided to work together.

Download Angry bird reloaded to enjoy this story and discover what happened on Eagle Island.


The gameplay here is similar to the earlier angry birds games. The primary unique thing about the angry bird reloaded is the puzzle. As a player, you have control of a limited group of birds you can launch into the air with slingshots. You must use the birds to pop the pigs at every game level.

The pigs are usually sheltered, with either wooden, glass, or stone structures. There might also be additional objects like TNT. The goal in each level is to pop all the pigs. If you don't, you fail and have to play it again. If you do pop all the piggies, you have passed the level, and you get to move to the next one. Also, at the end of each game,  you can get one to three stars depending on the score received in a group.

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There are an array of items, power-ups included, that you can use in the game. You have access to coins, eggs, and a Hervey suit. You also get access to power-ups like Boombox, wingman, power potion, King sling, bird quake, and sling Scopes; these have different functions. Also, get to use the great slingshot in the angry bird reloaded.


 There are some gimmicks and Obstacles you'd encounter. You would see the Balloon, Cake, Billy, Since, Donut, Easter Egg, Greek Pillar, Pumpkin, Rubber, Stone, Tnt, Wood, Glass, Gray Block, Gift, Dice, and the impressive Treasure chest.


There are many unique characters, from the bird to the pigs and the eagle. The pigs and eagles also have main characters and non-playable characters. 

The birds feature Red, the blues, chuck, bomb, Terence"wingman," bubbles, matilda, Hal, silver Stella, and the mighty eagle. For the pigs, the main characters are Leonard- " king pig," Courtney, and Garry. And they have five non-play characters: minion pigs,  chef pig, foreman pig, draft piggies, and corporal pig. The Eagles have just three characters Zeta, Zeta's eagles, which are the main characters, and mighty eagles, the non-player character.

angry birds reloaded 2022


There are so many episodes that you would enjoy. I would list the episodes and their fancy names, and you can choose any of them once you download the game. We have 17 episodes which are Hot Pursuit, When Birds Fly, Party Crashers, Bacon Beach, Bamboo Forest, Wrecks And The City, Pigs In A Banquet, Frenemies, Piglantis, Midsummer Mayham, Finding Zeta, Birdnapped, Pie Hard, The Frozen Heart, Enter The Volcano, Off The Menu, And Draft Piggies.


This game is a unique one from the angry birds series. It is fun and exciting and for all ages. New characters, new worlds, and classic gameplay are all featured in this game. Download Angry bird reloaded and enjoy the uniqueness of a slingshot puzzle game.

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Download Angry bird Reloaded APK, a game inspired by the Angry Birds movie and its sequel. This is a fun puzzle game requiring you to take control of a group of birds.


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